5 Questions With…Freshman Matt Texidor About Creating His Video Game Figurines


(Photo courtesy Matt Texidor)

“5 Questions With…” is a new monthly column that will feature 5-question interviews with the students, faculty, and staff at Law that are making news in and out of the classroom.


March 28, 2016

By Ian Hugo – Sports Editor

Law freshman Matt Texidor has a knack for creativity and a hobby of building clay video game figurines. The Advocate recently spoke to him about his creations.

Ian Hugo: When did you start making these figurines?

Matt Texidor: I started when I was around four or five years old.

IH: So you probably have a lot then?

MT: Yeah.

IH: Which significant [figurines] have you made so far?

MT: Significant ones are usually the most common game characters, like Sonic the Hedgehog or Mario.

IH: Approximately how long does it take you to make these [figurines]?

MT: The time varies in the size and amount of detail that each clay figure has. Like, let’s say some have magnets in them so I’d have to take a longer time, carefully working around the magnet in order to keep it inside while still making the clay on the outside look like the character.

IH: How long did the longest [figurine] take you?

MT: The longest one takes about a few days because the clay can get soft after I work with it for a while so it’d get hard to work with and I’d have to wait for it to dry up a little bit, even though the clay I use can’t actually dry up.

IH: And what gave you the inspiration to make these [figurines]?

MT: When I started I had a fondness for anything small, I always had to have something in my hands. So it started out as some kind of little coping mechanism that just sort of evolved into a talent.

IH: Do you have any other talents similar to this, you said you mentioned drawing?

MT: I like drawing, and I’m pretty good at it but I’m always trying to get better. Looking up various styles, trying to come up with my own.


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