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NEWS: Natural Helpers Club Aims To Assist Those In Need

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By Jefri Caballero – Staff Reporter

This year, Jonathan Law has over 20 clubs and one of them is the Natural Helpers.

Natural Helpers is an organization with the goal to train students to help their peers when they are in need. The president of the Natural Helpers is junior Morgan Taylor. 

“Natural Helpers is a great way for students to get involved in helping their community,” Taylor said. “We try to make this school a better place for all students and faculty alike.”

The Natural Helpers work together on how to make the school community and the Milford community better. They work on being approachable role models for Jonathan Law students.

“I joined Natural Helpers because it’s a good way to get involved and be with a good group of people at Law,” junior Brooke Nabors said.

The club had its first meeting in mid-September and will continue to have meetings on F days during common time.The club is currently planning its activities for the year, a list which includes the Special Olympics. 

“Anyone and everyone should join because the skill set you gain by been part of the organization will make you asset to all the people around you,” Natural Helpers advisor Mrs. Mercaldi said.

Taylor revived the club because when she was a freshman, she was the only freshman, and the rest of the members were seniors. Her sophomore year, she was the only member left, so she found a new advisor for the club and tried to get people involved.

“I heard about the club from Morgan,” junior Thea Ryan said.

Taylor has promoted the club this year and many juniors have already joined.

This year, the Natural Helpers are also working on an anti-bullying campaign. Their idea is that “happy people don’t bully other people.” They are also really interested in organizing a de-stress event before midterms and finals.

The Natural Helpers work with the Milford Prevention Council which is their parent organization. This year, they would love to be more involved in the community and are always looking for new members.


NEWS: Law’s Science Club Prepares For Upcoming Olympiads

(Photo courtesy Ms. Turcotte)

By Noah Golden – Staff Reporter

The Jonathan Law Science Club is getting ready for another year of competing.

Annually, the Science Club competes in Science Olympiads across the state in different levels. They hope to do well this year and win some medals.

“It’s really just about having fun and learning new things that we don’t get to learn in class,” senior Ming May Hu, the Science Club president, said. “We get to do more in depth research about Science topics and it’s just having fun and competing with your friends.”

Most years, the Science Olympiads take place at UConn. This year, the Science Club will be going to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

“Everyone has about three events and a partner, and they just compete in events,” Hu said. “We have building ones, like robots ands towers.”

Last year, the Science Club won a few medals and placed well in several events.. Senior Tyler Goodwin, who has been in the Science Club since his sophomore year, is one member who placed.

“I took 4th place in the Helicopter Tournament at the Invitational Level,” Goodwin said. “I also took 7th place at the Optics Tournament.”

Law science teacher Ms. Turcotte said that the team has improved over the years.

“At first we didn’t do very well when we started because we didn’t know what we were doing,”  Turcotte said.

This will be Law’s 6th year of competing in the competitions. Since they first started, they have shown improvement.

“We have shown improvement in the way of having more commitment to the club,” Turcotte said. “Every year they have more interest. This year we look forward to going to MIT.”

The commitment level has gone up to the point where Law now has two seperate teams.

Law is looking to earn some more medals this coming year. Now with Law having two separate teams, this gives them even better of a chance to get more medals.

“I hope we do well this year,” Hu said. “We did pretty well last year.”

The state competitions can lead to the national competitions, which is what Law hopes to make.

“We have some different events this year, but I hope we do well,” Goodwin said.

The Science Club’s first meeting was on Monday, September 17.

NEWS: Jonathan Law Choir Begins Busy Performance Schedule

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By Samiksha Mehta – Staff Reporter

The Law community has no idea what choir has in store this year.

The choir will perform at several events including at Hershey Park, and possibly even Carnegie Hall next year. They recently performed at a ceremony for the new Jonathan Law Brick Walk, and are getting ready for another fundraiser to go to Hershey Park at the end of the year.

“I’m excited about all those things that seem un-choir related, but they actually really fill the bond in the group, and it becomes like a family,” choir director Mrs. Jones said. “So a lot of the new people that we have this year are really very interested in being there and we have our best attendance ever at a lot of our out-of-school functions this year. I’m really excited about everybody involved in choir this year and the efforts they’re making.”

Although many members graduated from last year’s choir, the choir hasn’t had any issues so far and is getting along swimmingly.

