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SPORTS: Law Football Reaches Halfway Point In Successful 2016 Season

(Photo courtesy

(Photo courtesy

By Nicholas Owens – Staff Reporter

The Jonathan Law football season has reached the halfway point – and the Lawmen couldn’t be in a better position.

The team, in its first season under head coach Erik Larka, is 2-3 on the season and has a huge chance to even up its record against Sheehan at home on Friday.

The Lawmen have been much improved on both sides of the ball this season. After losing week one, Law rebounded and won a close game against the East Haven Yellowjackets 26-21 the following week.

The Lawmen lost to Amity, a Division 1 team, 41-21 the following week, but bounced back with a convincing 22-6 win over Creed at home.

Their most recent game was against Wilbur Cross which the Lawmen lost 34-7.

This year’s offense has been impressive thanks in large part to the play of senior quarterback Mitchell Smith. Smith has thrown for 921 yards this season with nine touchdowns.

“Everyone, including the offensive line, is a lot tougher this year,” Smith said. “The energy at practice and the excitement in the games has lead to our success this season.”

Smith has also benefited from a solid running game, led by his trusty running back, senior Joe Mugford. Mugford is averaging 5.11 yards per carry this season.

“It’s a lot of pressure but I take it head on; it’s an honor,” Mugford said. “All my touchdowns I give credit to my offensive line.”

The defense is also much improved, giving up an average of 180 yards per game and totalling 10 sacks through four games. Defensive leader Jake Mola, a senior middle linebacker, leads the team in tackles with 38.

“Law has never been known to have a good defense, but i want to change that and turn the jonathan Law program around,” Mola said. “This team can do anything we put our mind to. The past couple years, the defense would always be blaming each other and pointing their fingers. Now we are closer than ever and no one wants to let their brothers down.”

The Lawmen still have five games left to play this season, culminating with the annual Thanksgiving Day game at rival Foran.

SPORTS: Law Cheerleading Ready For Fall Season

(Photo courtesy Bonnie Etense)

(Photo courtesy Bonnie Etense)

By Amelia Trapp – Staff Reporter

With the start of a new school year comes the start of a new cheerleading season at Jonathan Law.

Law’s cheerleading team has high expectations for this year.

“Everyone is improving on their skills so we can be better in the future,” senior captain Brianna Whitlock said.

Head coach Bonnie Etense says the team is off to a great start to the season and that she is confident they will do well overall. The team has many goals for this upcoming year.

Etense has been the head coach of the Jonathan Law cheerleading team for the past nine years. Previously, she was the coach for a varsity cheerleading team in Long Island and at Southern Connecticut State University.

Etense along with the rest of the team are preparing for the rest of the season. Sophomore Katelyn Griffen said her goals for the season are to have fun and qualify for states.

Recently the cheerleading team preformed in a school-wide fall sports pep rally in the new gym. The team performed their halftime routine which they also present during football games.

The cheerleading team attends every football game and perform cheers to liven up the crowd. The team has a football game every Friday.

The team practices every Tuesday and Friday.

“Practices are lots of work, and not all days are good, but I know that in the end it will be worth it,” junior captain Stella Patrick said. “You never know how a practice will go, some days you can’t do anything right, others everything goes perfect.”

The cheerleading team is in season from fall to winter, unlike most sports. In the fall, they cheer for football, while in winter they cheer for basketball.

During the winter, the team is in competition season. The team has an average of three to four competitions per year.

Although the team has the same practice schedule, they must learn a new routine for competition. The team competes the same routine each competition.

The routine lasts a total of two minutes and 30 seconds. The routine is a mixture of dance, stunts, and tumbling.

SPORTS: Mower Leads Law Cheerleading Squad

Photo courtesy

(Photo courtesy

By Marissa Pollack – Staff Reporter

Jonathan Law cheerleading captain Megan Mower has been committed to the team for for years and committed to the sport for 11 years.

Mower leads the team while displaying her experience and positivity in order to keep the girls motivated.

“As a captain it is my job to encourage team bonding and make sure everything runs as smooth as possible,” Mower said.

