5 Questions With…Mr. Sweeney On The Opiate Awareness Presentation

(Photo courtesy linkedin.com)

(Photo courtesy linkedin.com)

By Maeve Rourke – Sports Editor 

Jonathan Law health teacher Mr. Sweeney sat down with Advocate Sports Editor Maeve Rourke to answer questions about the recent opiate awareness presentation.

Maeve Rourke: How did the students respond to this presentation? 

Mr. Sweeney: During the presentation I felt an overwhelming amount of students were engaged and they  seemed to be interested in the material that was presented, especially the guest speakers. This week in class when I asked about the assembly most of the students felt it was a very good presentation. So in essence, I think the students responded very positively to the assembly.

MR: Why do you think this presentation was effective?

DS: Academics are one thing, but use, misuse and abuse of drugs are always on our minds. Whenever you can provide a perspective about it that comes from the speakers we had, it will serve as a great example of how serious and also how sincere we all are about our students’ well-being, from faculty, to administration to the guest speakers.

MR: How do you plan to incorporate what was shown at the presentation into your class?

DS: Well, honestly, most of the content in class has been leading up to this presentation. However, I am going to use examples from this presentation to continue to emphasize the importance of good decisions when it comes to friends and situations in everyday scenarios in a student’s life.  

MR: What else can Law to help prevent drug use?

DS: Drug use and abuse is a very hard concept to help. I know Law has procedures and protocols in place to help any student who might have an issue. With that being said, the willingness from the “user” to seek help is the main step, and a student’s willingness to help prevent drug use is crucial. We as teachers and administrators need to know, and need the help from the students to identify troubled students to put these procedures into action and try to help anyone who needs it.

MR: What measures can students take if they know someone who needs help fighting an addiction?

DS: We have many resources that a student can come to for help. Any adult in the building can use our resources here at school. We also have valuable resources outside school that that partnership with us on various issues that a student goes through. Ultimately, the problem need to be identified first.


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