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NEWS: Piselli Named Law Class Of 2018 Salutatorian

(Photo courtesy GraceAnne Piselli)

By Dominick Buccitti – Editor-in-Chief

GraceAnne Piselli is the salutatorian for the Jonathan Law Class of 2018.

“I was extremely excited and surprised,” Piselli said. “I was proud of myself and happy to know that hard work over high school has paid off.”

Piselli has been on the honor roll all four years of high school, where she had high honors in grades 9, 10, and 12 and first honors in grade 11. She has taken seven AP classes in her four years at Law.

Throughout high school, Piselli has always been involved in Law community. She has been an active member of the Key Club since her freshman year and has been a member of the National Honor Society, Keyettes, and Science Club since her junior year.

Piselli also joined the Interact Club this year.

“Grace is a confident, dedicated, and sweet young woman who I am proud to have seen grow in maturity,” guidance counselor Mrs. Kovacs said. “I know she will make me proud at Northeastern.”

Piselli has received much recognition over the past four years at Law. Some of the awards she has received include: Excellence in Math, Excellence in Mathematics, Excellence in Science, Excellence in Social Studies, the Wellesley College Book Award, the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) Medal, and the CAPSS Superintendent’s Student Award.

In her time as a member of the Science Club, Piselli placed fourth and third at the UConn Science Olympiad.

“Grace was and is a dedicated and serious student but she’s also kind and personable,” AP English Language teacher Mrs. Lucia said. “She has a sense of what really matters in life.”

At the recent senior awards night, Piselli received the salutatorian medal for the Class of 2018. She also received a Jonathan Law Key Club scholarship and the Milford Irish Heritage Society scholarship.

“It’s been a genuine honor and pleasure to see Grace grow into a successful student and wonderful person over the past four years,” AP Biology teacher Mr. Koorejian said. “She’s truly one of Law’s best in class.”

In the fall, Piselli will be attending Northeastern University, a competitive private research university with a 28 percent acceptance rate. She will be majoring in Biology, where she will use her eventual degree to get a job as a medical researcher.

“Don’t be afraid to take breaks if you have to,” Piselli said. “School should be a place where you learn and develop, not stress.”


NEWS: Law Key Club Continues To Work After Successful Year

(Photo courtesy Dominick Buccitti)

By Dominick Buccitti – Editor-in-Chief

The Jonathan Law Key Club finished its 2017-2018 service year in great standing.

At the annual district conference, the club received the most in its history. Some of the awards the club received at the conference included: 1st place for Monthly Publications, 1st place for Monthly Reports, 2nd place in the Traditional Poster Contest, and the Distinguished Diamond Level Club Award.

“This group of seniors has been successful from the first day I met them,” Key Club advisor Mr. Boynton said. “They were great student ambassadors for both Jonathan Law and the Milford community.”

Webmaster Richard Ung received the Outstanding Officer award which is given to only one officer out of the whole New England District, for demonstrating leadership and a great work ethic throughout the year. Secretary Christina Mohammed received the District Secretary award, which is given to one secretary from each of the 31 divisions for submitting detailed and timely secretary reports.

“It was great getting to serve as secretary for a successful year,” Mohammed said.

As secretary, Grace Piselli helped the club receive the early bird award for collecting and handing in club dues earlier than the deadline that the district had set.

“I was grateful for the opportunity and I learned a lot about group management and community service,” Piselli said.

President Dominick Buccitti and Vice President Salma Samih led the Key Club this year.

“I was excited to be an officer to a great club who had a successful year,” Samih said.

Following the district conference, the Key Club has continued to volunteer at events such as the senior awards night.

Patrick Hall will be serving as the Key Club’s president for this service year. Josh DeVera will serve as vice president, Joe Federico will serve as treasurer, Ronan O’Reilly will serve as secretary, Amira Samih will serve as bulletin editor, and David Liptak will serve as webmaster.

NEWS: National Honor Society Hosts Annual Brain Bowl

(Photo courtesy

By Morgan Taylor – Staff Reporter

The annual Brain Bowl, which was hosted by the National Honor Society, took place at Jonathan Law High School on May 4.

Students and staff competed against each other in answering trivia questions which were created by NHS. Each team had four students which represented their grade along with a team of four faculty members.

“The purpose of the Brain Bowl is to get the entire school community working together to raise money for brain cancer research (and to have fun doing it),” said Ms. Turcotte, advisor of NHS.

The students who represent their grade are chosen by a test which is offered for anyone to take on one day.

NHS members create the 25 multiple choice test and I administer it in one day,” Turcotte said.  “The top four scores for each class serve as the teams.”

Preparation for the Brain Bowl is very important to the success of the fundraising event.

