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SPORTS: Boys, Girls Soccer Ready To Bring Success Onto Field This Season

Photo courtesy of Susan Fortin-Paiva

(Photo courtesy Susan Fortin-Paiva)

By Kristin Frank – Sports Editor

The girls and boys soccer teams have kicked off their season in high hopes for a successful turnout.

Before returning to school for their tryouts, both teams have prepared themselves over the summer.

The girls soccer team is looking to improve their record from last year which was 2-11-3.

“We have to learn our formation and make sure we are all doing what we are supposed to be doing on the field,” senior captain Bethany Edwards said. “We are striving to make it a winning record.”

The senior captains of this year’s team are Edwards, Colleen Rice and Kristen Passaro.

Edwards, Rice and Passaro all have one common goal this season: to make states.

The players realize what they need to accomplish during games to make to states.

“The team has to really work hard this year and get down our formation on the field,” Rice said.

To go along with their goal, the girls have expectations for their teammates as well.

My expectations are that we work hard and push each other so that we can have that chance of making it to states,” Edwards said.

The seniors of the team have a lot of faith in the underclassmen and are thrilled for the season.

“We have a really promising season and I believe in my team,” Rice said. “I am mostly excited for a great last season, as a senior.”

The varsity coach, Mr. Rhode, knows what it takes to have his players have a successful season.

“Every year the girls prepare themselves over the summer,” Rhode said. “It is helpful to get in as many pre season games and scrimmages before the actual season starts.”

The key players consist of a lot of previous girls from varsity. The seniors include all three captains, Jillian Davis, Catie Rice, and Cassidy White. These girls are expected to set the pace for the entire team during games and practices.

As for the underclassmen, junior, Maddison Butts, sophomore, Samara Thacker, and Jocelyn Wirth are anticipated to contribute a lot during the season as well.

Besides their formation on the field, there are other aspects the girls agree on that they need to do in order to improve from last year.

“Working hard under pressure is important,” Passaro said. “ We have to work on not giving up once a goal is scored against us.”

The boys team is planning on achieving the same goals as the girls team.

“Our main goal is to make states,” senior captain Dennis Sweeney said. “We definitely feel that we are able to attain that goal so we are working very hard in practice.”

The captains consist of seniors Zach Anderson, Jucar Lopes, and Sweeney.

Anderson has many positive predictions for this season.

“We have a really good chance on making it to states,” Anderson said. “We have a list of goals on how we plan to approach the state tournament.”

Two of those goals are beating rival Foran twice and winning at least one game in the state tournament.

Senior Owen Paiva believes they can improve their 4-11-1 record from last year.

“We have a lot of team chemistry and play better together this year,” Paiva said.

The boys have been exceptionally excited for the season to begin.

“I’m ready to win games,” Anderson said.

Sweeney believes his team can have a great year if they work hard enough.

“We are giving it our all whether it is in drills or during scrimmages within the team,” Sweeney said.

UPDATE: The boys had a successful start to their season with a win over HMTCA on September 12. The final score of the game was 8-0.

SPORTS: Girls Tennis Serves Up Record-Breaking Season

(Photo courtesy @lawgirlstennis)

(Photo courtesy @lawgirlstennis)







By Maeve Rourke – Staff Reporter

The Law girls tennis recently wrapped up a historic season.

Throughout the whole season the team had two main goals – win their SCC tier and qualify for states – and they did both. They finished the regular season with a record of 12-8 which broke the school record for wins in a season.

The team also advanced to the semifinals of the SCC Tournament at Yale University for the first time in school history and qualified for the Class M state tournament, where they fell 5-2 to Waterford in the first round.

“It was an unbelievable year,” head coach Mr. Kulenych said. “It was definitely a roller-coaster of a season but the girls stayed focused, worked so hard, and got better every single match. We played our best tennis when it mattered at the end of the year and that’s a credit to how hard the girls worked. It was a special season.”

The highlight of the season came on May 18 when Law played cross-town rival Foran on Senior Night. The girls swept all three doubles matches, and Emma Shea won a nail-biting 4th singles match to clinch the win and qualify the team for states.

Not only did the team qualify, but individual players qualified for states as well. The first doubles team of juniors Megan Gleason and Trisha Brady qualified for the first time.

“I’m really proud of how well we were able to play together and I can’t wait for us to head to states,” Brady said.

