NEWS: Law Debuts All-Female Robotics Class

(Photo courtesy Mike Dattilo)

(Photo courtesy Mike Dattilo)

By Mike Dattilo – Staff Reporter

Mr. Robinson’s Period 7 Robotics class looks like most high school Robotics classes. There are computers, software, and robots.

The class is missing one thing, though.


The class has seven students – all of them female.

I decided to take Robotics because it seemed like a good opportunity to learn and try something I didn’t do on a normal basis at school,” sophomore Robotics student Daisy Green said. “I love to work on and build things and I knew this would definitely be a hands on class.”

Since last year, there’s been an increase in female students taking technology class, creating more opportunities for all female technology classes in the future.   

“We’ve put a big push on it since last spring,” Robotics teacher Mr. Robinson said.  “There was an article in a national Career to Technology magazine that a lot of schools are pushing for all girls classes because basically females in the engineering field can write their own ticket.”

According to the National Science Foundation, females are very underrepresented in the engineering field.

“I wanted to learn more about engineering,” sophomore Robotics student Jenna Stash said. “I am thinking about majoring in technology or engineering when I go to college,  I don’t know exactly what for yet, but hopefully taking this class will help me figure that out.”

Robotics was chosen to be all female because it is part of the computer science pathway. Robotics is a semester-long class.

“I have thought about going into engineering,” sophomore Robotics student Alexandra Leparik said.

Robinson worked with Assistant Principal Mrs. Drew and Data Processor Mrs. Hofferman to create an all female class.

“For me it is very different from the other electives I have taken so far,” sophomore Robotics student Kaitlyn Navarro said.

Robinson also hopes moving forward there will be an increase in females taking technology classes.

“Currently there are three girls taking Wood Shop and three girls in Power Technology,” Robinson said.  

The girls already in the class are enjoying themselves. The response from students has shown how interested and positive they are about Robotics.

“For any female students who are thinking about signing up for robotics I 100 percent recommend taking it and trying it out,” said Green. “The class is really interesting and a great learning opportunity.”

Law’s Technology Student Association is also looking for more females to join the club.

“Female students thinking about signing up for robotics should definitely do it,” Navarro said. “Even though it may seem like a more guy oriented class, it’s not, if you decide to take robotics, once you get the hang of it, it will be a class you look forward to going to everyday.”


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