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5 QUESTIONS WITH…Freshman Andrew Rosato About Being Elected Class President

(Photo by Addison Schwing)

By Addison Schwing – Staff Reporter

The votes are in and freshman Andrew Rosato has been elected the president of the Jonathan Law Class of 2023. At the beginning of every year, students from every staff campaign to become the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, or senator of their respective class. Advocate Staff Reporter Addison Schwing interviewed Rosato about his elected.

Addison Schwing: What inspired you to run for freshman class president?

Andrew Rosato: I’ve just always been a huge fan of the high school, especially considering that an older sibling has been here before. I wanted to be an advocate for the school and help out with my grade. I’ve always liked the other students in my grade so I felt like I would want to represent them.

AS: How does being freshman class president affect you?

AR: Personally, I feel that it kind of helps your self esteem a lot to know that people are willing to have you as the president of the grade, and it’s helpful to know that people support the idea of you leading the class.

AS: What are some of your goals as freshman class president?

AR: I shoot to possibly exceed the standards for raising money. I know that the people in my cabinet are beyond capable in raising a lot of money for our grade and helping people out.

AS: What would you consider one of your strengths and weaknesses?

AR: For strengths, I feel like I’m a good public speaker and that I can address the class efficiently, and kind of give the aspect of how people who are leading the class are capable of what they’re doing. For a weakness, I think that I can be a little extra sometimes, and I have too high of standards.

AS: Do you intend to run for class office in the future?

AR: Yes, because I just like my grade, and I want to keep helping them out and representing them.


5 QUESTIONS WITH…Sophomore James Marino About The Boys XC Season

(Photo courtesy James Marino)

By Michael Loschiavo – Staff Reporter

Sophomore James Marino has been a key asset to the Jonathan Law boys cross country team. His times have been improving each race. On October 5, the boys competed at Eisenhower Park and Marino placed 12th with a time of 20:24. He looks to finish the season off strong. Staff reporter Michael Loschiavo interviewed Marino about his cross country season.

Michael Loschiavo: What are your goals for the season?

James Marino: My goals are to be the eighth alternate runner at the State XC meet and to run under 20 minutes by the end of the season.

ML:  How do you prepare yourself for every race?

JM: By drinking a lot of water, stretching out well, and warming up properly. I try to make sure that I eat the right foods during the day so I don’t get cramps or a stomach ache during the runs. Even on non-meet days I try to push myself to do my best in practice.

ML: What do you hope to run by the end of the season?

JM: By the end of the season, I would like to drop my time by around 20 seconds on a 3.1 mile course, making my time low 20’s and maybe even under 20 minutes.

ML: Do you look up to anyone on the team and why?

JM: I look up to both Dan Wasserman and Tyler Makenna-Hansen as captains of our team. But most importantly, I look up to my friend, Mike Loschiavo, that I’ve been running with since 6th grade. He has been pushing me for all of my short running career. Most of all he’s a great friend.

ML:  What motivates you before a race?

JM: While I’m on the bus I listen to subtle songs just to keep me focused. Then when we get to the meet I listen to some more hype music that gets me ready and motivated to run.

5 QUESTIONS WITH…Senior Andria Torres On Leading The Lacrosse Team To States

(Photo courtesy

By Cole Egersheim – Staff Reporter

The Jonathan Law girls lacrosse team just finished  another successful year with a record of 12-4 and a berth in the state tournament. This season, senior Andria Torres had 34 goals and 61 assists and was named the SCC Division II Player of the Year. She discussed the team’s successes with Advocate staff reporter Cole Egersheim.

Cole Egersheim: What does it mean to you to be named Player of the Year?

Andria Torres: It means that i achieved my goal in doing the best I can for my team

CE: What did you do to achieve this award?

AT: I practiced everyday and bonded with my teammates so I communicate with them on the field and assisted them in any way I can.

CE:  How is this season different from past years?

AT: This year, all of our teammates formed closer relationships so we work better with each other on the field.

CE: How long have you been playing lacrosse?

AT: I have been playing since the 7th grade.

CE: What is your favorite memory from this year?

AT: Playing our last game against Foran and being undefeated against them in our four years.

5 QUESTIONS WITH…Senior Wrestler Kevin Brocksom On His All-State Season

(Photo courtesy

By Cassandra Soda – News Editor

The Jonathan Law wrestling team recently finished its winter season. Senior wrestler Kevin Brocksom had many impressive moments during the season. Brocksom earned his 100th career win, became the SCC champion of his weight class, finished third at the Class M State Tournament, and finished sixth at the State Open Tournament. Brocksom sat down with Advocate News Editor Cassandra Soda to talk about his season.

Cassandra Soda: What has led up to you being an SCC champion?

Kevin Brockstrom:  A lot of hard work and never giving up.

CS: How did it feel to be an SCC champion?

KB: It feels fantastic because it was a goal of mine to take first place.