Incoming freshmen said that they truly look up to Mower. She loves to inspire other cheerleaders and make them feel as though they are a part of the cheer family.

“Well since it’s my first year on the team it was hard to fit in,” freshman Emily Wright said. “Megan has made me feel more acquainted with the team and she is an amazing help with coordinating the cheers, dances, stunts, everything.”

Mower is a strong influence in and out of cheer practice.

“She always told me to be confident and positive,”  junior Marina Callahan said. “She was always there for me not just in cheer.”

This year the team is improving and off to a great start.

“We’re closer this year and everyone’s trying harder,” sophomore Katelyn Griffin said.

Head coach Bonnie Etense agrees that the team has made substantial progress. The girls were recently camp champs at their UCA camp In Massachusetts this summer.

“At camp, my assistant coaches and I were extremely impressed by the team’s overall performance on final day,” Etense said. “Overall, we had a lot less to work on this year in terms of making the routine game ready.”

Along with the team’s improvements, Mower sees a successful season in her future. She is a three-time All-American cheerleader and plans on going All-State for her second year in a row.

Each of the girls sees the potential for Mower in future endeavors. It is known that she always strives for greatness.

“Every time you see Megan hit a stunt or nail a new move she would get very happy and you can see it in her eyes,” Wright said. “Cheer is something she loves.”

Aside from Mower’s personal goals, Etense has high hopes for the future of this team.  

“Every year my hope is to choose a team of girls who first and foremost care about each other and their classmates,” Etense said. “From there, I hope to build their confidence, teach new skills, and push each athlete to their individual best.”

SPORTS: Savoie Continues To Rewrite Swimming Record Books

(Photo courtesy Irmina Chrzastek)

(Photo courtesy Irmina Chrzastek)

By Irmina Chrzastek – Staff Reporter

Jonathan Law student-athlete Hannah Savoie has had a very successful start to her swim season.

Savoie, a junior, has been swimming since 2012 and has been swimming at Law since her freshman year.

Savoie’s best events are 200 and 500 meter freestyle, 200 individual medley, and the 100 butterfly.

“For the season my goals are to go to states and break the record for the 200 and the 500 and maybe the 100 fly,” Savoie said.

Savoie already achieved one of her goals by recently breaking the school record for the 100 meter butterfly.

“Hannah deserves to have her name all over that record board,” head coach Ms. Rosner said.

Not only is Savoie a great addition to the team swimming wise, but she is a great leader for the team.

“Hannah is a good leader in the swim team because she is one of our best swimmers and she greatly contributes to our team,” junior teammate Emma Caserta said. “She motivates all of us and she really has good leadership skills.”

Last year, Savoie placed 17th in the 200 freestyle, and 13th in the 500 freestyle at Class M State Championships.

“Hannah’s a good addition to the team because she works really hard and breaks a lot of records so it motivates us to want to do better,” sophomore teammate Cali Jolley said.

Savoie also does very well when competing with swimmers from other schools.

“In her main events, Hannah is very competitive with the top swimmers from the other schools in the SCC,” Rosner said.

Savoie’s swimming has also improved during her three years at Law.

“Each year my times are faster and I keep re-breaking my records,” Savoie said.

Since freshman year, Savoie has not only improved her times but she has become a leader and example for a lot of the younger swimmers. She sets an example in her work ethic and sportsmanship.

“Savoie gets along with everyone and we all love her, not just for her talent but how great of a person she is and how fun she is to be around,” senior captain Maggie Sullivan said.

Savoie also not only enjoys swimming, but loves her team.

“Joining the team I make new friends,” Savoie said.

Teammates said that Savoie is a great addition to the team due to her swimming ability and her leadership in the pool.

SPORTS: States The Goal For Law Volleyball This Season

(Photo Courtesy of Kristin Frank)

(Photo courtesy of Kristin Frank)

By Owen Paiva – Entertainment Editor

The Law volleyball team has begun its season with the state tournament in mind and they believe they have the players necessary to reach it.

