NEWS: National Honor Society Hosts Annual Brain Bowl

(Photo by Kristin Frank)

By Kristin Frank – Sports Editor

Jonathan Law’s National Honor Society hosted its annual Brain Bowl event on April 28 to bring the school community together and raise money for brain cancer research.

NHS students plan and prepare for this event and ultimate fundraiser for months in order for it to run smoothly.

“During our weekly meetings after school, we would brainstorm questions and themes and plan out characters and roles for the promotional video,” senior vice president Nisali Fernando said. “We spent several meetings coming up with hundreds of trivia questions and as seniors we used last year’s event as a drawing board, and thought of ways we could improve and make the Brain Bowl better for everyone involved.”

The club’s main goal is to organize an event that is both entertaining and educational. Their proceeds go towards brain cancer research.

“The Brain Bowl provides NHS with opportunities to get the whole school together as a community and raise money for a great cause,” NHS advisor Ms. Turcotte said.

There is an optional test that students and faculty are able to take in order to receive a spot on their specific grade’s team.

NHS students are involved in a lot of the work that needs to be done for the Brain Bowl.

“The students come up with a theme for the event and then create a video to raise awareness and interest around the school,” Turcotte said. “The students made up the qualifying test questions and designed t-shirts for the event during after school hours.”

The students in NHS divided up a wide range of questions for the qualifying test. Some of these categories were Science, Sports, Pop Culture, and Arts and Literature.

I mainly covered the Pop Culture and Sports categories,” senior Owen Paiva said.

The remaining two teams for this year’s Brain Bowl were the junior class and faculty. The scores between the two were close until the last question, when the faculty answered it correctly.

Members of the faculty team were pleased with the outcome of the event.

“My favorite part was Mrs. Briggs reciting the exact line from the Star Wars film that had the answer to the final question. It held the sweet promise of victory,” science teacher Mrs. Mercaldi said.

Many of the students love the aspect of this event bringing the Law community together for such a great cause.

“The Brain Bowl is one of my favorite events that takes place at Law and since I was a freshmen we watched the event in our classrooms,” Fernando said. “I always loved the idea of the entire school coming together to support brain cancer research and to compete in a rousing game of trivia.”

Each faculty member had a unique trait that contributed to their performance that afternoon.

“I thought I could contribute basic science information and get lucky with some broad biology questions,” Mercaldi said.

The class that raised the most money was the junior class. They raised over $130 for brain cancer research.

“I think the event went really well, we raised a hefty sum of money and managed to involve the school in an event everyone pretends is lame, but what could be lame about trivia?” Fernando said.

“I believe this event provides a unique opportunity to raise a significant amount of money for brain cancer research and it takes time and extra effort on the part of the National Honors Society members and their advisor Ms. Turcotte to pull off such an event, Mercaldi said. “I respect the effort every year and was proud to be a faculty representative this year.”


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