NEWS: Thompson Looks Back On School Year, Class Of 2017

(Photo by Kristin Frank)

By Kristin Frank – Sports Editor

As the school year is brought to an end, principal Mr. Thompson took the time to to sit down with Advocate sports editor Kristin Frank to reflect on this past school year at Jonathan Law. Here is what he had to say about the community and atmosphere at Law:

Kristin Frank: What are some of your best memories from this year?

Mr. Thompson: I love this senior class and the entire year has been a real joy. I am very blessed to have been here all year for them and I am grateful for the people I work with and the family members apart of Law.

KF: What are your thoughts on how Law did academically, athletically, and socially?

MT: I believe everything went fantastically. By the state school performance index, we are the number one school in Milford. The students have been accepted into colleges more than ever before, as well as involved in more internship programs. The juniors did great on SATs. Jonathan Law over the past six years had bread academic success. Athletically, this school did really well. The football program has improved and did will this year, and the volleyball team making states. To wrap up the spring season, there has been incredible accomplishments from the track teams. I am so proud of the students and how they represent Law. Although, these kids need to get off Snapchat! Just kidding. But really, there has been a lot of giving back to the community from these students.

KF: What are you going to miss most about this graduating class?

MT: Collectively, I am going to miss the kindness; this class is overall a great group of people. I cannot wait to see the students next year and hear all the great things that have happened.

KF: What is your favorite part about this school?

MT: This is it. You guys. Not many people get to wake up every morning, wanting to come to work. This isn’t work, it’s family.

KF: Looking back to when the members of the Class of 2017 were freshmen, what sort of changes or improvements have you seen?

MT: Their academic accomplishments have improved over the years and their opportunities are greater. They connection to the community is greater and the pride the community has in Law is great.

KF: What advice do you have for the Class of 2017 as they start their journey to college and the workforce?

MT: Don’t forget who you are and where you came from, Law. They are all great people.

KF: Any big plans for next year at Law?

MT: I don’t know yet but I am excited for the opportunities ahead.

KF: What are your plans for the summer?

MT: Bobo and I are going to be doing work and redesigning our backyard. I will also be spending a week in the Dominican. I do enjoy going there.

KF: Any final goodbyes for the Class of 2017?

MT: This is not goodbye. You know where to find us.


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