NEWS: Jonathan Law Welcomes New Faculty Members

Jonathan Law has opened its doors to several new staff members in a variety of subjects this year.

Here are some short bios of the new staff:

By Dominick Buccitti – Editor-in-Chief

Ms. Russell is one of the new additions to the math department at Jonathan Law.

Before coming to Law, Russell taught at Florence E. Blackham Middle School in Bridgeport for four years.

She came to Law because she wanted to have students who were willing to academically challenge themselves. She also came to Law because she loved Law’s sense of family.

“My cousin went through a hard time (at Law) and the staff went above and beyond to help her get through it,” Russell said.

Before starting her teaching career, Russell attended Sacred Heart University.

This year, Russell is teaching Geometry Level 2 and Statistics and Probability Level 2.

“This year, I hope to challenge myself and my students,”Russell said.


By Dominick Buccitti – Editor-in-Chief

Mrs. Sylvia is the newest addition to the guidance department.

Sylvia is Law’s new College and Career counselor.

Before coming to Law, Sylvia lived in Massachusetts and did career counseling at the college level.

“I recently moved back to Milford,” Sylvia said.

Sylvia thinks that being Law’s College and Career counselor is going to be a great fit.

Sylvia attended Eastern Connecticut State University for her undergraduate degree and attended the University of Bridgeport for her graduate degree.

This year, Sylvia has a couple goals for herself.

“I would love to know every student,” Sylvia said. “I hope to start to get the younger students into College and Career.”

Sylvia’s office hours are posted outside of her room. Sylvia also collects all volunteer hours and tracks every student’s progress towards graduating with distinction.


By Dominick Buccitti – Editor-in-Chief

Ms. Jessell is a not only a new member of the art department at Jonathan Law, but she is a new teacher.

Jessell attended of the University of Hartford and Southern Connecticut State University. She is actually a former graduate of Jonathan Law High School and had her now colleague, Mrs. Murphy, as an art teacher.

“I had a good student-teacher relationship with her [Mrs. Murphy] to teach with her,” Jessell said. “I was honored to work with her.”

This semester, Jessell is teaching Decorative Arts and Ceramics and Pottery. Next semester, she will be teaching Drawing and Sculpture.

Jessell had one goal for herself.

“I hope to get to know the students, faculty and the Law community,” she said.


By Cassandra Soda – News Editor

One of the many new teachers that will be joining the Jonathan Law community this year is Mr. Aguiar.

Aguiar was hired to be a science teacher and is excited to help students discover a passion for the subject. Before applying, he had heard many great things about the Law community.

“When I saw the job opening, I was very excited to have the opportunity to experience the school culture first hand and to get to know the students and staff here,” Aguiar said.

Aguiar attended Boston College where he majored in Environmental Geoscience and minored in Biology. During his junior year of college, he studied abroad in Ecuador and the Glapágos Islands, and then continued to attend Boston College to earn his Master’s in Education.

He is excited to become a part of the Law community and help out.

“I would love to help out with some clubs or after school activities,” Aguiar said. “I used to play volleyball and in college I was in an improv comedy group and also did a lot of volunteer work.

Aguiar previously taught Biology, Forensics, and Marine Science in Hamden and will be teaching Environmental Science and Biology this year at Jonathan Law.


By Cassandra Soda – News Editor

Jonathan Law is just as excited to welcome Ms. Furst as a World Language and History teacher as she is to be here.

Furst will be teaching Latin 1, Latin 2, Latin 3, and Ancient History this year, and is eager to teach and spur an interest in Latin in students. She is also excited to learn more and grow as an educator.

“When I asked about what the community was like in Law, I heard nothing but great stories and excitement,” Furst said. “So, when I was offered to teach here, I eagerly accepted.”

She attended the University of Arizona for college and after she taught at Long Island City High School and Weston High School.

Furst is ready to jump into the new year and hopes that students are ready and excited to learn.


By Cassandra Soda – News Editor

Jonathan Law is happy to welcome Ms. Ferron to the school community as a Family and Consumer Science teacher.

Ferron will be teaching Culinary 1 Foods and Nutrition, the Peer Culinary Class, and Culinary 2 Foods and Nutrition. She has many goals to help students this year develop a passion for cooking.

“I want to teach my students lifelong skills that they will use for the rest of their lives and help in guiding students to make healthy food choices,” Ferron said.

She attended the University of Wisconsin for college and has previously taught in Ansonia and at Daniel Hand High School.

Ferron loves teaching high school and thought that Law would be a good match, and the location is close to where she lives, which is convenient.



By Molly Mercaldo – Entertainment Editor

Jonathan Law High School recently hired Mr. Thomas as a physics teacher after he was a substitute teacher last year.

Thomas previously attended Southern Connecticut State University where he earned his teaching degree.

“I’m excited to teach here,” Thomas said. “I enjoyed the staff and the students last year and am excited to be back.”

He has set goals for his classes this year including having all of his students comfortable with hands on learning, and having a complete understanding of the subject matter.

Besides teaching at Jonathan Law, Thomas also teaches classes at Foran High School.

He is currently a coach of the Law baseball team and coaches the football team at Fairfield Prep.


By Molly Mercaldo – Entertainment Editor

Ms. Sinski is a new art teacher at Jonathan Law.

Along with teaching Art For Seniors at Law, she also teaches elementary school students at Pumpkin Delight.

I love how subjective (art) is,” Sinksi said. “Students working on the same assignment given the same exact criteria and using the same media can create such unique and authentic work.

As a teacher, Sinki appreciates having the opportunity to teach both elementary and high school art programs because she gets “the best of both worlds.”

Sinski attended Southern Connecticut State University where she received her bachelor’s degree in art education and hopes to go back to get her master’s degree as well.

Coming in not knowing what to expect, Sinski has instantly felt at home at Jonathan Law.

I hope to help each and every student grow in their own unique way,” Sinski said.

Her goal as a teacher is to inspire a lifetime appreciation of art even to those who do not consider themselves artists.


By Nick Owens – Sports Editor

Ms. Georgetti has arrived at Law to hopefully make math a little easier for all of her students.

Before teaching at Law, Georgetti graduated from Eastern Connecticut State University. She double majored in Mathematics and Education.

Georgetti is a Milford native and attended Foran High School.

“My goals for the year is to learn as many names of students and to increase my students SAT test scores,” Georgretti said.

She is most excited to get to know her students.

Georgetti is teaching Statistics with Probability, a class that helps students learn critical thinking skills.


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