NEWS: Ruzbarsky Helps Students In Support Center, Classroom

(Photo by Emily Carroll)

(Photo by Emily Carroll)

By Catie Rice – Staff Reporter

Most people know him as “Ruz.”

Mr. Ruzbarsky currently teaches math in the Academic Support Center as well as Algebra 2 Honors. He has been a math teacher at Law for eight years.

“I enjoy the Support Center fully and completely,” Ruzbarsky said. “I enjoy it as much as teaching a normal schedule.”

Ruzbarsky has taught a variety of subjects such as Algebra 1 Level 3, Algebra 2 Levels 1-3, Geometry Levels 2-3, Pre-Calculus Level 2, and Trigonometry and Statistics.

“Ruz is very passionate about what he teaches and it helps us understand the material better,” senior Paige Szygiel said.

There is a new learning tool called the Academic Support Center that all students seem to benefit from.

“I go to the Support Center a lot if I’m not understanding a topic and Ruz always prepares me for my test,” junior Colleen Rice said

Currently, Ruzbarsky only teaches Algebra 2, but has a big role in the Support Center, where students can come down to to get extra help in numeracy and literacy. The center helps students that drop in for help and also helps students that are recommended by their teachers.

Along with teaching Algebra and the Support Center, Ruzbarsky coaches the Law wrestling team.

“He’s a good coach and pushes us to be better with tough love,” Junior Matt Grace said.

Ruzbarsky enjoys coaching the wrestling team. He said that the Lawmen have had a successful season so far.

“I love coaching wrestling,” Ruzbarsky said. “I love the sport and I love giving back to the community that I was once a part of here at law.”

Ruzbarsky was a student at Law, so he takes pride in teaching at the same school that he went to.  

“Times have changed a little from my 2001 graduation but most of the problems that my own teachers helped me through are still prevalent at Law now and I enjoy giving back and guiding the students,” Ruzbarsky said.

Ruzbarsky also tries to talk to students about life after high school. 

“Ruz is a great role model and an inspiration to all students at Law,” Dean of Students Mr. Ragaini said. “His thumb drive and assortment of pens that he carries are outstanding.”


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