SPORTS: McCullough Shines On Lacrosse Field

(Photo courtesy

By Cassandra Soda – Staff Reporter

Jonathan Law junior Chloe McCullough is a key player to the girls lacrosse team.

McCullough has been playing the sport for six years. Freshman year she was a swinger, playing both junior and varsity. Her sophomore and junior year she played strictly varsity.

“She is a fast runner and can move the ball quickly and is a good goal scorer,” sophomore Laura Dennigan said.

McCullough has worked hard throughout her high school career to improve.

“I have worked hard to improve my stick skills and my knowledge of the game,” McCullough said. “I have improved in areas I was once weak in, such as defense.”

She is always willing to put others needs before hers while playing.

“Chloe gets along great with the girls and is a great teammate,” head coach Ms. Martinez said. “She’s always willing to sacrifice her own wants and needs in order to do what is best for the team to succeed.”

McCullough works on improving herself as well as working to help others improve.

“Seeing Chloe play has made me want to push myself to get better from start,” sophomore Amira Samih said. “I came in freshman year not knowing anything about lacrosse and she reached out to me to try and help me learn the sport.”

Working together with the other players is not something that she struggles doing.

“Chloe works very well with other players,” junior Irmina Chrzastek. “She helps them if they are struggling and makes them become better players.”

Her will to succeed in the sport pushes others to try to work harder.

“I see her accomplish things that I wish I could,” Samih said. “This makes me want to get better each and  everyday and seeing her accomplish what she does and become a versatile player is one of the things that made me want to come back and play this year.”

The expectations for her are high this year, with many people predicting she will succeed.

“I’m hoping that Chloe is a big piece to the puzzle on the lacrosse field this season,” Martinez said. “I really see her thriving in the midfield and on defense.”

Lacrosse is not the only sport that McCullough plays. She also does cross country in the fall in which she will be a captain for next year.

McCullough wants to play club lacrosse in college and possibly play at a Division III school.


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