SPORTS: Young Boys Tennis Team Looks To Improve

(Photo courtesy

By Emma Caserta – Staff Reporter

The Jonathan Law boys tennis team has hit the courts.

The team currently has an 0-5 record, but is hoping to turn things around for the better by the end of the season.

There are many new players this season who joined the team in hopes of finding a new sport to love and meet new friends.

Junior Ronnie Spangle has recently joined the tennis team.

“We all work together really well as a team,” Spangler said. “We always find time to be together even outside of matches.”


The team has set many goals for the upcoming season.

“Our team is in good shape to make SCCs for the second year in a row,” junior captain Nick Dostal said. “It is looking to be very achievable.”

The team is looking forward to upcoming matches against West Haven and Shelton.

Each player on the team not only has hopes for the entire team, but also holds their own personal goals as well.

“My personal goal is to make state tournament as a doubles team with Fassih Sherazi and help our team make it to SCCs,” Dostal said.

Their personal goals allow them to have something to work towards and make the team more successful.

Junior Jack Pincus-Coyle has similar goals to his teammates.

“What I hope for this upcoming season is to become close to the team, develop new friendships and win as many matches as possible,” Pincus-Coyle said.

All players on the team are working their hardest to achieve goals and they all deserve recognition for their commitment.

Their dedication allows them to further themselves and become a united team.

“I hope we make states again,” senior captain Sean Ancheta said. “I am seeing my teammates improve everyday, so hopefully we can make it happen.”


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