NEWS: Hoggatt Enjoying New Role As Assistant Principal

(Photo by Dominick Buccitti)

By Dominick Buccitti – Editor-in-Chief

This year, Jonathan Law welcomed a familiar face, Mr. Hoggatt, as a new assistant principal.

Just before last school year ended, the position opened up when former assistant principal Mrs. Drew announced her retirement. The candidates for the job went through a series of interviews, including a student panel.

“I have enjoyed Jonathan Law and I wanted to get involved with administration,” Hoggatt said. “When this job opened up, I felt that it would be a good fit.”

Before becoming assistant principal, Hoggatt was a math teacher at Law for the past 13 years, where he had served as math department head for the past three years and athletic director three years before that.

“Mr. Hoggatt is knowledgeable, supportive, humorous, sympathetic, and authoritative,” senior Kayla Sharpe said.

Law principal Mr. Thompson feels grateful to have Hoggatt on his administrative team. Hoggatt was what they were looking for in an assistant principal.

He has shown himself to be an excellent fit as an administrator,” Thompson said. “His love of Jonathan Law and his commitment to making all of us better is evident every day.”

Some of Hoggatt’s goals were to: continue to meet and learn about the students, try to get as many after school activities at Law, and to get into as many classrooms as possible.

“He understands their [students] needs and works with them to reach their full potential,” assistant principal Mr. Marko said. “In every decision that he makes, he considers the needs of the students first and then tries to make it happen.”

This year’s senior class and a portion of the junior class were the last classes to have Mr. Hoggatt as their math teacher.  

“He is a fair disciplinarian and is attentive towards the whole school,” senior Grace Piselli said. “He has a big heart.”

Hoggatt currently oversees the sophomore and senior classes. He has a piece of advice for the Class of 2018.

“Take advantage of all of the great opportunities Law has to offer,” Hoggatt said. “Don’t wish your senior year away.”


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