NEWS: Jonathan Law Science Club Competes in Yale Science Olympiad

(Photo courtesy

(Photo courtesy

By Tyler Chavez – News Editor

The Jonathan Law Science Club competed in the Yale Undergraduate Science Olympiad at Yale University in New Haven on January 21.

Led by science teacher and advisor Ms. Turcotte, the club competed in multiple science themed events.

The Law Science Club competes in different similar competitions every year. The Yale Science Olympiad features schools from all over the east coast.

“It is an invitational Science Olympiad run by Yale undergraduates,” Turcotte said. “Events range from astronomy, to chem lab, to robot arm and electric vehicle.”

The Yale Science Olympiad features multiple events under a certain field of science. Students competed against other students in teams.

“I competed in chemistry lab, hovercraft, and micro-mission,” senior Korbin Betso said.

Science Club members have prepared weeks in advance for this competition. Students did research and worked with one another to get themselves ready for their events.

“For forensics, I would research information about certain types of forensics analysis online, and I would take online tests to prepare for the written tests,” senior Deepika Senthilnathan said.

Their events challenged them academically as they were given unique tasks related to science.

“For wind power, I created a model with my partner, and I would test different models to see the performance level of the wind turbine for the wind power event,” Senthilnathan said.

The competitions consisted of written tests and construction tasks.

“Most of them are tests and there are some building events,” junior Salma Samih said. “So when you enter the building events you have to test what you build and you get scored on how well it worked.”

The Law Science Club found themselves competing against students from Connecticut, and from other states along the East coast. This was a new experience for many students.

“While the tests themselves were a bit difficult, just the whole experience of being surrounded by like-minded people and being in a place like Yale was new and exciting,” Betso said.

The members of Law Science Club spent their time around Yale University in New Haven. They were able to compete in one of the most prestigious university campuses in the world.

“I liked the environment of Yale,” junior Christina Mohammed said. “It was cool watching everything happen.”

Turcotte said she was very proud of the performance of her students. She hopes they can use this experience to improve for the UConn Olympiad in the spring.

I love watching the kids compete,” Turcotte said. “They work hard to prepare for their events independently and it’s great to see their hard work pay off.”

The students were able to take previous academic experience and apply it to the competitions.

“Science Olympiad competitions has helped me visualize the applications of classroom science into a real life perspective,” Senthilnathan said. “For example, forensics was partially AP Chemistry and AP Statistics combined and different courses that I took at Law.”

At Yale, Law’s “A” Team finished with 768 points from 23 events while the “B” Team finished with 845 points.

The club will now prepare for their next Olympiad.

“We’re going to UConn,” Mohammed said. “We’re going to win.”


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