SPORTS: Gymnastics Team Leaps Into New Season

(Photo courtesy

(Photo courtesy

By Kiana Walker – Staff Reporter

The Law gymnastics team has high hopes for this year’s season.

After finishing last year’s season with a record of 17-9, the team has its eyes set on the state tournament.

So far this season, Law is 3-2, with wins over Hamden, Valley Regional, and Morgan.

The gymnastics team is made up of two separate varsity and junior varsity teams. Head coach Mr. Simon wants as many individuals from the team to make it to the state Tournament.

“Law gymnastics provides the opportunity for every girl on the team to compete,” Simon said.

Team members said that the gymnastics team is a way for girls to demonstrate their individual talents and cheer on their fellow teammates as they compete.

“Here I get to cheer for everyone and help out everyone,” senior captain Melanie Coleman said.

The team believes that this season will be as productive as last season based on their practices so far.

“We are constantly practicing which I believe will contribute to this season’s success,” said Amelia Trapp.

Law gymnastics provides an optimistic environment for all of the participants.

“It’s never intimidating to compete because my teammates are constantly cheering me on,” senior captain Kristen Frank said.

The girls seek results for their personal goals and their team goals.

“My personal goal is to beat my best all around score,” senior captain Madison Sosa said.

Although Simon doesn’t teach at Jonathan Law, he has felt very honored and welcomed to have been a part of the staff.

“It has been a pleasure being the team’s coach, and we have a very supportive administration,” Simon said.

This season conjures very mixed emotions for the seniors who will competing for Law for the last time.

“I am so happy I was able to be a part of such an amazing team and be able to be captain of it,” Frank said.


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