NEWS: Mamrus Says Goodbye To Law Science Department

(Photo by Tyler Chavez)

By Tyler Chavez – News Editor

Add physics teacher Mr. Mamrus to the list of teachers saying goodbye to Jonathan Law High School this year.

After four years of teaching at Law, Mamrus will be retiring from the science department.

Mamrus has a long and experienced career of teaching. He started as a math teacher at Stratford High School but after only just one year he went to Fairfield Prep to teach physics from 1986 to 2014.

“I took Fairfield Prep’s retirement offer because I didn’t want to teach full-time anymore,” Mamrus said. “Two months later I got an e-mail saying Jonathan Law was looking for someone to teach two sections of physics, basically from noon to 2 p.m. I had asked Fairfield Prep if they needed a part-time teacher and there were no openings, so this seemed like just what I wanted. And it was.”

His long history of experience has allowed Mamrus to form his own style of teaching physics. Other teachers have remarked how useful a teacher with experience is.

“Mr. Mamrus is unique in that he worked in the engineering industry before he became an educator, so his lessons and professional contributions incorporate a different perspective,” science teacher Mrs. Bouchard said. “He also introduced us to the University of Texas online assessment system, which he has his students do for homework and independent practice.”

Mamrus has left a mark at Law thanks to his teaching style that highly encourages participation and trying out something new. He uses physics in real life examples to show students how the science applies to their daily life.

“We are losing an excellent teacher physics teacher who does his best to make learning relevant to our students by applying physics principles to real life scenarios,” Bouchard said. “Even though he’s only been at Law for a short time, and in a part-time position, our department will be losing someone who actively participated in moving our department toward continuous improvement.”

Mamrus’ teaching lessons are sure to stay with his students who have been able to learn from him.

“My favorite part about having Mr. Mamrus as a teacher is that he doesn’t aim to make physics hard for us,” said junior Brianna Lenotti. “He also does not expect us to memorize equations; he just wants to make sure that we know how to apply them. That took away a lot of stress.”

Mamrus’ students have noted how his teaching method and problems have helped them grow their understanding of physics. His style of teaching is different than most.

“Mr. Mamrus has helped me understand physics because he always relates physics topics to actual real life events which I think helps students learn the material a lot better,” junior Ally Voytek said.

Mamrus’ teaching focus has had an impact on him as well. The importance of having students trying the problems and participating has allowed them to make connections in physics on their own.

“[My favorite memory is] whenever I see the light go on in students’ eyes indicating that they really understood something and it finally makes sense,” Mamrus said.

Just because he is leaving Law does not mean Mamrus intends to stop teaching. He will continue with his focus on independent learning and creativity.

“I have a job teaching two sections of a course involving the project design part of engineering at a private high school near my house,” Mamrus said. “Students work in teams of two to construct a design to solve a different problem each cycle using basic materials ( plastic straws, Popsicle sticks, cardboard, index cards, tape, glue, etc. ).”

No matter where Mr. Mamrus goes next, he will be remembered as a unique teacher at Law.


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