ENTERTAINMENT: New Hoodie Allen Album Full Of Hits, Misses

(Photo courtesy stupiddope.com)

(Photo courtesy stupiddope.com)

By Amanda Downs – Staff Reporter

Hoodie Allen released his new album “Happy Camper” at the end of January.

The album has 10 tracks on it and features many different artists such as Blackbear and Kyle.

Hoodie is an independent artist and isn’t signed to any big music labels. Because of this, he is allowed to do things differently than most artists. Many of his albums can be found on iTunes, but he also gives the option for free download on his website, which is considerate for fans who cannot afford to purchase his albums.

“Happy Camper” is available for free download on his website, SoundCloud, and YouTube. He also gives has the option to purchase the album on iTunes for those who can help support him.

Hoodie’s style is pop-rap and his newest album “Happy Camper” rose to 28 on the Billboard’s Top 200 albums.

His music and lyrics are very unique. Just like on his older albums in his songs he makes references to movies and tv shows. Hoodies lyrics are catchy and relatable like in “Intro to anxiety” where he wrote, “Sometimes I let my ego get the best of me. Sometimes I wonder why my stress is stressing me.”

This album further shows his creativity with his witty lyrics such as, “I’ll go back to my future just to get to my past. But knowing me, my DeLorean would probably crash.”

Hoodie Allen has written all of his songs, but this album was pretty different from his older music. The tracks on the album range from chill to upbeat. “Champagne and Pools,” featuring Blackbear, is a fan favorite. The whole album flows very nicely from the starting track “Intro To Anxiety” to the last track, “King To Me.”

Although the album was great it seems like it was released too soon. Hoodie’s tracks on “Happy Camper” just don’t compare to his other albums such as “All-American” or even “Crew Cuts.”

In “Happy Camper” Hoodie is singing more than rapping which is a bit disappointing. His single on the album, “Are U Having Any Fun?” is repetitive and somewhat boring.  The chorus is catchy but its lyrics get tiring after a while, “Fun, fun, fun (Hey) Are you having any fun? (Are you having any fun?) Fun, fun, fun.”

Hoodie Allen is a great artist and very enjoyable to listen to, but this wasn’t his best album. Fans of artists like Sammy Adams, G-Eazy, or Mac Miller would enjoy Hoodie’s album.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars


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