5 QUESTIONS WITH…Senior Leaa Palmer About Being Dean For The Day

(Photo courtesy Mr. Ragaini)

(Photo courtesy Mr. Ragaini)

By Nisali Fernando – Entertainment Editor

Jonathan Law recently held a fundraiser for the United Way of Milford. The members of the Law community who donated the most money were rewarded for their generosity. Entertainment Editor Nisali Fernando recently sat down with senior Leaa Palmer, who donated the most money amongst students, to talk about her time as “Dean for the Day” filling in for Mr. Ragaini.

Nisali Fernando: Why did you and your family choose to donate to this organization?

Leaa Palmer: My family and I decided to donate because we decided that for the holidays we were going to donate to the less fortunate, and then this fundraiser was going on at school.

NF: What was your favorite moment of the event in December when you got to participate?

LP: In December, I was able to present the check to (United Way of Milford CEO Gary Johnson) and I also got to play in the games.

NF: What was it like being Dean for the Day? What happened during the day?

LP: Being the Dean for the day was fun! But an experience I got to see what actually goes on during the school day and how frustrating it was that students wouldn’t go to class.

NF: What were your expectations for the day as Dean? Was it as exciting as you thought it would be?

LP: I thought it was going to a fun day and it was but I actually had tasks to follow and found myself running around. I walked a lot that day.

NF: What was your favorite moment as Dean?

LP: My favorite moment was being able to be out in the halls and see what was going and be involved in the action. I did get sass from students and I was shocked.


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