“Once NHS members decide on a theme they film and show the video to generate interest and to recruit people to take the preliminary test,” said Turcotte. “Then we design and order the shirts, come up with three rounds of questions, and fundraise in the cafeteria for the two weeks leading up to the event.”

This years theme was based off of the show “The Office.”

Every year we choose a new theme; something that we can make a funny/interesting video to use to generate interest and to get everyone to take the preliminary test,” Turcotte said.

The first round was between the four grades.

At lunch the week prior to the event, NHS members walked around asking for donations. Every time a grade raised $10, they received a point which they started with in the 1st round.

“I think that the first round questions were harder just because it took a while to get adjusted to the speed of the questions and get used to the crowd,” junior participant Grace Wootton said.

The seniors started off with 23 points, the juniors with 11, the sophomores with 10, and the freshmen with 11.

“It was really difficult to that we started out with less points,” said Wootton. “The junior team would have made it into the final round had the seniors not started out with so many more points.”

The second round was between the top two scoring teams of the first round: the juniors and the seniors.

The third and final round was between the top scoring team of the 2nd round, the seniors, and the faculty team.

It was definitely more challenging competing against the seniors than I expected,” science teacher and faculty team participant Mr. Aguiar said.  “They knew a lot of trivia, especially about the pop culture and music questions.”

In the final question, the teams are allowed to wager points.

The faculty won the Brain Bowl this year in the final question which was “Who played the character of Creed in The Office?”

For the final question we wagered all of our points,” said Aguiar. “Our motto was ‘Go big or go home!’ We were willing to risk it all to win it all.”

NEWS: Drama Club Wows Crowds With Performances Of “Shrek The Musical”

(Photo courtesy @jlawdrama)

By Morgan Taylor – Staff Reporter

Jonathan Law High School’s Drama Club took on the spring production of “Shrek The Musical” on April 6-7.

The cast had three performances throughout the weekend – at 7 p.m. on Friday and at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Saturday. Each show brought a big audience and plenty of laughs.

“I think that the performance was really well put together and the cast and crew worked so hard as a team,” said sophomore Justin Amaro, who played Shrek.

The production took lots of time and effort to get it prepared for the audience, which consisted of students and faculty of Jonathan Law as well as friends and family of the cast and crew.

“In order to get the show ready, the cast put in months of rehearsal time. We really tried to make this show amazing for the audience,” Amaro said.

The production also involved many difficult aspects to the cast.

“It was definitely the hardest show I’ve ever done and it involved the most work backstage to move all of the sets and quick costume changes,” said senior Emma Hudd, who played Fiona.” It was such a cool experience as a cast to push ourselves to put on a seamless performance.”

The show was also difficult for the crew.

“There was a lot of preparation for the props and costumes especially,” said senior Ally Voytek, who was part of the cast and crew. “Because Shrek has a lot of characters that are more creative and generally more complicated to replicate on stage, we had to put our heads together to come up with the best way to get every single costume piece for each individual in order.”

The week before the production was very busy for the cast and crew.

“Tech week is the week that we add lighting, microphones, stage pieces, and costumes…basically where we make the show ready to be seen,” Amaro said.

Tech week was every day from 4-10 p.m.

The show also brought a full house for all three performances.

“The audience for all of the shows was really good,” said Hudd. “Usually the matinee has less people but it was pretty lively this time.”

The productions for the cast have not only been fun but also have taught life lessons.

“What I am going to miss most about the shows is the family I have gained out of it,” Hudd said. “When you are cast, you are with these people for hours on end. My favorite part about being in the shows over the years is the experience I have gained out of it. Without theatre I would not be able to public speak, pick up on social cues, or be willing to share my opinions. It has taught me how to work as a team and be expecting of anyone and everyone.”

Voytek was also nostalgic when thinking of the end of the year.

“I think two of the things I am going to miss most about being in the shows is the feeling of accomplishment that you get after the final bow and all of the friendships I have made,” said Voytek.

NEWS: Law Hosts Annual Milford Citywide College Fair

(Photo courtesy Ms. Sylvia)

By Morgan Taylor – Staff Reporter

The Milford citywide College Fair took place at Jonathan Law High School on Thursday, March 22.

The fair was run by Law and Foran’s School Counseling Departments as well as some student volunteers from clubs in both schools.

There were 94 colleges and universities represented at the Milford College Fair,” said Law’s College and Career Coordinator, Ms. Sylvia. “Institutions from all over New England were in attendance, including Harvard University and Yale University.”

Some schools traveled farther than New England to get to this fair.

“Schools such as University of Delaware, Savannah College of Art and Design, University of Tampa, University of Virginia, and Xavier University traveled a bit more to be at the event and meet our Milford students,” Sylvia said.