CS: How long have you been wrestling for?

KB: I’ve been wrestling since fourth grade, so nine years

CS: What was your strategy at states?

KB: I had to win every match I wrestled that day and my strategy was to give my all so when the other person makes a mistake or gets tired I can take the advantage and win the match.

5 QUESTIONS WITH…Senior Priya Gupta About Being Named A National Merit Commended Scholar

(Photo courtesy Kathy Bonetti)

By Molly Mercaldo – Entertainment Editor

Priya Gupta, a senior at Jonathan Law High School, recently earned the title of National Merit Commended Scholar from the College Board. To accomplish this, Gupta needed to place in the top 3.1% of students nationwide in the Preliminary SAT. This test is taken by about 1.6 million students every year. Gupta is one of three students in the Milford Public Schools to receive this award this year. Entertainment Editor Molly Mercaldo interviewed Gutpa about her accomplishment.

Molly Mercaldo: What steps did you take to accomplish this goal?

Priya Gupta: I took an SAT English class and studied with review books. I also took practice tests before the test day which helped me feel prepared.

MM: How does being a National Merit Commended Scholar affect you?

PG: It gave me confidence going to take other standardized tests and it showed that my hard work paid off.

MM: What colleges are you looking at?

PG: I’ve applied to Boston University, George Washington University, and Brown. My decision will depend on what program I get into, because I want to get into an 8-year medical program.

MM: What advice would you give to others hoping to accomplish this?

PG: Taking practice tests is really important because it get you familiar with the format of the test.

MM: How do you feel you are doing academically?

PG: I think I’m doing well. I hope to keep my grades up for the last two quarters.

5 QUESTIONS WITH…Law Senior Connor Creane About Boys Basketball Making States

(Photo courtesy

By Nick Owens – Staff Reporter

The Jonathan Law boys basketball team has followed in the footsteps of many other Law sports team this year and is on its way to states for the first time since 2010. The Lawmen clinched a berth in states by beating rival Foran 62-57. Sports Editor Nick Owens caught up with senior Connor Creane to discuss the accomplishment.

Nick Owens: The big news is obviously is that the team has made states for the first time since 2010. What does this accomplishment mean to your team?

Connor Creane: It really give the team confidence and improves the overall culture of the program.

NO: It’s has been a huge turnaround for you guys from this season to last season. What do you think led to the huge turnaround?

CC: A lot more guys stepping up and our defense has really improved.

NO: What’s the goal for this team from this point on? You reached your first goal, what’s the next one?

CC: A state championship.

NO: If you had to pick one special moment from this year, what would it be?

CC: The win against Foran was huge, especially coming off of a loss.

NO: How excited are you for the future of this the team and Law’s athletic program in general?

CC: I’m very excited to look back and see the changes we made.

5 QUESTIONS WITH…Junior Basketball Player Cali Jolley About The Team’s Hot Start

(Photo courtesy

By Nick Owens – Sports Editor

The Law girls basketball team has jumped onto the trend of Law sports teams having exceptional seasons. Their record currently stands at 11-3 and they have already qualified for the SCC and state tournaments. Sports Editor Nick Owens caught up with junior basketball player Cali Jolley to discuss the team’s impressive start.

Nick Owens: The girls basketball team is 11-3 right now. What can we expect from the team the rest of the season?

Cali Jolley: For the rest of our season, you can expect to see our team continue to improve and work hard to earn home games for both the SCC and state tournament which we qualified for.

NO: You’ve been the team’s leading scorer so far this season. What else can we expect from you?  

CJ: I plan to continue to work hard in practice and push myself to improve and do whatever I can to help us win games. A great thing about our though is that we could have a different scoring leader in any game which gives us an advantage offensively.

NO: You guys are coming off a win against Lyman Hall you have all the momentum in the world right now you have a big away game coming up against Sacred Heart. What’s the mindset going into the game?

CJ: Our mindset going into the Sacred Heart game is that in order to reach our seasons goals we have to never take any game lightly and always play our game whether we are losing or winning by a lot because anything can happen in these games. Also Sacred Heart is a good team that also has momentum from winning two games in a row so we have to show that we are stronger and want it more.

NO: What has been the highlight of your season so far and what are you looking forward to coming up?

CJ: So far the highlight of our season was probably beating Foran at Foran for our eighth win because it qualified us for the state tournament. Another highlight is just in general to see the determination in all of my teammates this year and how we are never ready to give up or ease up. Last year we struggled so much and it’s great to see the whole mood of our practices and games to be so much more positive and determined.

NO: Jonathan Law sports in general have had very successful fall and winter seasons. How excited are you to be a part of this resurgence?

CJ: I am very excited for the future of our school and believe that we will continue to get better as we gain confidence and as more people get involved and support our teams. Being a part of it has been great because there isn’t a much better feeling than being the underdog and just surprising people and winning when no one else thought we would. It makes the high school sports experience so much more fun and exciting.

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