ENTERTAINMENT: “Endless Love” Full Of Action, Romance

(Photo courtesy imdb.com)

(Photo courtesy imdb.com)

By Colleen Rice – Staff Reporter

This classic love story “Endless Love” hit theaters on February 14, 2014. Shana Feste, who also directed “You’re Not You,” impressively re-made the original 1981 heart-throbbing romance movie.

The movie starts off at a high school graduation, where Jade Butterfield, played by Gabriella Wilde, a shy girl, becomes enthralled with David Elliot, played by Alex Pettyfer, who is a working-class boy with a troubled past.

With the death of her older brother sophomore year, Jade closes herself off from her peers to focus on her family and school. Her strict and loving father expects the world from Jade as she follows in his footsteps of becoming a doctor.

On the other hand, David has a tough family past but looks forward to one day take over his father’s Auto Body business. Opposites attract as the two graduates run into each other at a restaurant where David works as a valet.

Though Jade and David quickly fall in love, Jade’s father, played by Bruce Greenwood, strongly disapproves of the relationship, while David’s father played by Robert Patrick, supports but warns David about the consequences. However, their parents’ disapproval only makes the  teens love grow stronger.

Alex Pettyfer who plays David Elliott, is an english actor and model who stars in a range of different movies. “Endless Love” is his most recent movie but he was also in “Magic Mike” in 2012, “I Am Number Four” in 2011, and “Beastly.”

Gabriella Wilde, also known as Gabriella Calthorpe, is an English model and actress who has appeared in the films, “The Three Musketeers”, “Carrie,” and “Endless Love.”

One exciting part of this movie was when the two teenagers and their friends all broke into the local zoo, playing on the merry go round and sneaking into the elephant pen. This scene created a lot of suspense for the audience and kept them on the edge of the seat, wondering if the teens would get caught.

The ending scenes could have been more dramatic but, compared to the original “Endless Love,” the acting was much more believable and real in the 2014 remake.

This movie is good for anyone who loves romance movies and epic love stories because “Endless Love” was full of action and passion. This movie will relate to anyone that wants to find their true love and hopes to have a summer romance one day.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


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