5 QUESTIONS WITH…Mrs. Bludé About Being Principal For The Day

(Photo courtesy Leaa Palmer)

(Photo courtesy Leaa Palmer)

By Kristin Frank – Sports Editor

Law physical education teacher Mrs. Bludé sat down with Advocate Sports Editor Kristin Frank to discuss her recent experience as Principal for the Day after being the faculty member to donate the most money to the Law United fundraiser.

Kristin Frank: How much money did you raise? What encouraged you to raise the most money for the United Way?

Mrs. Bludé: I had a number of $150 in my head and decided to give out $20 to each student who asked for a donation when raising for themselves. Since only 2 students asked, I was able to donate the last $110 from me. I love to give.  here are things people do that make them happy, and giving is my ‘thing.’  I love to bless others in need and to have a whole school come together made it even better.

KF: What were you expecting that day you took over as principal?

MB: I was looking forward to seeing the majority of the student body, which I don’t get to see on a daily basis. The gym is on one end of the building and we miss out on interaction with many students during a typical school day. Lunch brought exposure to everyone.

KF: What were some of your favorite moments that day? Why?

MB: Working alongside (Dean for the Day) Leea Palmer. She showed me how mature and ‘no-nonsense’ she really is and being with her all day made me so proud of the woman she has become. I also enjoyed having conversations and working with Mrs Drew and Mr Marko that day. I do not get much time to talk with them on school issues.

KF: Was it anything like you expected it to be? Was it a busier day than usual?

MB: It was a much busier than my normal F Day. I left the building exhausted! Let’s not even discuss the anxiety all day from the stress of knowing I had to run a faculty meeting!

KF: Would you ever want to become principal for the day again? What was the biggest challenge?

MB: The hardest part of being principal for the day was missing my students in class even though it is nice to have exposure to different responsibilities.


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