NEWS: National Art Honor Society Welcomes New Members


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By Nisali Fernando – Entertainment Editor 

The National Art Honor Society recently celebrated Jonathan Law’s innovative visual art students.

On March 22, The National Art Honor Society welcomed the best and brightest of the art community  into the prestigious club with a stunning ceremony. Students walked into the Media Center, candles ablaze, backed by the beautiful sounds of the Jonathan Law choir.

“I enjoyed having Ms. Jones and the choir sing for us as the students walked in, and I loved seeing their (the inductees) faces when they came up to get their certificates,” club advisor Mrs. Murphy said. “I felt such a sense of joy and pride for them.”

The clubs officers said a few words about what NAHS embodies and dove headfirst into the world of art by discussing form and color in artwork.

“The goals of NAHS is to provide an environment where artists can share their pieces and collaborate on pieces that benefit themselves, their school, and even their community,” junior co-vice president Dominick Buccitti said.

The NAHS was first introduced to Jonathan Law by Miss. Main, who then passed the reins onto Murphy. During the ceremony, Miss. Main and other insightful speakers poured out endless wisdom to current and new members alike.

“My favorite part of the ceremony was hearing some excellent, encouraging speeches from some of our school’s finest role models: Mr Thompson and Ms Main,” junior co-president Jordan Beck said.

New members could not contain their excitement, as the reputation of NAHS precedes it as a community of devoted artists who inspire those around them. Not only with their stunning artwork, but with their determination to bring art education to the attention of the school and community.

“NAHS encourages students to incorporate art into everything they do. This creative environment is what made me want to apply,” senior inductee Malena Araujo said.

Aside from a hard-working advisor, club officers play a tremendous role in cultivating a family atmosphere in this honor society.

“I ran as an officer of the NAHS because I love being able to guide my peers and help organize a really cool project with them all,” senior co-president Ally Maccio said.

The club is currently juggling several projects and will be working alongside the Kindness Club, also advised by Mrs. Murphy, to spread kindness and beauty during the Peace Love Music from Maren festival this weekend.

The club has hand-painted Ben’s Bells kindness coins and will be selling them alongside bookmarks of Maren’s garden, photographed by Advanced Photography student Nicholas Glorioso.

“This year in the NAHS we have numerous exciting new projects in store to try and give to the community with our talents, especially in the school,” Beck said. “I’m sure you’ve seen our mural in progress in the media center.”

The National Art Honor Society shifts the focus onto an incredibly under-appreciated group of students who apply themselves to make the world a little more beautiful. The club allows these students a chance to receive well-deserved praise and serves as a place where their devotion to the arts transforms into something they can be honored for.

“What I like the most about NAHS is the opportunity to collaborate with some of this town’s best and brightest artists to create works that greatly impact our community for the better,” Beck said. “With this in mind, I felt it was only necessary that I run to be a co-president so I could lead this great group and perhaps learn some responsibility along the way.”


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