SPORTS: Law Powderpuff Team Preps For Foran


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(Photo courtesy

By Mike Dattilo – Staff Reporter

The Law Powderpuff team has kicked off its 2016 season with expectations of beating Foran the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.

After defeating Foran the previous two years, the team has been training hard to accomplish the three-peat, something that has not been done since 2010.

“There’s definitely added pressure this year only because we really want to push ourselves to have a three-peat and beat Foran,” senior Keala Hoff said.

Since last season, the Lawmen have made key additions to both their coaching staff and player roster.

“Standouts should be Arielle Eighmy at (defensive end), and the defensive line should be dominated by Keala Hoff and Madison Murphy,” assistant defensive coach Mr. Nigretti said.

The team is very excited to face Foran on Tuesday, November 22.

“The large attendance really gets me hyped up for the game, playing in front of that many people gives an adrenaline rush that not many other sports do,” Murphy said.

Senior quarterback and running back Anna Lynch agreed.

“This game is a one shot deal at year long glory,” Lynch said. “There’s definitely a lot of hype and pressure.”

Both Mr. Dietch and Mr. Beler have joined the coaching staff this year. Between Beler and head coach Mr. Robinson, the coaching staff has 20 years of experience.

“It goes without question that coaching defense under Mr. Beler was the best experiences I could have ever had when it comes to coaching defense,” Nigretti said.

Before becoming a head coach for Powderpuff and football, Robinson was an offensive lineman in high school and college.

“I think being an offensive lineman helped me develop a complete understanding of offensive philosophy and learning what works when,” Robinson said.  “Receivers and running backs rotate when on offense and they specialize in one aspect of the offense. Offensive linemen are like quarterbacks are on the field all the time.”

Robinson and offensive coordinators Mr. Kulenych and Mr. Dietch will call the offensive plays, and Nigretti will call the defensive plays.

Mr. Ruzbarsky, Mr. Barcello, Mr. Rhode, and Jonathan Law graduate Jimmy Davenport are also coaching Powderpuff.

Kulenych said that the offense will try to capitalize the team’s speed and will be led by seniors Melanie Coleman, Kiki Smith, Olivia Steiner, Lauren Paredes, and Angela Sciuto.

“We have a lot of playmakers on offense,” Kulenych said. “We need to use our speed to our advantage. If we can do that, I like our chances.”

The players recommend that all female students join Powderpuff when they become juniors and seniors.

“Powderpuff teaches you so much and creates memories you’ll take with you forever,” Murphy said.   

Lynch agreed.

“Everyone should join,” Lynch said. “It’s a lot of fun. We feel like we’re preparing for the Super Bowl.”

The game will be played at Jonathan Law this year.

“Everyone needs to come out and support,” Murphy said. “The game is at home so we need the student section to be huge.”

Hoff said, “The student section affects us in a very big way because we love the Jonathan Law community so much, and it means a lot for all of us to have the support behind us.”


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