The fundraisers they hosted to get this far have been paying off and they’re almost ready for the Hershey’s event. The choir was able to raise over $500 by selling chocolates.

Members of the choir said that the extra work they put in class and at out-of-school functions to determine how well they’re doing. That work has paid off to get them where they want to be and where they are now.

The hard work they’ve put into their concerts and their performances earned them first place at Lake Compounce and their performance there boosted their popularity throughout the school.

Choir members said they are excited for their upcoming trips.

“We’re gonna go to Hershey this year and I’m so excited,” sophomore choir member Britney Delgado said. “I haven’t ever been there and I feel like it’s gonna be awesome.”

Travelling to out-of-school and out-of-state functions helps the choir to bond and become a family.

“What’s best about choir for me is the bond that we share and the bond that we create,” junior choir member Faith Mills said. “It makes it even better to perform, knowing we’ll always be family.”

The family bond that is created between choir members is what they look forward to and what they feel is most important.

“Being a new choir member is kind of hard, to be honest, because everyone else knows what to do and each other while I’m trying to catch up,” sophomore choir member Haley Hedman said. “It’s exciting, though, because it’s easy to make friends, since some of my friends are in that class.”

NEWS: Jonathan Law Welcomes The Class Of 2022

(Photo by Stephanie Caron)

By Stephanie Caron – Staff Reporter

The members of the Class of 2022 are settling nicely in their new home.

Freshman students from West Shore Middle school and Harborside Middle School are meeting new friends and adjusting to their new life at Jonathan Law.

“My favorite thing about high school so far is the freedom,” freshman Gabby Fino said.

High school is a big change from middle school, but the freshman class seems just fine with the big change.

“Middle school and high school are very different,” freshman Sadie Willett said. “Just because of how everything is handled, and how all of the classes are different.”

Many of the freshmen have joined sports and clubs. They said it helps them adjust and meet new people at Jonathan Law.  

“I know more people, and I know my way around,” freshman Moira Staples said.

During the second week of school, Law held a picnic and a Freshman Welcome Day to get the students excited for the upcoming years, and teach how to get involved at Law outside of the classroom. It was also an opportunity to bond with their classmates.

“My advice for the Class of 2022 is to make organization a top priority, and to get involved,” freshman teacher Mrs. Anderson said. “There are so many great opportunities for students here at law, and I think every 9th grader should try to join at least one club or sports team.”

The upperclassmen also attended the picnic to teach the freshman football cheers, how to get involved, and the clubs that they could join.

“The work is harder, but overall it’s more fun to be here,” freshman Emma Nelly said.

Freshman Troy Brennan agreed.

“It’s harder, because it’s a lot more work to do in a shorter amount of time,” Brennan said.

Members of the freshman class said that high school is an exciting yet nerve-racking experience, and they know it is important they manage their time wisely.

“I’m looking forward to all of the activities,” Staples said. “And all of the involvement outside of the classroom.”

Anderson said that high school is a fun experience and that it is important for freshmen to meet new people outside of their classes.

“The Class of 2022 seems to have a lot of enthusiasm,” Anderson said. “I can’t wait to see what they do here in the next four years.”

NEWS: Mystery “Rock Kid” Sculptor At Walnut Beach Has Jonathan Law Ties

(Photo by Stefanie Lojko)

By Stefanie Lojko – Staff Reporter

The creator of the rock sculptures that appear almost overnight between Silver Sands and Walnut Beach has stepped forward.

Students at Law might know him.

Former Jonathan Law student Ozan Oncu has spent summers building these rock towers. He used it without any wires, supports, or rings, combining balance and patience to create these pieces of art.

“I started the rock-sculptures because one of my friends showed me how to make them, then I started doing them all the time,” Ozan said.

Many residents like the rock towers because not many other beaches have them an entire section of beach dedicated to them. They add something unique that Milford residents can enjoy.

“It’s fun and a nice thing to look at,” said Hannah Swenning, a senior at Jonathan Law.

Ozan was not the first one to start these rocks but he made them more popular. He spent various amounts of times on each sculpture but the most time was three hours.

“It was hard at first but as time went by, it became second nature and I could feel when the rocks were balanced,” Ozan said.

The amount of time it takes someone to master this skill can take years months, even years.

Creating rock-sculptures can be a hard skill to master because the sculptor have to learn to feel the rocks and when they’re balanced. It takes time and patience and can even become calming and therapeutic.

