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NEWS: Law Hosts Annual Milford Citywide College Fair

(Photo courtesy Ms. Sylvia)

By Morgan Taylor – Staff Reporter

The Milford citywide College Fair took place at Jonathan Law High School on Thursday, March 22.

The fair was run by Law and Foran’s School Counseling Departments as well as some student volunteers from clubs in both schools.

There were 94 colleges and universities represented at the Milford College Fair,” said Law’s College and Career Coordinator, Ms. Sylvia. “Institutions from all over New England were in attendance, including Harvard University and Yale University.”

Some schools traveled farther than New England to get to this fair.

“Schools such as University of Delaware, Savannah College of Art and Design, University of Tampa, University of Virginia, and Xavier University traveled a bit more to be at the event and meet our Milford students,” Sylvia said.

The gymnasium at Law was set up with a table for each college and a representative for each there as well.

“Each school had an admissions representative (or two) manning their table,” Sylvia said. “There were a few schools that had current student or alumni volunteers.”

The fair was a way for students from across the district, including private school nearby, to either start, continue, or retouch on the college search process.

“The purpose of hosting a city-wide College Fair is to provide an opportunity for students to explore all kinds of institutes for higher education,” Sylvia said. “Students and families can use the event to gain knowledge about a school directly from admissions professionals.”

Students are able to fill out forms to get emails from colleges that they are interested in throughout the fair.

“This is a chance to ask questions, which is important when making post-high school plans,” Sylvia said. “Students can start to get an idea about which schools may be a good fit for them based on location, size, major/course offerings, student activities, sports, and other factors.”

The age of students that attended ranged from freshmen to seniors.

“I found it interesting because as a sophomore it was my first introduction to the college process and I found a lot of schools in New England that had my teaching major that I am interested in,” sophomore Felicia Fanning said.

There was also two presentations taking place at the college fair.

“That evening there were two information sessions – one on the Financial Aid process, and the other on NCAA information,” Sylvia said. “Families were able to see brief presentations and speak with experts on these topics.”

There were also some new colleges that attended this year.

“We were pleased to host some new colleges and universities at this year’s College Fair,” Sylvia said. “Some of the new schools included Mitchell College, Savannah College of Art and Design, Skidmore College, University of Delaware, Wentworth Institute of Technology, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and Yale University.”


NEWS: Jonathan Law Participates In National Walkout Day

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By Dominick Buccitti – Editor-in-Chief

Students at Jonathan Law stood up for their rights and sat down together, in memory of the victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida.

On March 14, Jonathan Law High School participated in National Walkout Day, which was started by the March For Our Lives campaign. This organization was started by the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas, to fight against gun violence, especially in schools.

Students all around the world participated, where they walked out of school. The duration of the walkout was 17 minutes, one minute for each victim of the shooting.

“I feel that it was important to hold a walkout in this way because gun violence in school is becoming a more prevalent issue in our society and something needs to be done about the gun laws in our country,” senior Salma Samih said.

Principal Mr. Thompson, Assistant Principal Mr. Hoggatt, and Assistant Principal Mr. Marko, worked with the student leaders of all of the grades to discuss how the walkout would be approached.

Senior Colleen Hugo was one of the senior leaders who stepped forward to organize the event.

“I feel very strongly about this issue,” senior Colleen Hugo said. “When Mr. Marko asked who wanted to make the announcement over the loudspeaker, I just decided to raise my hand.”

On the day of the walkout, additional police officers were present. The Law administration, faculty, and staff were posted near the front of the school that students sat and stood.

After the walkout was over, Fox 61 interviewed Hugo, Samih, and senior Grace Piselli, who were very passionate about the approach to Law’s walkout day.

“I was extremely proud and excited being a leader in this event,” Piselli said. “I was very happy I was able to be in a position where I could take action and hopefully make a change in our country about a subject I’m very passionate about.”

NEWS: Studio Club Gives Law Students Opportunities In Event Production

(Photo courtesy Ethan Fancher)

By Cassandra Soda – News Editor

Jonathan Law has a new Studio Club created by students which give kids an opportunity to pursue their passions in event production.  

The club was created to help other clubs in the school who need help with lighting, music, photography, and set design when running events.

“I made this club to provide a service to the rest of the school and third party groups that need audio, lighting, and photography help when it comes to running events at Law,” junior Ethan Fancher said.

Students say the club is a great way to work together as a team and make new friends while they also are able to get community service hours for the events they help at.

“I was actually asked to help out and host the lip sync battle with my friend,” senior Dominika Michnik said. “I had a blast and decided to officially join the club afterwards.

The club has helped with events such as the chorus concerts for both Law and the middle schools and they helped the Keyettes run Mr. JLHS. Their biggest event this year was the indoor track fundraiser, the Lip Sync Battle, where they completely ran the show.

Students have many ideas for future events including a school-wide talent show.

The club will also help with events outside of school that need a group to run their lighting or if they need a DJ.

Many students in the club do this as a hobby, as it is not something they want to pursue as a job, but there is a few kids that can see this in their future.

“There is a need for people who know how to do this profession and there is a general lack of knowledge of how to use most of the equipment,” junior Ethan Deer said. “It will always be a useful piece of knowledge that we will carry with us forever and can help us get jobs in the future.”

Members of the club hope that the club will continue to grow with incoming freshman as well as other students in the school.