After winning seven games last year, one more win would allow the team to reach their goal. They have trained hard over the summer to make this goal a reality.

They participated in tournaments and camps throughout the summer, in addition to open gym.

Our goal this season to to work together to be a cohesive team which will benefit us on the court, the more we all work together, that will show through on the court,” head coach Ms. Loch said. “We are also striving to get back into states.”

As of September 30, the Eagles are 4-4, with wins against West Haven, Lyman Hall, Sacred Heart, and Hamden, and losses to Foran, Cheshire, North Haven and Sheehan. The losses to Cheshire and Sheehan both went to five sets.

“I think we are all looking forward to playing Foran and Cheshire again,” Loch said. “Foran we played first game of the season and lost.”

However, the team responded well to this loss, having won or contested every game since. To qualify for the state tournament, the team needs four more wins.

“We didn’t play to our full potential that game but have been playing exponentially better since then taking two wins and two tough losses in five to great teams like Cheshire and Sheehan,” Loch said.  “We are looking forward to hosting Cheshire and finishing the battle we started at Cheshire bringing in another win.”

The captains, seniors Kristin Frank, Tori Contaxis, Cassidy Boath, and Angela Sciuto, will make sure that the Eagles achieve their goals.

“We haven’t had a winning season since freshman year,” Frank said. “The goal is to have a winning season, and to qualify for states while achieving this.”

Boath is excited to lead the team on and off the court.

“A role I will play as a captain this year is to always keep our team in a positive mindset and to  make sure each one of us is putting in 110% in practice and games,” Boath said. “I will contribute to our team’s goals this year by being an active, positive, and vocal leader.”

Contaxis also emphasized the importance that captains keep a positive mindset in order to achieve the team goals.

“As one of the captains this year I want to be a positive influence and hopefully help in leading the team to states, which is our main goal.” Contaxis said. “To contribute to our team goal of making it to states, I plan to work hard in practices and play even harder in games. I think if we keep the good energy and excitement going we can definitely achieve our goal.”

Besides the team goals, the captains have their own goals that they also desire to achieve throughout the course of the season.

“My personal goal for this year is to be the best leader I can possibly be and to cover the court as a libero with every ounce of effort I have for every game we play in,” Boath said

The libero is intended to be a player who specializes in defense and serve reception. When the libero enters the match, the entry is not considered one of the allowed team substitutions.

“My personal goal this year is to work cohesively with the other players on this team,” Contaxis said. “I think in all team sports, especially volleyball, you need to have a well-connected team that trusts one another! It is extremely important for our success.”

Besides the captains, juniors Stephanie Felag and Colleen Goodwin are primed for big years.

“I think that junior Colleen Goodwin is definitely ready for a breakout season,” Contaxis said. “She took part in a few varsity matches last year and really impressed everyone, if she continues to work hard and prove herself, her season is going to look great.”

“I think Stephanie Felag will have a breakout season,” Sciuto said.

The Eagles are ready to make it back to states this season, and lay groundwork for the future.


SPORTS: Girls Swim Team Dives Into Upcoming Meets



(Photo courtesy

By Molly Mercaldo – Staff Reporter

The Jonathan Law girls swimming and diving team has started up their 2016 season.

The swim team has gained new swimmers this year and is competing weekly against other high school teams, already achieving many goals they had set for the season.

“The girls have been working very hard in practice and improving their times in meets,” head coach Ms. Rosner said.

The team has competed against multiple teams this season, including Woodland and Sacred Heart, but has not won a meet yet.

“Our team goals are definitely to beat Foran and we would love to get a few wins in this season,” senior captain Maggie Sullivan said.

While they have not yet won as a team, the swimmers have accomplished many individual and team goals early on in the season.

The 200 medley relay record was broken by four swimmers, Brooke Nabors (backstroke ), Hannah Savoie (fly), Tess (breaststroke) and Lily Baldieri (freestyle).

“I am really proud about breaking a record and I think it shows how our hard work is paying off,” Baldieri said.

In the team’s meet against Woodland, Law posted 17 best times and Savoie broke the record for the 100 fly.