“It started off as a hobby but it  sort of became a type of therapy,” Ozan said.

Students at Jonathan Law have taken more of a notice to the rocks after finding out they knew who did them. Although he didn’t start them, he did popularize them.

“It’s more interesting than boring sand,” Law senior Susan Wischow said. “They look cool and remind me of yoga.”

Now that Ozan no longer lives in Milford, others have continued to make the rock-sculptures.

“I would be sad if people stopped making them,” Ozan said. “I even remember while walking down the streets of Milford people would recognize me as the ‘Rock Dude.’”

Ozan created a reputation for himself in Milford known as the “Rock Dude” and people still love the sculptures that they see everyday while walking on the beach. It gives a homely feel whenever the rock sculptures are in sight.

“They rock,” Law senior Olivia Ott said.

NEWS: Law Commemorates 9/11 With Red Bandanna Fundraiser

(Photo courtesy Mr. Thompson)

By Anish Sikhinam – Staff Reporter

Earlier this month, Jonathan Law remembered and commemorated the events of 9/11 by selling red bandannas in honor of firefighter and hero Welles Crowther.

The Law community purchased 185 bandannas and raised a total of $925.

“I think that Welles particularly resonates with students your age,” reading teacher Mrs. Rowley said. “And that’s why the red bandanna fundraiser is always very successful.

All proceeds will go to the non-profit Welles Remy Crowther Charitable Trust, which creates curricula for students about the events of 9/11 as well as leadership qualities and the impact of good deeds. The red bandannas were being sold in the rooms of social studies teacher Mrs. Mannion, Rowley, and history teacher Mr. Zuraw, and in the cafeteria courtesy of the Key Club.

In addition to the fundraiser, students also watched a documentary about Welles Crowther in their advisories.

“It was really inspiring knowing that some simple ordinary guy could do so much,” sophomore Sanskar Shah said.

Welles Crowther was an extraordinary leader who grew up being very polite and well-spoken, as well as having a strong sense of duty and care. He participated in many leadership activities while growing up, and excelled at many sports such as lacrosse, which he got to play for the varsity team at Boston College.

Crowther completed the New York State firefighting when he was just 18 years old, and became a full member of the fire department. After graduating college, Crowther became a research analyst and then an equities trader for the investment firm Sandler O’Neill & Partners.

During the events of September 11, 2001, however, Crowther became a firefighter and a hero.

That day, a man wearing a red bandanna was seen amidst the smoke and the ashes organizing a rescue effort, ordering fire extinguishers, directing people to the stairwell, and as a result saving the lives of many.

This man was later identified by family as Welles Crowther, as he had always carried a red bandanna in his back pocket, and his spirit lives on today honored by many schools around the country due to this red bandanna.

“It certainly helps me remember and reflect on September 11, 2001 and the impact that [it] had on this country, but also the spirit of Welles Crowther, who was just a true hero… so it really makes me reflect on the American spirit, how we’re always at our best when we work together and help each other,” principal Mr. Thompson said.

This tradition was brought to Jonathan Law several years ago by Rowley and Mannion, who were involved with the 9/11 Tribute Center.

“We were lucky enough to actually meet Welles Crowther’s parents… and eventually Mrs. Crowther actually came to Jonathan Law… and she spoke to the senior class that day,” Mannion said.

The presentation was very touching for the students, and ever since, Rowley and Mannion have shown the students a documentary about Crowther and have worn and honored the red bandanna, as well as starting a fundraiser with it in recent years.

Rowley, Mannion, and Zuraw have all been involved designing the 9/11 curriculum taught in the history department in the Milford school district.

“I think it’s getting trickier for our students because when I first started teaching, the students were in 7th, 8th, 6th grade, and now you guys weren’t even born when it happened… so you need to try [to] educate people and make them realize how much of an impact it had and… that’s our job to do,” Zuraw said. “Over the years and through our 9/11 curriculum, you guys and younger generations will have a good appreciation for what happened that day and what changed.”

Rowley hopes the curriculum and fundraiser will bring awareness to this worthy cause.

“I think stories like Welles help to make a personal connection to 9/11,” Rowley said. “I feel it’s extremely important to make sure you guys are educated as much as possible about 9/11 [because]… 9/11 to you is what Pearl Harbor was to me.”

