ENTERTAINMENT: Maas’ Sequel In ‘Throne of Glass’ Series Leaves Readers Reeling

(Photo courtesy of goodreads.com)

(Photo courtesy goodreads.com)

By Valeria Araujo – News Editor

The world’s not-so-favorite Assassin is back in the TOG sequel “Crown of Midnight” with a new title to add to her collection: King’s Champion.

Celaena Sardothien has been through hell and back since her arrival to the Glass Castle. And the new game she’s playing with the King’s most wanted is leading her to an even greater risk than before. Instead of killing the people on the King’s hitlist Celaena has given them a choice; flee or die.

She keeps her vigilante nightlife a secret from everyone including her best friend Nehemia. With no true loyalty to the king, besides the check he slices, Celaena is stuck between a rock and a hard place when her friends start questioning her allegiance.

But is she the only one with secrets to hide?

Things become difficult for Celaena to hide when a new group of rebels lurks in the shadows. While continuing her duties to the king, Celaena is also busy with discovering secrets in through the castle library and her trusty informants about the rebellion. Little does she know that while she’s gallivanting the streets searching for clues they end up being right under her nose and one tragic night brings everything to light.

With intense action and heartwarming relationships, the second book in the throne of glass series leaves nothing to be desired. Maas has perfected the art of toying with readers emotions in a positively torturous way. After tying up some loose ends from the first novel, the second book explores many new and intriguing plots that are sure to make any reader waiting at the edge of their seats.

Love triangles are not only selfish but disorienting so one thing all readers can all look forward to is the blooming romance between Chaol and Celaena. After ending her short relationship with the Crowned Prince Dorian, things were not looking too good in the love department for Celaena. That is until Chaol finally takes a leap of faith and express his feelings for Celaena.

The reader also gets to see new sides of some beloved characters. Nehemia, who was always a rebel sympathizer, reveals the length she is willing to go to protect her people and her friends. Chaol continues to go through intense inner turmoil to figure out where his loyalty lies and who he can trust. Dorian develops new abilities that were thought impossible that could hurt those he holds dear. There are many problems to fix and only 400 pages to fix them in.

Readers also get to explore more of the dark side of the king unlike in the first book where the king’s point of view was only shown in a couple pages near the end. Readers are also introduced to the side of Celaena that has stayed with her since her days as a full-time assassin. While becoming more immersed into Celaena and her story readers can finally enjoy and understand the intensity that is her personality. Although she has matured slightly, some of her decisions and actions are still quite vulgar which leads to fatal consequences.

As Celaena and her friends continue to face the impossible, fans and readers alike continue to follow them through to the end. With only a few predictable plot twists here and there. the second installment of the “Throne of Glass” series undoubtedly kept up with the hype and readers of high fantasy will appreciate it for all its worth.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


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