NEWS: Keyettes Host Annual Fall Blood Drive

blooddriveBy Emma Caserta – Staff Reporter

The Jonathan Law Keyettes held their annual blood drive on October 26.

The blood drive took place in the old gym and was open to all students and volunteers. The purpose of the drive was to benefit those agencies who are in low supply of blood.

“Keyettes is all about helping the community, from small to big acts to benefit those in the Milford Community,” Keyettes co-president Deepika Senthilnathan said. “We had a great turnout this year.”

Each person who donated blood helped people in need. It was a small act, but the impact is positive and extremely helpful.

The American Red Cross was in need of blood in order to help patients. All students and faculty members that helped this year and previous years are greatly appreciated.

“It is a great chance for high school students and teachers to donate blood and help the cause,” said senior Abby Williamson, who volunteered and donated blood at the drive this year.

Students needed to be 17 years or older in order to donate blood. 

The Keyettes have hosted a blood drive for the past six years.

“By donating blood, patients can get treated for any illnesses they are facing that require blood to help them heal and get better,” Keyettes co-president Madison Laezzo said.

Keyettes advisor Ms. Wilcock was excited about this year’s turnout.

“With about 25 blood donors on the day of the drive, our Jonathan Law community could potentially have helped up to 75 people,” Wilcock said.


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