5 QUESTIONS WITH…Senior NHS VP Nisali Fernando About Welcome Back Graduates

(Photo courtesy uconn.edu)

By Kristin Frank – Sports Editor

Advocate Sports Editor Kristin Frank recently sat down with senior vice president of NHS Nisali Fernando to discuss the upcoming Welcome Back Graduates event which will be held on March 13.

Kristin Frank: Who are the graduates coming back and what colleges and universities do they currently attend?

Nisali Fernando: The graduates are Leo Merturi (Wesleyan University), Colby Brennan (UCONN) James Mercaldo (UCONN), Gianna Laezzo (Penn State), Emma Shea (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute).

KF: Why does NHS honor and welcome these students back?

NF: For many Juniors and Seniors, college is a very overwhelming and stressful time. By March most seniors have already finished the application process, but can still have many questions about college life and the “college experience”. Juniors get an opportunity to ask these graduates about test scores, AP classes, and the college application process.

KF: What does the event look like? What goes on when they come back?

NF: It will be set up sort of like a seminar. We will have a panel of graduates in the senior cafe and juniors and seniors can sign up for one of the two sessions to ask these graduates whatever they want.

KF: What impact does them coming back have on you guys?

NF: Most of these graduates were our friends and having them come back and visit is awesome. Some kids on this panel were also in NHS, there’s nothing better than having kids you spent almost every Thursday with come back and tell you how to survive college and tell you that whatever we’re stressed about will not be that bad.

KF: How do you plan for their visit back to Law?

NF: We’re planning to have a breakfast for our guests, once they are all settled they will answer some of our prepared questions and then we will open it up to the crowd.


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