The team is also involved with activities outside of meets and practices. They have done fundraisers as a team and often time have pasta parties to get ready for their meets.

The swim team and dive team travel together and compete together in all of the meets.

“The divers are working hard and learning new, more difficulty dives, and hope to begin competing some of the new dives soon,” Rosner said.

The Law diving team has a new coach this year. Law alum Abby Shackett, who used to dive for Law, is now coaching the team.

“I feel like we (the team) will get stronger as the season goes on, and we’ll break more records,” sophomore diver Christina Gleason said.

The swim team has a tradition of picking an outstanding swimmer for each meet, who gets to have the team stuffed dolphin, Fin, until the next meet.

The first meet of the season, Baldieri earned the dolphin followed by Julie Myers, Nabors, and Savoie.

This year, Senior Night for the girls swim team is against rival school Foran High School at Foran on October 27.

“The Foran meet is always exciting because of the rivalry, it’s Senior Night and it takes place late in the season so the girls are conditioned and swimming their best,” Rosner said.

SPORTS: Boys, Girls Soccer Ready To Bring Success Onto Field This Season

Photo courtesy of Susan Fortin-Paiva

(Photo courtesy Susan Fortin-Paiva)

By Kristin Frank – Sports Editor

The girls and boys soccer teams have kicked off their season in high hopes for a successful turnout.

Before returning to school for their tryouts, both teams have prepared themselves over the summer.

The girls soccer team is looking to improve their record from last year which was 2-11-3.

“We have to learn our formation and make sure we are all doing what we are supposed to be doing on the field,” senior captain Bethany Edwards said. “We are striving to make it a winning record.”

The senior captains of this year’s team are Edwards, Colleen Rice and Kristen Passaro.

Edwards, Rice and Passaro all have one common goal this season: to make states.

The players realize what they need to accomplish during games to make to states.

“The team has to really work hard this year and get down our formation on the field,” Rice said.

To go along with their goal, the girls have expectations for their teammates as well.

My expectations are that we work hard and push each other so that we can have that chance of making it to states,” Edwards said.

The seniors of the team have a lot of faith in the underclassmen and are thrilled for the season.

“We have a really promising season and I believe in my team,” Rice said. “I am mostly excited for a great last season, as a senior.”

The varsity coach, Mr. Rhode, knows what it takes to have his players have a successful season.

“Every year the girls prepare themselves over the summer,” Rhode said. “It is helpful to get in as many pre season games and scrimmages before the actual season starts.”

The key players consist of a lot of previous girls from varsity. The seniors include all three captains, Jillian Davis, Catie Rice, and Cassidy White. These girls are expected to set the pace for the entire team during games and practices.

As for the underclassmen, junior, Maddison Butts, sophomore, Samara Thacker, and Jocelyn Wirth are anticipated to contribute a lot during the season as well.

Besides their formation on the field, there are other aspects the girls agree on that they need to do in order to improve from last year.

“Working hard under pressure is important,” Passaro said. “ We have to work on not giving up once a goal is scored against us.”

The boys team is planning on achieving the same goals as the girls team.

“Our main goal is to make states,” senior captain Dennis Sweeney said. “We definitely feel that we are able to attain that goal so we are working very hard in practice.”

The captains consist of seniors Zach Anderson, Jucar Lopes, and Sweeney.

Anderson has many positive predictions for this season.

“We have a really good chance on making it to states,” Anderson said. “We have a list of goals on how we plan to approach the state tournament.”

Two of those goals are beating rival Foran twice and winning at least one game in the state tournament.

Senior Owen Paiva believes they can improve their 4-11-1 record from last year.

“We have a lot of team chemistry and play better together this year,” Paiva said.

The boys have been exceptionally excited for the season to begin.

“I’m ready to win games,” Anderson said.

Sweeney believes his team can have a great year if they work hard enough.

“We are giving it our all whether it is in drills or during scrimmages within the team,” Sweeney said.

UPDATE: The boys had a successful start to their season with a win over HMTCA on September 12. The final score of the game was 8-0.

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