NEWS: NHS Raises Money For Mental Health, Cancer Research At Annual Brain Bowl

(Photo courtesy Nisali Fernando)

(Photo courtesy Nisali Fernando)

By Abby Williamson – Staff Reporter

Jonathan Law’s National Honor Society hosted its annual Brain Bowl on May 19.

The Brain Bowl is a contest that challenges students and faculty to test their knowledge while raising money for mental health awareness and brain cancer.

“The Brain Bowl has been a tradition at law for 10 to 15 years,” NHS advisor Ms. Turcotte said.

During the weeks prior to the Brain Bowl, the NHS walked around and collected donations during lunch.

Every dollar donated counted as 10 points for whichever class the donation came from.

“We were able to raise roughly $500 from walking around lunch waves alone,” senior NHS member David Patrick said.

This year’s Brain Bowl raised roughly $775, the best outcome in years.

A total of $550 was raised by students and faculty. An additional $225 was raised by business advertisements in the program.

For the first time, the money was split between two organizations. One, helping physical health of the brain and the other, mental health (in honor of Laura Gonzalez).

“We decided to divide our profits to two organizations in order to honor former NHS member Laura Gonzalez,” junior NHS member Melanie Coleman said.

The sophomore class raised the most money, and also won the Brain Bowl.

To get into the Brain Bowl, students and teachers took a 50 question quiz on random topics.

The top four testers of every grade/faculty were selected to be featured in the Brain Bowl.

“We didn’t have a great turnout when it came to the number of people taking the test, but we did raised a lot of money which is the most important factor,” junior NHS member Lexi Fisk said.

The freshmen team consisted of Jessica Postighone, Samara Thacker, Lola Hazarika and Spencer Mehan. The sophomore team was Meghana Jaladanki, Colleen Hugo, Jordan Beck, and John Fowler. The junior team featured Melissa Chodziutko, Madison Murphy, Kevin Chesler, and Sam Rossi. The senior team included Jennifer Rondinelli, Adam Streeter, Jake Fucci, and Dan Ouellette. Mrs. Briggs, Mr. Barcello, Mr. Stanton and Mr. Vitelli completed the faculty team.

The competition pinned freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors against each other. The winning class, the sophomores, then went against the faculty.

This year’s theme was “High School Musical” and the final question was based on just movie.

The sophomore class took the victory when they got the final correct answer and the faculty did not.


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