5 QUESTIONS WITH…Senior Gymnastics Captain Kristin Frank About The Upcoming Season

(Photo courtesy yearbookavenue.com)

(Photo courtesy yearbookavenue.com)

By Nisali Fernando – Entertainment Editor

Advocate Entertainment Editor Nisali Fernando recently sat down with senior gymnastics captain Kristin Frank to discuss her final season. 

Nisali Fernando: As captain, what are your goals for your team this season?

Kristin Frank: Some goals that I have for my team are to push everyone to the best of their abilities by having everyone constantly workout throughout practices and trying new skills so they can continually improve throughout the season. Another goal is to of course, make it to States once again which in gymnastics especially is a huge team meet where everyone’s scores  matter

NF: What have you done to prepare for this season?

KF: I prepared myself for the season by practicing year round at another gym in Stratford where I have attended for 14 years now. I believe belonging to another gym has helped me tremendously in the high school season because I am always training and getting stronger.

NF: What are your personal goals for this season?

KF:  Some personal goals that I have for myself are, to perfect my new floor routine that I had just learned and to get more difficult skills on the bars and beam.

NF: As a senior, after all these years what is your favorite memory?

KF: My favorite memory so far has to be my first meet back from a lower back injury last year at Pomperaug High School. I competed floor and was scared out of my mind. But my teammates were so supportive and cheered me on the whole time. I tied for 2nd that meet with another teammate of mine.

NF: How have you improved over the years on the team?

KF: I have improved over the years by becoming a stronger gymnast and becoming more comfortable with the sport. Gymnastics is a sport of expressing yourself and I allowed myself to do that over the years through my routines.


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