SPORTS: Girls Tennis Makes States, Boys Tennis Improves

(Photo courtesy Mr. Senthilnathan)

By Cassandra Soda – Staff Reporter

The Jonathan Law boys and girls tennis teams just finished their spring seasons.

For the girls, it was a historic year. The team finished the regular season with a record of 12-8, which tied the school record for wins. They also qualified for the SCC Tournament and the Class M State Tournament. 

“It’s been an unforgettable year,” head coach Mr. Kulenych said. “We came into the season wanting to make this a perfect send-off for our seniors who have worked so hard for four years and, in that end, thanks to the girls’ drive and determination, that’s exactly what happened. It was a total team effort.”

Law won seven straight matches to end the season and qualify for SCCs and states, beating rivals Foran and Shelton in close matches along the way.

“Especially because we played a few teams more than once, we made sure to practice things that would help us play better against them the second time around and that’s exactly what we did against teams like Shelton and Foran,” senior captain Victoria Contaxis said.

Individually, Contaxis and the #1 doubles team of Trisha Brady and Brianna Arnold were named to the All-SCC team. Contaxis finished with 11 wins at #1 singles and Brady and Arnold finished 13-0 at #1 doubles. Contaxis also tied the school record with 49 career wins.

Senior Maeve Rourke and freshman Clarissa Sawatzky won more than half their singles matches and the trio of sophomore Bridget Sanchez, senior Daniella Berg, and freshman Amelia Mower won 10 matches from the #3 doubles spot

“Some teams rely on a couple of kids to carry them, but what was special about our team this year was that everyone contributed,” Kulenych said. “There was a different hero every match for us and it made everything that much more exciting.”

At the send of the season, Law sent six players to the State Open Individual Tournament. Contaxis qualified at #1 singles and sophomore Monica Pydipati qualified at #2 singles, while Brady and Arnold qualified at #1 doubles and Deepika Senthilnathan and Meghana Jaladanki qualified at #2 doubles.

“It was an amazing season for me,” Arnold said. ” I couldn’t have asked for anything more.”

The team’s doubles partners have to know each other very well in order to try and win their matches. That teamwork was evident this season.

“We also know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, which is essential for us to know if we want to win,” Jaladanki said. “I take the shots that are tough for her, and she does the same for me every match.”

The team has high hopes for next year even with all of the departing seniors.

“The kids who come back are going to work hard in the offseason and if they do that I think we have a shot at having another really good season,” Kulenych said.

Boys tennis, meanwhile, finished off the season with a 4-16 record and has high hopes of improving next year.

The boys put much of their time and energy into working to improve in their weak areas so they could win their individual matches and help the team.

“I worked really hard through the season and played in my free time to try and get better,” junior Ronald Spangler said.

The members of the team know that even if their losing in a match they should never give up.

“What I learned this season is to not give up when losing early into a match,” senior Donovan Johnson said.

The boys are losing some valuable seniors, but they hope to add some freshman next season. The team plans on working extremely hard in the offseason to prepare for next year.


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