ENTERTAINMENT: Steinfeld Makes Seamless Transition From Actress To Musician

(Photo courtesy rollingstone.com)

(Photo courtesy rollingstone.com)

By Ann Reed – Staff Reporter

From successful actress to pop superstar, Hailee Steinfeld is redefining the meaning of teen success.

The LA-born nineteen year old, (who got her start as early on as eight years old), has acting credits in movies ranging from “True Grit” to ¨Pitch Perfect 2¨, becoming a household name along the way. However, this success wasn’t good enough for Steinfeld, causing her to make the leap into the music industry with her lead single titled ¨Love Myself¨. The single dominated the charts for weeks on end,and it´s music video has earned over sixty-four million views. Her debut EP, titled ¨HAIZ¨, provides a peek into what to expect from her upcoming album.

The EP is the mixture of pop with indie, almost the equivalent to Lorde and Taylor Swift making an EP together. The theme consistent among the four songs on the EP is established as  “changing the way celebrities are perceived”. With “Love Myself”, Steinfeld shatters the ideal that celebrities always need to be in love, with lyrics like, “Gonna love myself, no, I don’t need anybody else”. Steinfeld shows listeners that she doesn’t need to rely on others to be happy or successful, which is a breath of fresh air amongst the present-day pop music industry. Steinfeld then goes on to shatter the ideal that all celebrities love to party with “Hell Nos and Headphones”. This edgy piece details Steinfeld’s experiences in the Hollywood party scene with lyrics such as ”Seems like everybody here Is speaking different languages, With that green prescription file, Blowing up their faces”. Steinfeld’s honest lyrics give listeners a window into what it’s really like being a teen in Hollywood, while showing that it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be. Steinfeld’s honestly paired with the fun beats come together to form music we’ve all been longing for.

While the EP shows great range in terms of genres used, it lacks when it comes to fluidity. While the themes of the songs remain constant, the sound is changed drastically from track to track. “Love Myself”, is the epitome of a fun pop song, with an upbeat tempo and edgy drum beat. However, “Hell nos and Headphones,” sounds as if it is made by a completely different artist. With an artist so early on in her career, the first EP is meant to set the tone for what kind of music we can expect from her in the future. By switching between genres so drastically and sporadically throughout the EP, Steinfeld is leaving the listener confused as to what may come next. What the listener needs from Steinfeld was clarity into what kind of artist she plans to be, clarity that failed to be established in this EP.

While a release date has yet to be announced, Steinfeld’s almost seamless transition from actress to musician makes her album definitely one to look out for.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


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