NEWS: Toussaint Inspires His Spanish Students

(Photo by Kiana Walker)

(Photo by Kiana Walker)

By Kiana Walker – Staff Reporter

Jonathan Law Spanish teacher Mr. Toussaint has been an asset to the high school’s staff.

Although still relatively new to the school, Toussaint has adapted to the facility quickly.

He has only been apart of the Jonathan Law community for three years, but has made quite the impression on the staff and his students. Toussaint is very attentive when it comes to supporting Law’s sports teams, especially the girls soccer team.

“It’s been a fantastic experience working here, I enjoy working with all of the students,” Toussaint said.

He teaches Spanish 4 and Spanish 3  to Level 1 and Level 2 students.

“Mr. Toussaint is a wonderful addition to the Jonathan Law staff, he is a delightful teacher and cares for both students and adults, “ Law principal Mr. Thompson said.  

Toussaint also stays after school most days to help students with their work.

“I remember last year when I had him he would always say his door is open after school if I wasn’t getting something, so I took him up on that many times and I’m really glad I did,” former Spanish 4 student junior Amelia Trapp said.

Toussaint is also known for being an avid Law sports supporter. He has been spotted at many home games, and is a big fan of the Jonathan Law girls soccer team.

“I love how he supports our team by showing up to as many home games as possible,” junior soccer player Molly Mercaldo said.

Toussaint has also made many friends among the staff at Jonathan Law.

“It’s been a pleasure working with him, he is a very bright man,” Latin teacher Mr. DelVecchio said.

Toussaint was born and raised in Haiti and still sticks to his native customs.

“I am enamored with my county because I just can’t let go of my customs,” Toussaint said.

Many current and former students say that their learning experience with Toussaint has been a positive one.

“He has a bubbly personality, and has the ability to make each and every class enjoyable and enriching,” former Spanish 4 student and junior Morgan Fletcher said.

Many faculty members and students believe that Toussaint has been a great addition to the Jonathan Law community, and will continue to be a role model to his students.


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