5 QUESTIONS WITH…Senior Nick Glorioso About His Photo On The Program Of Studies Cover


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(Photo Courtesy of Owen Paiva)

By Owen Paiva – Entertainment Editor

Advocate Entertainment Editor Owen Paiva recently sat down with senior Nick Glorioso to discuss his photo’s inclusion as the cover photo for Milford’s 2017-2018 Program of Studies and his interest in photography in general.

Owen Paiva: What do you enjoy about photography?

Nick Glorioso: I love everything about photography. I love how it pushes me to be creative and innovative. It’s pushed me to learn new tools and tricks as well as making me constantly come up with new ideas. Also it motivates me to get out and explore places I normally wouldn’t go to.

OP: How did you get into photography?

NG: I’ve been taking pictures for as long as I can remember, but I really started taking it seriously at the end of freshman year and bought my first real camera other than my iPhone.

OP: How does it feel having your photo as the cover of the Program of Studies?

NG: Having my photo as the cover of the Program of Studies is such a great feeling. I love walking through the halls seeing it in everyone’s hands on the cover.

OP: What is the coolest event you have photographed?

NG: The coolest event I’ve photographed was probably the first wedding I covered. I did it along with Jordan Negron. We were about 15. A wedding is a big moment for everyone involved and it is truly an honor to be entrusted to capture that moment so a family can vividly remember it for a lifetime. Considering I’m still a teenager, it’s crazy to think about all the weddings, birthdays and events I’ve covered, but that first wedding still stands out.

OP: How can people reach you if they need your photography services?

NG: For business and potential clients, I can be contacted via e-mail at gloriosonicholas@gmail.com or by phone at (203)-988-3499. If anyone else wishes to learn more about my work and the services I can provide, they can also visit my website at http://www.ngloriosophoto.com for more information.


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