Throughout the season, the team displayed outstanding perseverance and positivity. In the middle of the season, the girls had played all their toughest matches against teams outside of their division all in the same two weeks. Despite these hardships, the team kept their positive attitudes, and accomplished their goals.

“I think the team was so successful this year because we have a great coach and a talented group of girls,” senior captain Emma Shea said. “Everyone is so flexible when it comes to lineups.”

In addition, many players had record-breaking seasons. Shea finished her season undefeated, with a mind blowing record of 23-0, and set the career record for wins with 49.

“I always researched my opponents before I played them, so I could know what to expect,” Shea said. “While I played, the key for me was to stay calm, stay confidents, and to never lose hope.”

Key players on the team throughout the season were junior Victoria Contaxis, freshman Monica Pydipati, junior Maeve Rourke, and Shea at singles and Gleason, Brady, junior Deepika Senthilnathan, sophomore Meghana Jaladanki, junior Brianna Arnold and senior Anna Downs at doubles.

Arnold and Downs comibined to win 15 matches at 3rd doubles and Contaxis won 10 matches at 1st and 2nd singles.

The tennis team is very excited for next season where they hope to qualify for states once again.

“I’m looking forward to having a really strong team since most of us will be seniors and have the experience from being on the team for several years,” Contaxis said.

The team is determined to keep its close bond, and maintain a positive outlook for next year.

“I think we need to hold more pasta parties and participate in team bonding,” Contaxis said. “We also need to recruit more underclassmen.”

In the meantime, they can look back on one of the best seasons in school history.

“I’m so proud of the girls for the way they competed all year,” Kulenych said. “Our motto all year was to ‘make it happen’ and not wait or wish for good things to happen to us. That’s exactly what the girls did. They made it happen.”

SPORTS: Girls Track Wins Division Title, Places Third At States

(Photo courtesy

(Photo courtesy

By Ann Reed and Emma Saley – Staff Reporters

The Law girls track team conquered the competition this season, ending the year with a division title.

After winning the SCC Hammonasset division last year, the team’s main goal was to defend their title this season, which they accomplished. Senior captains Jess Centore, Kailee Frank, and Tori Nabors, and junior standouts Kiara Smith and Olivia Steiner have led the team to a stellar record of 12-7.

(UPDATE: The girls track team finished 3rd at the Class MM State Championships on June 1. Steiner won the long jump and Smith won the 200 meter. Both are now two-time state champions in both indoor and outdoor track.)

“The highlight of our season by far was winning the SCC Hammonasset division for the second year in a row,” sophomore Cassandra Soda said. “It took a lot of hard work from everyone on the team, and it really shows how teamwork is essential to any victory. If everyone hadn’t come together as one, this would not have been possible.”

In order to win the SCC Hammonasset division, the girls had to overcome a number of strong competitors, including Guilford.

“Guilford was our biggest competition to win our division, so we knew we had to give it everything we had when we competed against them,” freshman Sammi Franzman said. “Beating them was a huge step forward towards winning our division and was a huge accomplishment for our team.”

The victories this season did not come without a few roadblocks, however, including injuries which affected sophomore Morgan Macey and others.

“Getting injured was very frustrating because I worked so hard to better myself and my injury held me back from competing,” Macey said. “I love hurdling, and to have to sit on the sidelines for even just a week was horrible.”

“The captains this year were great, and really helped motivate us when we faced obstacles. Without them, I do not think we would have been as successful as we were. ” Junior Sage Russell said. “It was their confidence and leadership that allowed us to grow to our full potential, not only as a team, but as individuals.”

Russell finished her third season on the team running the 300 and 100 meter hurdles.

“During the offseason, I will be training my hardest in order to be ready for next season,” Russell said. “By winning our division two years in a row, there is a lot of pressure going into next season to continue our streak. I believe that if we all put our best foot forward, we can achieve whatever we set our minds to.”

Only four of the current team members are seniors, making it easier to carry the positive momentum from this year into coming seasons. There is also a large amount of talent within the rising senior class, creating vast opportunities for upcoming states wins.

Running track requires both mental and physical strength, paired with perseverance. Since individual scores affect the entire team, running track involves a great amount of trust within the team, creating friendships that will last a lifetime.

“Being a part of the track program here at Law has made me a stronger person outside and in,” Macey said. “I have accomplished things I never thought would be possible all because of what I have learned from being a part of this team. If it weren’t for track, I definitely wouldn’t be as strong of an athlete as I am now.”

