NEWS: New Sports Highlights Club Begins At Law

Photo by Molly Mercaldo)

(Photo by Molly Mercaldo)

By Molly Mercaldo – Staff Reporter

A new Sports Highlights Club has been started at Jonathan Law by senior Mike Dattilo and junior Nick Owens.

The club produces videos that feature outstanding plays and players from Law home games. The videos are broadcast on Eagle Eye News, Law’s daily morning news show.

“We show up to every game with a camera ready, a sideline reporter, booth reporter, and we get interviews as well,” Owens said.

The Sports Highlights Club has covered sports like football, girls swimming, and boys and girls soccer. The club also hopes to continue covering more sports as the year continues.

“We want to cover just about every sport coming forward,” Dattilo said. “Powderpuff will be a big one for us.”

So far, the club has five members including freshman Addison Schwing, junior Paris Champ, and junior Matt Maineri along with Owens and Dattilo.

“We want to extend that number to at least five or six more,” Dattilo said.

All club members take part in the recording and editing process.

“Doing the videos all by myself is tough so I wanted to find other people and inspire other people to be broadcasters as well,” Owens said.

The club hopes to have more members join over the course of the year. They have set roles for their members but is hoping to develop the club to be more organized for the winter and spring sports seasons.

“The club has been a great addition to Eagle Eye News and the school in general,” Broadcast Journalism teacher and Sports Highlights Club advisor Mr. Kulenych said. “Nick and Mike are motivated, talented kids and they’ve found a great way to put there talent out there for the whole school to see.”

The club has allowed sports at Jonathan Law to be broadcast to a wider audience and has brought more attention to the sports that have been covered.

“(The club) has helped to increase the attention on the sports programs and increased excitement as well,” Athletic Director Mr. Sarullo said.

In addition to helping the sports programs at Jonathan Law, the club has also helped to increase the attention to the school news program as well.

“It has made people want to come out to games and has helped people to watch the entire news broadcast,” said Lexi Fisk, a senior and anchor on Eagle Eye News.

The Sports Highlight Club will be continuing to make videos for the rest of the year and hopes to keep the club going in the future.


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