NEWS: Freshman Liscinsky Shows Off Her Photography Talents

Photo by Morgan Taylor)

By Morgan Taylor – Staff Reporter

Freshman Emma Liscinsky took a photo that was featured on the back cover of the Milford Public Schools’ Program of Studies.

Liscinsky is in Mrs. Romanowski´s Digital Photography class at Jonathan Law. She was chosen from many pieces of art by the Milford Fine Arts Council for a contest.

“I won first place for the picture and I got $100,” Liscinsky said. “The Milford Board of Education chose the picture from there.”

Liscinsky was in the photography class during first semester.

“The class was really fun,” Liscinsky said. “It was more of an introductory course so I was just learning about the camera and how to do things.”

Romanowski was very proud about her student.

“The art department selected and submitted a variety of artwork to be considered for the program of studies,” Romanowski said. ”Once the work was submitted, Emma’s photograph was chosen to be featured on the cover.”

The photo that was chosen was not part of an actual project in the class.

“The photo was just for fun,” Liscinsky said. “I saw that the flower was pretty so I took the photo.”

Being in the Program of Studies is a big accomplishment for art students as very few pieces get selected.

“Emma is very enthusiastic about digital photography,” Romanowski said. “She excels at capturing meaningful images because she is always willing to improve her style and techniques.”

Romanowski also teaches Advanced Photography, Digital Media and Illustration, Drawing, and Graphic Design and Communication along with Digital Photography.

“In Digital Photography students learn how to use the elements of photographic composition as well as photographic techniques to improve their ability to capture meaningful images,” said Romanowski.

Final courses will be picked in March and the course selection book are available to all students.

NEWS: Law, Bethel High Schools Perform “Band Exchange” Concert

(Photo courtesy Jackson Warters)

By Dominick Buccitti – Editor-in-Chief

The Jonathan Law band and the Bethel High School band recently performed in a “band exchange” concert.

The concert took place on Thursday, February 15 at 6:30 p.m. in the auditorium. There were 26 Law band members and 54 Bethel band members that participated in the concert.

“I was approached by Damon Coachman, the band director at Bethel HS, who is a good friend of mine,” Jonathan Law Band Director Mr. Giampietro said. “I respect him tremendously as a colleague and I jumped at the chance to work with him and his students.”

Coachman has completed a band exchange with before with Brookfield High School in the past. Giampietro aspires to bring the Jonathan Law band programs to the same place as Coachman’s programs and hopes to bring similar experiences to Law.

The two bands had been rehearsing for weeks leading up to the concert.

“I thought the concert went very well and working with all the students in the Bethel band was a great experience,” junior Law band member Hannah Swenning said. “They were all very nice and working with them was a fun time.”

Giampietro felt that this band exchange would be a great experience for his students.

“There are plenty of ways that each band is helping to supplement the other and create a special experience for all of the students involved,” Giampietro said. “It may be the most exciting experience I will have had conducting a concert since I began working in education 10 years ago.”

NEWS: Junior Class Plans Winter Formal Fundraiser

(Photo courtesy

By Cole Egersheim – Staff Reporter

Jonathan Law is hosting a Winter Formal on Friday from 7-10 p.m. in the Old Gym.

The dance is Sadie Hawkins-style which involves girls asking boys to accompany them. It is recommended that juniors ask for dates this way, but it is not mandatory.

“The junior class officers come up with the idea,” junior class advisor Ms. Kizavul said. “They had so much fun at homecoming and wanted to have another dance.”         

The dance will help the junior class raise money to offset the cost of prom tickets in the spring.

Members of the junior class are hoping that the Winter Formal is as fun as Homecoming, which was held at Law in the fall.

“We’re doing the Winter Formal to raise money for prom and so we can have another fun dance besides Homecoming with all the grades,” junior class secretary Cali Jolley said. 

NEWS: Business Department Hosts First Annual “Law Gives Back”

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By Cassandra Soda – News Editor and Molly Mercaldo – Entertainment Editor

The Jonathan Law business department hosted the first annual “Law Gives Back” business panel on Friday, January 26.

Successful Jonathan Law graduates who are now leaders in the business world came back to Law to talk to current business students.

“I wanted to get a group of alumni who took my business classes to come back and show the success they’re having in the real world,” business teacher Mr. Beler said.

An assembly was held in the auditorium where the alumni talked about their experiences in the world of business and gave advice to students looking to take the same route.

Alumi in attendance included Marie Hoyt, a manager and certified public accountant at Delooitte & Touche LLP; Mike DiLeo, a Senior Associate at General Electric; Steve Cajigas, the owner of Steve’s First Class Barbers; Anthony Pietrini, a Senior Brand Manager for Schick Intuition and Banana Boat Sunscreen; Matt Ramos, a Medical Device Sale Representative for Orthofix; and Frank Virgulto, a CPA for Ernst & Young LLP.  

“This gave me hope because these were Mr. Beler’s students as well, and I want to be as successful as these alumni someday,” senior business student Chloe McCullough said.

All sophomores also attended the event in hopes of learning more about business majors in college and what the future would be like.

“It was really interesting to hear everyone’s stories and hear how they went to Law and then moved up the corporate ladder,” sophomore Morgan Taylor said.

Students were given the opportunity to introduce themselves to these alumni and ask them questions regarding their experiences in business.

After the panel, a luncheon was held at Law for selected business students. Students were able to talk to the alumni personally and ask them questions about their jobs.

The luncheon took place in the culinary classrooms and the food was cooked and served by Law culinary students.

Beler hopes to continue this event in future years and has already heard from other alumni who want to participate.

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