SPORTS: Law Swimming & Diving Makes Splash In 2016 Season

(Photo courtesy of Maeve Rourke)

(Photo courtesy of Maeve Rourke)

By Kristin Frank – Sports Editor

Jonathan Law’s swimming and diving team stayed optimistic throughout the season and supported each other at every meet.

The swimming and diving team has completed their regular season after their Senior Night meet against Foran High School.

“The energy from our team and the crowd made it feel like we were neck and neck the whole meet,” senior captain Maggie Sullivan said. “It was a great night.”

Sullivan also shared that her favorite meet happened to be the one against Foran. Even though Law did not win, she explained it as a great night and was filled with energy.

The team’s freshmen felt an ample amount of support by the upperclassman by guiding them to success throughout the season.

“My favorite part about the swim team was definitely meeting a bunch of new people and becoming really close with them,” freshman Lily Baldieri said. “Everybody would cheer for one another and we would all congratulate each other.”

Baldieri went on to explain that she had grown to love all of her teammates over the course of the season and she is very excited for next year.

The senior captains of the swimming and diving team were Sullivan, Madison Murphy, and Abby Williamson.

“As captain, I believe I as well as my co-captains and the rest of the seniors were a positive influence on the girl’s,” Sullivan said. “We made sure we all had a great few months together as a team.

Although the girls did not win as many meets as they wished, they practiced to the best of their ability and cheered each other on while competing.

“Our team worked well together this year,” senior Arielle Eighmy said. “ We were constantly cheering each other on even when we would win or lose.”

Many of the underclassmen and juniors set goals to accomplish within next year’s season.

“Some personal goals were to keep up with the really competitive swimmers on my team throughout the year so i could swim some of my best races,” sophomore Bella Caroll said.

Baldieri has already broken many records and school times this season. She does not plan to stop here; she has another list of goals for next year.

“I really want to make it to states again and just improve my times overall,” Baldieri said. “I also really want to beat my time in the 100 freestyle.”

The team had an overall goal to win at least one meet this year. At the end of the season, they had won three meets.

A lot of the underclassmen helped out the team a lot this year as they stepped up to be the key swimmers.

“Our most valuable swimmers are Brooke Nabors, Lilly Baldieri, Tess Rosato, Hannah Savoie, Bella Caroll, Julie Myers,” senior Maeve Rourke said.”

The girls believe they have improved a substantial amount since the beginning of the season.

“Our team improved throughout the season by working hard at practice,” Rourke said. “Everyday we would push ourselves to complete hard sets, practice our dives and do flip turns, and do a lot of sprints.”

The athletes returning for next year’s season are excited to be back together as a team and improve for record from this season.

“I am looking forward to meet all the new swimmers coming in,” Baldieri said. “I am also looking forward to breaking new times and becoming even closer with my teammates.”


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