NEWS: Law Students Enjoy Their Model U.N. Experience

(Photo courtesy Maeve Rourke)

(Photo courtesy Maeve Rourke)

By Maeve Rourke – Staff Reporter

Jonathan Law Model U.N Club recently spent a fun-filled four days in New York City.

Model U.N Club members traveled to New York City to participate in the National High School Model U.N. conference, along with participants from approximately 40 different countries. The conference took place at the United Nations Headquarters and the New York Hilton Hotel.

“My favorite part of the trip was seeing the kids in their committees engaged in debate with others from around the world,” Club Advisor Mr. Evanko said. “They performed really well…[the conference] proves teenagers aren’t apathetic and like to be engaged in their assignments and research.”

Throughout the four days students worked as delegates for their assigned countries, and resolved realistic issues occurring within and between their countries. They had to compromise with countries and states that may have policies they did not agree with, analyze all positions, and propose constructive solutions that would benefit all parties.

“The most valuable skill we need was how to collaborate with people from all over the world representing a number of different nations,” senior and Model U.N. Club vice president Katie Sabo said.  “You have to take into account each country’s opinions and policies which can sometimes be difficult to do, but in the end, we accomplished it with two resolution papers passed.”

Students had the opportunity to meet mission representatives from the countries they represented. They also spoke and voted in the United Nations General Assembly Hall. Various members had the chance to stand at the podium in front of hundreds of other students and give their positions.

“I learned a lot of public speaking skills,” junior Jillian Bendlak said. “It’s really daunting to stand up in front of 100 to 400 strangers and talk, but it’s an extremely valuable experience.”

The conference also included workshops featuring educational theorists and international relations experts.

By the end of the trip, students found themselves to be more open-minded and flexible.

“I enjoy being part of this trip because it gives you exposure to different viewpoints from around the world. It also broadens your horizons and you get to meet so many international students,” junior and Model U.N. Club secretary Jordan Negron said. “[The experience]really makes you realize how large the world is.”

The Club has already commenced planning for next year’s conference.

“Next year we want to make sure that we’re twice as prepared, and we are planning to do mock debates and practice resolution writing before we go to the conference next year,” Negron said.


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