NEWS: Law Science Club Competes In UConn Olympiad

(Photo courtesy Trisha Brady)

By Maeve Rourke – Sports Editor

Jonathan Law’s Science Club has finished a successful season of competition.

On April 1, the club traveled to UConn’s Storrs campus to compete in the Connecticut Science Olympiad. This year the club sent two teams to compete in each event.

“We are really proud of how our members performed this year,” club advisor Mr. Stanton said. “This was our second year running two teams which was really successful.”

The Science Olympiad consists of events that range from labs, tests, and building events. Each member had the opportunity to sign up for specific events compete against students from all around the country.

“I enjoyed competing because I loved the competitive environment and the fact that it revolved around scientific methods and ideas,” junior Grace Piselli said. “I really enjoyed meeting and talking to students from high schools all across Connecticut.”

The science club’s full team consists of students of all grades and two advisors Ms. Turcotte and Mr. Stanton. This year they sent an A and B team to compete in the Olympiad.

This year the teams placed very well in all their events.

“Overall, the club performed very well at UConn, we placed 4th in two events, and 3rd in one event, and 2nd in another,” junior club president Meghana Jaladanki said. “More people won medals at UConn compared to last year, and many other participants placed in the top ten. Both of our A and B teams beat Foran too!”

Senior Club member Nisali Fernando and sophomore Sana Rana placed 3rd in disease detectives. In this event the partners took a test consisting of multiple choice and open ended questions. They had to interpret graphs and case studies which required the ability to identify common illnesses. Lastly, they had to be able to come up with a plan to control hypothetical outbreaks.

“I think I was successful because Yale’s invitational in January showed what not to do and what I needed to improve on,” Fernando said. “I stayed after school every Tuesday and worked tirelessly with my partners until we felt prepared for the upcoming events.”

The club plans on improving more every year. Next year, the officers are already planning on ways to get more organized, and start working on their events early.

“I think that by having a large number of Juniors and junior officers, our team will have a good deal of experience going into next year and the team will be able to be more organized and successful,” senior vice president Trisha Brady said.


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