The gymnasium at Law was set up with a table for each college and a representative for each there as well.

“Each school had an admissions representative (or two) manning their table,” Sylvia said. “There were a few schools that had current student or alumni volunteers.”

The fair was a way for students from across the district, including private school nearby, to either start, continue, or retouch on the college search process.

“The purpose of hosting a city-wide College Fair is to provide an opportunity for students to explore all kinds of institutes for higher education,” Sylvia said. “Students and families can use the event to gain knowledge about a school directly from admissions professionals.”

Students are able to fill out forms to get emails from colleges that they are interested in throughout the fair.

“This is a chance to ask questions, which is important when making post-high school plans,” Sylvia said. “Students can start to get an idea about which schools may be a good fit for them based on location, size, major/course offerings, student activities, sports, and other factors.”

The age of students that attended ranged from freshmen to seniors.

“I found it interesting because as a sophomore it was my first introduction to the college process and I found a lot of schools in New England that had my teaching major that I am interested in,” sophomore Felicia Fanning said.

There was also two presentations taking place at the college fair.

“That evening there were two information sessions – one on the Financial Aid process, and the other on NCAA information,” Sylvia said. “Families were able to see brief presentations and speak with experts on these topics.”

There were also some new colleges that attended this year.

“We were pleased to host some new colleges and universities at this year’s College Fair,” Sylvia said. “Some of the new schools included Mitchell College, Savannah College of Art and Design, Skidmore College, University of Delaware, Wentworth Institute of Technology, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and Yale University.”

NEWS: Jonathan Law Participates In National Walkout Day

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By Dominick Buccitti – Editor-in-Chief

Students at Jonathan Law stood up for their rights and sat down together, in memory of the victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida.

On March 14, Jonathan Law High School participated in National Walkout Day, which was started by the March For Our Lives campaign. This organization was started by the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas, to fight against gun violence, especially in schools.

Students all around the world participated, where they walked out of school. The duration of the walkout was 17 minutes, one minute for each victim of the shooting.

“I feel that it was important to hold a walkout in this way because gun violence in school is becoming a more prevalent issue in our society and something needs to be done about the gun laws in our country,” senior Salma Samih said.

Principal Mr. Thompson, Assistant Principal Mr. Hoggatt, and Assistant Principal Mr. Marko, worked with the student leaders of all of the grades to discuss how the walkout would be approached.

Senior Colleen Hugo was one of the senior leaders who stepped forward to organize the event.

“I feel very strongly about this issue,” senior Colleen Hugo said. “When Mr. Marko asked who wanted to make the announcement over the loudspeaker, I just decided to raise my hand.”

On the day of the walkout, additional police officers were present. The Law administration, faculty, and staff were posted near the front of the school that students sat and stood.

After the walkout was over, Fox 61 interviewed Hugo, Samih, and senior Grace Piselli, who were very passionate about the approach to Law’s walkout day.

“I was extremely proud and excited being a leader in this event,” Piselli said. “I was very happy I was able to be in a position where I could take action and hopefully make a change in our country about a subject I’m very passionate about.”

NEWS: Studio Club Gives Law Students Opportunities In Event Production

(Photo courtesy Ethan Fancher)

By Cassandra Soda – News Editor

Jonathan Law has a new Studio Club created by students which give kids an opportunity to pursue their passions in event production.  

The club was created to help other clubs in the school who need help with lighting, music, photography, and set design when running events.

“I made this club to provide a service to the rest of the school and third party groups that need audio, lighting, and photography help when it comes to running events at Law,” junior Ethan Fancher said.

Students say the club is a great way to work together as a team and make new friends while they also are able to get community service hours for the events they help at.

“I was actually asked to help out and host the lip sync battle with my friend,” senior Dominika Michnik said. “I had a blast and decided to officially join the club afterwards.

The club has helped with events such as the chorus concerts for both Law and the middle schools and they helped the Keyettes run Mr. JLHS. Their biggest event this year was the indoor track fundraiser, the Lip Sync Battle, where they completely ran the show.

Students have many ideas for future events including a school-wide talent show.

The club will also help with events outside of school that need a group to run their lighting or if they need a DJ.

Many students in the club do this as a hobby, as it is not something they want to pursue as a job, but there is a few kids that can see this in their future.

“There is a need for people who know how to do this profession and there is a general lack of knowledge of how to use most of the equipment,” junior Ethan Deer said. “It will always be a useful piece of knowledge that we will carry with us forever and can help us get jobs in the future.”

Members of the club hope that the club will continue to grow with incoming freshman as well as other students in the school.

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