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Meet The Advocate Staff

advocate for new siteThe Advocate Online Staff – 2016-2017

Editor-In-Chief – Valeria Araujo

News Editors  Valeria Araujo, Tyler Chavez

Sports Editors – Kristin Frank, Maeve Rourke

Entertainment Editors – Nisali Fernando, Owen Paiva

Editorial Editors – Nisali Fernando, Owen Paiva

Staff Reporters – Daniella Berg, Dominick Buccitti, Emma Caserta, Irmina Chrzastek, Bree Crum-Hieftje, Michael Dattilo, Alexander Davis, Arianna Goenaga, Haley Lippard, Maya Maciejczyk, Chloe McCullough, Molly Mercaldo, Nicholas Owens, Jack Pincus-Coyle, Marissa Pollack, Xavier Ramos, Cassandra Soda, Ronald Spangler, Amelia Trapp, Kianna Walker, Mark Watterson

Advisor – Mr. Kulenych

The Advocate is the official, student-run online newspaper of Jonathan Law High School. The opinions presented in The Advocate are solely those of the students. As journalists, the members of The Advocate staff are committed to upholding the core of our code of ethics: objectivity, integrity, and truth. The staff endeavors to report the news without editorializing, include a diversity of opinions in our coverage, and present sound, corroborated information. We welcome letters to the editor as well as issue-based commentaries. If you are interested in contributing, please submit your writing to: The Advocate, Room 129, Jonathan Law High School, 20 Lansdale Avenue, Milford, CT 06460.

Jonathan Law High School is a community that exists to maximize the intellectual, the social, and the emotional growth of each student in a safe, stable, supportive environment. We believe that a positive, collaborative atmosphere fosters high expectations and recognizes individual differences. In partnership with students, parents, and the community, we are committed to developing the skills necessary for educational, career, and life choices.