NEWS: National Honors Society Welcomes New Members


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By Maeve Rourke – Sports Editor

The National Honor Society is a club that plans events, such as fundraisers, that benefit the Law and Milford community.

The club welcomed 17 new juniors to the club on March 2.  The induction ceremony was a celebration of these students’ accomplishments.

The club provides an opportunity for these students to continue to serve as leaders and to serve the school community with other like-minded students,” science teacher and club supervisor Ms. Turcotte said.

During the winter, a handful of Juniors and Seniors who have shown good character and academic success are invited to fill out an application that provides evidence of leadership skills and service. The four basic requirements for NHS are scholarship, leadership, service, and character.

“I’m excited to become a member because I have always admired the academic pride that members have held, and their authority in school,” junior inductee Grace Piselli said. “NHS is a prestigious organization and I’m excited to be welcomed into it, as I am opened up to another outlet of community service that I am eager to participate in.”

Being a member of NHS has many benefits as well. Members have opportunities to get volunteer hours, and give back to the community.

“By becoming a member of NHS, you start to make a positive impact on the Law and Milford community,” senior club vice president Nisali Fernando said. “You get to spend time doing kind things for other people, and there’s nothing better than watching our community prosper because of the actions of NHS and the hardworking kids in it.”

Also, being a member of the National Honor Society is a great addition to college applications.

“Being a member of NHS shows I’m a very well rounded student and it will prove to colleges that I am a good student,” junior inductee Brianna Lenotti said.

The National Honor Society’s main goal is to help to give back to the community. Many of the events benefit organizations around Milford, and help people in need.

“My favorite part about being in NHS is giving back to the community,” senior club president Jillian Bendlak said. “Service is a big center of NHS and it’s a great feeling to raise money for organizations like the American Cancer Society.”

Many of the members within the club create and partake in fun activities around Jonathan Law.

“Since my induction NHS has organized events such as The Brain Bowl, The Giving Tree, Relay for Life, the Halloween Costume Contest, and 50/50 raffle for Dani Kemp,” senior club member Trisha Brady said.

Currently, NHS is planning another event for students called Welcome Back Graduates, where juniors and seniors get the chance to talk with past Jonathan Law graduates.


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