SPORTS: Paredes Completes Final Lap Of Her Track Career

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By Irmina Chrzastek – Staff Reporter

Jonathan Law senior Lauren Paredes recently completed a very successful outdoor track season.

Paredes has been doing outdoor track since her freshman year and was a captain her senior year. She is also a cross country and indoor track captain.

“My goals for the season were to PR in the 1600m and to qualify for states in the 4x800m,” Paredes said. “I achieved both of them.”

Track coach Mr. Rhode set goals for Paredes this season.

“The main goal for Lauren this year was getting her mile time under six minutes,”  Rhode said. “Although she didn’t achieve that, she still ran a PR this year in the mile.”

Paredes’ best events are the 4x800m and the mile.

“She’s a good addition to the team because she scores many points since she is the top distance runner,” junior teammate Cassandra Soda said. “She helps everyone  improve by encouraging them and giving advice.”

Other runners look up to Paredes and she pushes them to get better.

“She is a good addition to the team because she works her hardest to improve her times and always gives it to her all when competing no matter how tired she is,” junior Salma Samih said.

Paredes has also had countless improvements since freshman year and got better and better every year.

“Freshman year I didn’t qualify for states of SCCs and I was running almost a seven minute mile,” Paredes said. “Sophomore, junior, and senior year I went to states and SCCs and dropped a minute in my mile time.”

Paredes’ teammates are proud to have her as a captain and see her as a great leader.

“Lauren is a good leader because she always encourages everyone to do their best and pushes people to try harder,” Soda said. “Seeing her work hard encourages everyone else to work as hard as she does to improve.”

Paredes is also a very well-rounded student seeing as she is fourth in her class. She will attend Boston College in the fall.

“Lauren is the epitome of ‘lead by example,’” Rhode said. “Every girl on the team respects her work ethic and determination at both practices (definitely during ‘Rhode World’ workouts) and during meets.”

Paredes uses running as a stress reliever for her busy schedule as well.

“No matter what’s going on with school and work I know that running will get my mind off of everything,” Paredes said.

Paredes set an example as a runner, captain, and student throughout her four years at Law.


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