5 QUESTIONS WITH…Junior Class Vice President Colleen Hugo On the Trivia Night Fundraiser

(Photo by Tyler Chavez)

(Photo by Tyler Chavez)

By Tyler Chavez – News Editor

The junior class will be hosting a Trivia Night competition on Friday, March 3. News editor Tyler Chavez recently caught up with junior class vice president Colleen Hugo to ask her questions about the event, which is a fundraiser for the junior class prom.

Tyler Chavez: How did you guys come up with the idea of a Trivia Night fundraiser?

Colleen Hugo: Ms. Burns came up with it. She said she knew a guy who could do it, but then couldn’t, but then we thought, “Let’s do it anyways!”

TC: What categories will this competition have?

CH: It has similar categories to the Brain Bowl. So there’s geography, history, languages, math and science, sports, arts and entertainment, and there’s a pop culture one we’re doing, too.

TC: How will the trivia game work?

CH: There’s three rounds and 15 questions per round. We’re going to do 2-3 categories per round and what we’re going to do is ask questions and everyone has to write answers on a numbered sheet. At the end of each round we’re going to take a couple minutes so people can chill out and get snacks, then we’re going to grade the answers and put on a board who’s leading.

TC: What do you hope comes out of this trivia night?

CH: We hope that people like it so maybe we can do it again next year. As well as to fund-raise for prom to get tickets as cheap as possible.

TC: What other fundraisers do the junior class have lined up for prom?

CH: We want to do a Spikeball tournament in the spring, maybe April or May when it’s warmer out.

Teams for the trivia night can be made up with up to five people. Each team must contribute $20 to compete. The winning team will receive a cash price dependent on how many teams enter the contest.


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