NEWS: Open House Gives Incoming Students Chance To Experience Law

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By Kristin Frank (Sports Editor) and Owen Paiva (Entertainment Editor)

Jonathan Law High School hosted its annual 7th and 8th grade Open House on Thursday, October 16.

Prospective students were given the opportunity to take part in a classroom seminar, which allowed students to experience a high school class first hand, to take a tour around Law and view different facets of the school, and to meet with members from teams and clubs the school has to offer.

The administration was very impressed with the turnout of 8th graders that attended.

“The open house was fabulous,” Dean of Students Mr. Ragaini said. “If I had to guess, there had to be about 400 people in attendance.”

The program began in a packed auditorium where the strings orchestra and choir performed. A promotional video entitled “I’m A Lawman, What Are You?,” which was produced by Law’s Broadcast Journalism class was shown, and students from each grade level at Law spoke about the reasons they love Law.

Two Law parents also shared their experiences and Law principal Mr. Thompson followed with a presentation about all of the academic and extracurricular opportunities that the school has to offer.

The students that represented the senior class played a huge role throughout the night. They contributed immensely to the success of the event.

“I think the seniors did an amazing job of handling the tours and volunteering at our academic, activity and athletic fair,” Thompson said. “The Class of 2017 is very special and they showed their love of our school and our community to everybody who attended, I couldn’t be more proud and grateful.”

Tour guides were conducted by selected students, including Nisali Fernando, Jake Mola, Matt Zancewicz, and Gina DiFederico

“I was helping with the tours around the school, showing the new students the amazing school we have,” Mola said. “While on the tours, I answered any questions they had to ask about sports or school or anything, and also represented the football team as captain.”

Classroom seminars were conducted by Mr. Roumeles, Mr. Morazzini, Mrs. Burns, Ms. Rosner, Ms. Lucia, Mr. Young, Mr. Mamrus, Mr. Koorejian, and Ms. Kowalsick.

“I taught a lesson on the Renaissance and it’s connection to our everyday lives,” Roumeles said.

The seminars covered all core academic classes at Law.

“At the Open House I spoke to parents about the science courses we offer here at Law, and about the sequence in which students could take them,” Morazzini said.

In the science seminar, different labs were shown, and prospective students got a good preview of what was available.

“I then had parents and students circulate through stations showcasing some of my favorite labs that we do in Biology,” Morazzini said.  “The stations included, questions about evolution, Elodea and human cheek cell microscope slides, mitosis and meiosis slides, a DNA extraction and yeast cell respiration, and oak leaf stomata.”  

After prospective students had a chance to experience a classroom, they were given the opportunity to take a tour of Law. These tours were conducted by Law seniors.

“On the tours we toured around the whole school, going by the support center and nurse. showed them the freshman wing and the gym,” Mola said. “All the places you need to go.”

Another event that took place during the classroom seminars was the dissection of a mink. This gave the 8th graders a good sense of what they could anticipate at Law.

“I took part in the science section of the tour and represented Human Anatomy,” senior Tori Contaxis said.

After the tours, prospective students and their parents were brought to the new gym for an activity fair. All of Law’s sports teams and clubs were represented by the respective members.

“At Open House I helped at the booth for National Honor Society,” senior Ryan Wasserman said. “I received valuable questions about the events our club takes part in, such as the Brain Bowl and Relay for Life.”

The Jonathan Law community had a positive impression on the prospective students attending.

“Well, my first impression of Law at the Open House was that it was nice, family friendly school, and that it’ll be a really fun and educating time when I go there,” 8th grader Amir Elhelw said.

The 8th grade students also enjoyed the classroom seminars.

“After the Open House, I felt that Law was a school that has a lot of nice teachers that really want to help me be better and have a fun time while doing so,” Elhelw said. “For example, I had Mr. Roumeles and he seemed like a really nice teacher that would give me a nice learning experience.”

Contaxis had a similar impression of the night overall.

“I liked seeing some new faces that could be possible future Lawmen,” Contaxis said.


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