NEWS: Buccitti Leads Jonathan Law’s Key Club

(Photo courtesy Dominick Buccitti)

By Emma Caserta – Staff Reporter

The Key Club at Jonathan Law provides an opportunity for students to become involved in their community and to earn service hours.

Volunteering is optional so the members of Key Club prove to be model individuals by donating their time in order to help others and contribute.

The Key Club when appointing presidents only chooses the most qualified and deserving members who prove to be serious about their commitments to the club.

Junior Dominick Buccitti was recently elected the next president of the club. His qualifications stood out among the other candidates.

“The importance of Key Club is to spread the idea that people can make an impact on their home, school, and community through community service efforts,” Buccitti said.

Over the course of Buccitti’s Key Club career, he has successfully accumulated over 450 volunteer hours.

In order to graduate with distinction, a student needs to have 200 logged volunteer hours, and the recently elected president doubled that before his senior year.

“Dominick Buccitti is what we call a go-to guy,” Key Club advisor Mr. Boynton said.  

Boynton said that Buccitti is a vital and reliable member of the club.

In order to be Key Club president, it requires a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication that cannot be found in just anyone.

“Within the school, I hope to grab the attention of more students by getting more members and getting more people to contribute to fundraisers and projects,” Buccitti said.

He added, “I hope to get people to understand the importance of making the world around us better.”


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