ENTERTAINMENT: Live Action “Beauty And The Beast” Remake Hits Theaters

By Dominick Buccitti – Staff Reporter

(Photo courtesy imdb.com)

A tale as old as time – actually 1991 – was re-created and released on March 16. “Beauty and the Beast” is the story of a young woman named Belle, whose father is captured by monstrous beast that actually was once a prince. Belle takes her father’s place and is a prisoner of the beast.

Throughout the progression of the movie, the beast becomes less cold-hearted, compared to the beginning, where he displayed much anger and isolation. The beast actually falls in love with Belle, which means that the curse placed upon him can be broken. As he has learned to love, Belle does not make her love for the Beast apparent until the end of the movie.

In this recreation, Belle is portrayed by Emma Watson, an actress widely known as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies. The Beast is portrayed by Dan Steven, Gaston is portrayed by Luke Evans, and LeFou is portrayed by Josh Gad. This version of Beauty and the Beast features popular songs like, “Gaston,” “Be Our Guest,” and “Something There.” In this version and the 1991 version, the first song is Belle, which is quite well-known, since it characterizes Belle as being seen as an outcast by the citizens of her village. As the movie continued and after Belle escapes from the castle [for the first time], she is chased [on horse] by vicious wolves. Before the Beast decides to show up, she tries to fend them off herself.Through this part, Watson portrays Belle as not a damsel in distress, but as a courageous fighter.  

The scene that includes the song “Be Our Guest” was amazing. It was actually more exciting than the original. The iconic ballroom dance between Beauty and the Beast was spectacular. Emma Thompson, who portrayed Mrs. Potts, did a superb job of singing “Beauty and the Beast.” The movie was consistent with the original, except for a couple scenes.

The backstories of both Belle and the Beast were further developed, where it is explained that Belle’s mother passed away from the bubonic plague. Also, there is further detail of the prince becoming the Beast.

The movie has mostly positives, but there were a couple negatives as well.This version of Beauty and the Beast had some inconsistencies with timing, where things began to move at a faster place when they should not have.

This version of “Beauty and the Beast” cannot compare to the original; however, it was still amazing and the score of the movie was great.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars


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