(Some information courtesy

NEWS: Jonathan Law Welcomes Many New Teachers

By Jessica Owens and Rachna Vipparla – Staff Reporters

Jonathan Law has welcomed several new staff members to the community this year.

Here are some short bios of the new staff:

Mr. Walsh is one of the newest additions to the math department this year.

Before coming to Law, Walsh worked in Business, Healthcare Administration, and Market Research in Boston and decided to make a career change by going to Central Connecticut State University to get his teaching certificate. He then did student teaching in Meriden before joining the Law community.

“I’m really happy to be here,” Walsh said. “The administration is very positive here and very positive people like Mr. Thompson, they have good attitude and spirit.”

This year, Walsh is teaching three Geometry and two Algebra 1 classes. He teaches a majority of freshmen and some sophomores.

“My favorite part of this year is getting to watch my students grow in their math knowledge,” Walsh said.

During his free time, Walsh plays guitar in a band.


Ms. Smuniewski is the newest addition to the English department this year.

Before teaching at Law, she worked at Newtown High School. Due to low enrollment in the district, they eliminated her position, which led her to choosing the Law community.

“I have kids who are really motivated and eager to learn and the faculty is super nice and administers are great,” Smuniewski said. “It really feels like the Law family that everyone talks about.”

Smuniewski is teaching three sections of honors freshman and two sections of honors sophomores.

“I have larger classes this year so I’m excited to get to know my students and help them grow as readers, writers, thinkers, and as people,” Smuniewski said.

During her free time, Smuniewski likes to read and go to fitness classes.


Mr. Rodriguez is one of the newest additions to the world language community this year.

Before coming to Law, Rodriguez taught in Hamden at a middle school teaching Spanish, and then moved up to Hamden High School. He taught at an alternative high school in Hamden for two years and then was a media specialist at an elementary school in New Haven for three years.

“Everyone’s really nice here,” Rodriguez said. “The teachers the faculty here is great, the kids are great, and the administration is really nice.”

Rodriguez is teaching two Spanish 5 classes, two Spanish 4 classes, and one Spanish 2 class. He teaches a majority of juniors and sophomores and one freshman class.

“My favorite part of this year is I get to go to the sporting events again,” Rodriguez said. “I missed going to high school sporting events.”

During his free time, Rodriguez likes to work on cars.


Dr. Knipp is the most recent addition to the Jonathan Law staff.

He works in the science department, teaching Physics classes. Knipp teaches part time at both Jonathan Law and at Joseph A. Foran High School.

“Since I teach at Jonathan Law and Joseph Foran, I can’t be truly characterized as being a Law eagle, or a Foran lion,” Knipp said. “Instead, I consider myself a Milford griffin.”

Knipp has taught since 1984 at a multitude of schools including Lauralton Hall and Stratford High School.

However, he spent most of his teaching career as a professor at a university in Virginia.  

This year, at Law, he wants to get to know the school better, including the students and his colleagues.

“I sense a real sense of camaraderie amongst the faculty,” Knipp said.

Other than teaching Physics, Knipp loves tennis, playing frisbee, walking outside, sailing, or anything related to nature.


Mrs. Francisco is another new teacher in Jonathan Law High School.

Francisco works in the math department teaching Algebra II and Geometry.

When asked what she loved about Law, Fransisco said, “I love the energy, support, and hard work of the faculty and my students. I love the phrase Lawmazing.”

She is extremely passionate about math and enjoys coaching the girls soccer team at Oxford. In addition, Francisco enjoys traveling with her husband, playing fetch with her dog, and anything outdoors.


Mr. Beale is another new staff member at Jonathan Law High School.

He works in the Technology, Technical Engineering & Communication departments. Beale teaches classes such as drafting, wood shop, and automobile.

He started teaching in the fall of 2010 and this is his eighth year teaching. Previously, Beale taught at Stonington High School.

Beale likes to spend time volunteering and helping out in the community that he lives in. Most frequently, he participates in the organization Habitat for Humanity.  

Beale is excited to be a part of the Law community.

“It’s a very open school in a very welcoming environment to a degree that other schools I was at, did not have,” Beale said.

His goals at Law are to have a fun time and have students learn some things from him. He hopes they will have a fun time themselves.

Francisco taught for seven years at Oxford High School and this is her eighth year teaching.

Her goal this year at Law is to help students not hate going to math class and help the juniors succeed on their SATs.

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