After a long and successful season, the girls track team has high hopes for the future, and is confident that next season will be full of victories.

SPORTS: Law Softball Team Ends Season Strong

(Photo courtesy

(Photo courtesy

By Megan Grabowski and Renee Lynch – Staff Reporters

Jonathan Law’s softball team worked hard to end its season on a high note.

The team struggled at the beginning of the season, but finished strong. They qualified for the state tournament and fell 5-2 to Foran in the first round.

Senior captains Erin Saley, Gege Romero, and Megan Smith are confident they will finish the season with success.

“We have four freshman and three sophomores in our starting lineup most days,” head coach Mrs. Blude said. “The seniors have created bonds and friendships with these girls allowing their young personalities to shine and in tune the girls played relaxed daily which led to their success.”

Romero, Saley and Smith led by example this year and created an environment which was comfortable and inviting for all the young players.

“We have dealt with injuries and illnesses throughout the season, but we have pushed through it and won the games we had to win,” said Saley. “I am proud of everyone for working hard enough to allow us to make the state tournament once again.”

One of the team’s biggest wins in the regular season was a victory over Foran, when they also ruined Foran’s undefeated streak.

“The softball team worked really hard this year, despite a tough schedule and many young starters,” Blude said. “They persevered and got the eight wins they needed for the state tournament.”

Underclassmen have contributed to this team, and are looking to be a big help over the next couple of years.

“Erin Harrigan (sophomore) was our pitcher and Skyler Bender (sophomore) was our catcher,” Blude said. “Harrigan has gotten stronger each game and Bender has been clutch.”

Some freshmen were also key players on this year’s team.

“The freshmen played a big role in our success this season,” said Saley. “They stepped up and came through in tough game situations to help us win.”

Game after game, the team continued to grow.

“Callie Jolley (freshman) started as shortstop and surpassed the school record for assists in a season,” Blude said.

Freshmen continued to show their talent throughout the season this year.

“Gina Boccamazzo (freshman) is playing third for us and she truly has been a blessing,” Blude said. “Boccamazzo and Jolley work great together and just have a fun time playing together. It is a lot of fun to watch.”

Despite the success of the underclassmen this season, the team also relied on their upperclassmen to lead everyone to victory.

“Our upperclassmen have been great,” Blude said. “Maddie Murphy and Gege have had strong bats and Erin Saley still shows she could be the best outfielder in the state. Some of the catches she makes do not happen at the college level.”

The seniors are sad the season is coming to an end, but are reflecting on all of the memories they have made over the past four years.

“I am sad that our four years are coming to an end but I am excited for post season because we have improved so much from the beginning of the season and the team has gotten really close,” said Romero.

The underclassmen are already excited for next season to start.

“I can’t wait for the upcoming season for me to improve my skills,” freshman Pam Ellison said. “My first year being on the softball team has been great and these girls are like my second family.”

Blude said that the team has a lot of potential for the future, and the girls could not be more excited.

“I really can’t wait to get back out there for my senior year,” junior Cassidy Boath said. “I love my team and we really could have a great season next year.”

SPORTS: Boys Tennis Serves Up Memorable Season

(Photo courtesy

(Photo courtesy

By Jessica Cuevas & Nick Ferrara – Staff Reporters

Senior captains Ian Hugo and Bobby Phong help lead their team to a memorable 2016 season.

Overall, the boys team finished with six wins. They also competed in SCCs and captain Bobby Phong made it to states and lasted until the third round.

Hugo played tennis for two years out of his high school career while Phong played for three. Although they were short high school careers, they still took the most out of their time spent on the court.

“Tennis was definitely one of the highlights of my high school career, and although tennis is over I still hope to play as a hobby with friends in college,” Hugo said.

The two captains for sure acquired experience and learned valuable lessons that will stick with them for the rest of their lives.

“The leadership position can make me better because I can now have a bigger voice on the team and it helps me motivate other players on my team when they are down,” Phong said. “I try my best as a captain to have people hit more on the court, so I try to run a lot of captain’s practices.”

The team worked hard this season in order to improve their skill set . Motivation played a big role in improvement for the team, it helped them stay positive even through the losses.

Motivation wasn’t the only technique for improvement.

“Throughout the year, we improved by gaining experience by playing with new partners, playing singles and doubles, and learning from watching each other play,” senior James Mercaldo said.


