NEWS: Law Students Show Off Talents At Annual Art Show

(Artwork by  Adam Streeter)

(Artwork by Adam Streeter)

By Layla Corona and Amanda Downs – Staff Reporters

Milford hosted its annual art show at the Parsons Complex on May 16.

The art on display consisted of photography, pottery, paintings, graphics, sculptures, and drawings from students who attend Milford public high schools.

“We look forward to putting up the exhibit each year as a means of showcasing the hard work and talent of so many of our art students,” Law art teacher Ms. Main said.

A lot of work was put forth in putting the art show together.

Although Opening Night was on May 16, all of the art work is on display until the end of May.

Superintendent Feser goes to the art show each year and selects a work of art from a senior of each of the Milford schools, and buys a piece of their work from the show to frame or mount in her office.

“I am so proud of all of my photography students,” Law photography teacher Mrs. Romanowski said. “Their work is a tremendous accomplishment which is illustrated through the variety of images they captured.”

Even though the art show has been going on for at least 20 years now, photography has not always been a part of the show.

“With addition of photography the show has been enlightened with color and black and white photos, along with graphics,” Main said.

The art show featured artwork from many students which whom attend Jonathan Law or Foran.

Many students were very pleased to have received recognition for all of their hard work.

“I liked the way the art show was set up and how everyone’s artwork and photos were equally displayed,” Law senior Kayla Carollo said. “I loved having my own photos hanging in the hall with the other students’ art work because it made me feel like the hard work I put into my class did not go unnoticed.”

Many students that have a passion for art have been in the art show for multiple years throughout their high school career.

Some students even have more than one of their art pieces displayed in the show, such as Thomas Kinross, a Law senior who had many of his photos on display.

“I have been a part of the art show for four years now and it has been an amazing thing to be a part of,” Law senior Gabby Gluhanich said. “This year I had the privilege of helping to set up for the art show and it was a cool process to be a part of.”

Gluhanich said that she felt “honored” to have her work on display.

“Getting to see the creativity of the students from Law and Foran is something I think is very special,” Gluhanich said. “I think it is a great honor to have my artwork featured in the art show. It is nice to work hard to create pieces all year round and be able to showcase that hard work for other people to see and hopefully admire.”

Law sophomore Emma Caserta agreed.

“It is my second year in the art show and it is a great experience to be a part of,” Caserta said.


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