NEWS: National Art Honor Society Welcomes Newest Members

(Photo courtesy Miss Main)

(Photo courtesy Miss Main)

By Maeve Rourke – Staff Reporter

Jonathan Law’s National Art Honor Society inducted its newest artists this month with a beautiful ceremony in the Media Center.

The ceremony included a song played by the Law orchestra, and a speech from Maria Thibodeau, who graduated from Law in 2011 and is currently receiving a degree in art education.

“Maria delivered a beautiful and inspiring speech to the inductees,” National Art Honor Society Advisor Miss Main said.

The NAHS is designed specifically for high school students who have shown an outstanding ability and interest in art.  It gives its members the opportunity to receive national recognition and art scholarships.

“We enjoy sharing ideas, and bringing many different kinds of art to the club,” Main said. “It’s a good way for students to discover different kinds of art.”

The National Art Honor Society serves as a great place for young artists to come together and talk about their art.

“I enjoy the club because it is composed of  the school’s most passionate artists,” senior co-president Julia Streeter said. “It’s nice to talk to each member, and learn about their ideas for their next art project.”

The National Art Honor Society also aims to raise awareness of art education throughout the school and community.

I’ve always loved art, it’s something that has always been apart of me,” senior co-president Kristen Plouffe said. “It’s a great way to give back to the art community.”

The NAHS is currently working on a mural, granted by the Milford Education Foundation, in order to show the importance of art to teenagers in modern day. Each member will create their own piece of art for the mural, and collaborate to make them connected.

Once the piece is finished, all members will be presenting the mural at a special breakfast sponsored by the foundation in June.

Working on this mural has taught the members valuable life skills.

Communication is crucial to have,” Plouffe said. “When you have lots of artists together, you have to compromise and figure out which ideas you want to include.”

Overall, every member of The Art Honor Society loves being apart of the group and showcasing the art they worked hard on.

This club gives the opportunity for many people to develop their passion and skills for art,” junior member Deanna Melillo said. “Being a part of this club helps to show others  how a group can come together and make something truly amazing, and I can’t wait until our mural is complete so the community can understand what I mean.”


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