The team set many goals for themselves at the beginning of the season in hopes of going far by setting high standards. Each player pushed their teammates to give 110% on the courts.

“As a team we all do our best to win as many matches as we can, as well as doing good individually,” Hugo said.


Overall, the boys tennis team tried their hardest to reach their goals and some went beyond their expectations. It was a great season for the boys, new friendships were made and valuable life lessons were learned.

It feels good to come to the end of my high school season, all of school is winding down and tennis is a fun, more casual sport for me, I have always enjoyed the team but it’s nice to see the season winding down,” Mercaldo said.

Even though the season is over, there were many memories made on and off the court that will last members of the team a lifetime.

SPORTS: Law Boys Lacrosse Team Compiles Best Ever Record

(Photo courtesy

(Photo courtesy

By Catie Rice – Staff Reporter

Boys lacrosse just finished a very successful spring season.

The boys ended their season with a  6-10  record, which is one game better than last year’s record.

“This season has been the best at Law, needing one more win to make it to the state playoffs.” senior captain Tyler Cavallaro said

The Lawmen had a very young team this year and are looking forward to getting better every year.

The team’s three senior captains were Logan Danville, David Patrick, and Tyler Cavallaro.

Cavallaro was the leading scorer on the boys team with 35 goals. Patrick was the second leading scorer with 33 goals.

Danville had the most ground balls this season with 97.

Patrick showed his leadership on and off the field all season by never giving up and getting the team amped up before every game.

Mike Forget is the coach of the boys team and is in his fifth year coaching the Lawmen. He came from Bunnell where he was an assistant lacrosse coach.

Key players on the team this year were Patrick, Danville, Cavallaro, sophomore Jake Bombace, and sophomore Jimmy Boyle.

Some difficult opponents the boys faced are Cheshire, Notre Dame-West Haven, Foran, and Shelton.

The game against Foran was a battle. It was a high intensity game and the boys kept up. It was a close game but the boys came up short, losing by three.

“We had our closest Foran game this season and will continue to work hard and not give up so we can beat our cross-town rivals,” Boyle said.

The team is excited for all of its young talent to come back next season.

“The sophomore class is very strong and will have to take a stronghold of the program as juniors next year,” Forget said.

Forget’s goal for next year is to make the state playoffs.

“Next year we need to work on playing more as a team and conditioning,” Patrick said. “We need to add more players as well.”

SPORTS: Girls Lacrosse Team Makes Return To States

(Photo courtesy

(Photo courtesy

By Colleen Rice- Staff Reporter

The Law girls lacrosse team ended its season on a high note.

The girls’ regular season record was 8-8. They also qualified for the state tournament again this year.

The team’s captains consist of sophomore Stella Patrick, junior Angela Sciuto, and senior Kayla Carollo. They are a relatively younger team with only two seniors graduating – Carollo and Kelly Scianna.

“I’m sad that this is my last season, but I couldn’t have asked for a better team to play with,” Carollo said.

Carollo started playing lacrosse her sophomore year and has progressed immensely throughout her seasons on the team.

“Starting lacrosse sophomore year was scary but instantly became my favorite sport,” Carollo said. “My teammates and coaches have been amazing.”

Some difficult teams the girls played this season were Lauralton Hall, Hamden, and North Branford.

“Even though we lost a few games the team always stayed together and gave it our best shot,” junior Becca Tighe said.

The team beat rival Foran twice this season. The first game they played against Foran was at Foran on May 9 and Law won 16-5. On May 23, the girls defeated Foran once again, 11-10 in overtime on Senior Night.

“Beating Foran was definitely the highlight of my season,” Sciuto said. “There’s always so much energy and competition when we play against them.”

Sciuto was temporary sidelined due to a knee injury suffered during the Lyman Hall game. She helped lead her team to a successful season and was soon back on the field to help against the Lions.

Other key players for the team this season were Andria Torres and Olivia Keator on attack, Colleen Goodwin, Bethany Edwards, and Catie Rice and Stella Patrick in goal.

“Our goal every season is to do better than the previous season,” head coach Jessica Shaw said.

Freshmen are always welcomed to the team and have made a great impact this season.

“I liked playing this year and getting to know the coaches and the team,” freshman Mary Lonergan said. “It was nice as a freshmen coming into such a welcoming team.”

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