5 QUESTIONS WITH…Law Students About 2017 Movies They Want To See

By Owen Paiva – Entertainment Editor

Advocate Entertainment Editor Owen Paiva recently asked students at Law if they are anticipating any upcoming movies in 2017.                   


John Dattilo – Senior  

“None. I’m not a movie person”



Ryan Mola – Sophomore

“I’m excited for ‘Star Wars, Episode 8.’ I just saw ‘Rogue One.'”

(Photo courtesy cinemablend.com)


img_3145 maxresdefault

Ryan Wasserman – Senior

“’Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2′ or ‘John Wick Chapter 2’”

(Photo courtesy cinemablend.com)


img_3144 gotg_vol2_poster

Ryan Bedell – Sophomore

“Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”

(Photo courtesy cinemablend.com)



Maeve Rourke – Senior

“Beauty and the Beast”

(Photo courtesy cinemablend.com)



Kristin Frank – Senior

“Patriots Day”

(Photo courtesy cinemablend.com)



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