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SPORTS: “Six Sons Of Thunder,” Law Football Looking To Take Rest Of Season By Storm


(Photo courtesy of the Milford Mirror)

By Seamus O’Reilly – Staff Reporter

The Law football team is preparing for the rest of season after getting off to a slow start.

The Lawmen had much success last season, winning five of their last seven games. This season they look to continue that success.

The Lawmen have 14 seniors on roster who are all contributing to the team. There a decent number of underclassmen who contribute a lot to the team as well.

“As an underclassman and starter on the team, the seniors are always pushing me to the best I can be,” sophomore wide receiver Dean Pettway said.

The Lawmen have six varsity captains on the team: Logan Danville, Tim Caldwell, David Patrick, Brandon Chiaraluce, R.J. Lynch, and Joe Coury, the majority of whom got playing time as a sophomore.

Head coach Derrick Lewis refers to the captains as “The Six Sons of Thunder.”

When asked about his personal goals Logan Danville said, “I hope to set an example for the future captains in leadership and go all-conference at middle linebacker.”

Law has a total of 36 players on its varsity roster this year, not including freshmen. Even when these seniors graduate Law will still have key players returning and 14 rostered sophomores. Some of the key juniors who will be returning next year are quarterback Mitchell Smith, linebacker A.J. Repollet, lineman Sam Rossi, and wide receiver Dennis Theis.

Law has some seniors who are new to high school football before but are doing exceptionally well. The two players are basketball standout Justin McFadden, who is starting at receiver, and Gabe Haynes who is a varsity sprinter on the track team.

The Lawmen are currently 0-3 but are looking to improve as the season continues.

“We want to be competitive in every game for the rest of the way,” senior Tucker Saley said. “We have the skill to, we just have to put it all together and try to start to gel. Then, and only then, will we be able to achieve that goal.”

“My goal for the team is to go 1-0 for every week and most importantly beat Foran on Thanksgiving,” said Chiaraluce.

Law hasn’t been able to get a “W” on Turkey Day since 2007.

The Lawmen have seven more games left in the season: they travel to Fairfield Prep this Friday, followed by two home games against East Lyme and Hillhouse. After that comes three straight road games against Branford, Sheehan, and Lyman Hall before their much anticipated crosstown rivalry game against Foran at home on Thanksgiving.

SPORTS: Jonathan Law Girls Cross Country Gearing Up For Great Season

(Photo courtesy

(Photo courtesy

By Bianca Hanania – Staff Reporter

The Jonathan Law girls cross country team is excited to work harder than ever this season.

After practicing and running for miles, the team is finally ready to compete against of the rest of the SCC.

“We are extremely determined this year to improve and become a stronger and more competitive team,” junior Taylor Haase said.

Each student is required to run five miles every day. They have been working on more speed workouts to boost themselves.

The team is motivated to win against Foran, one of their top competitors.

“I am really looking forward to competing against Foran again,” freshman Samantha Franzman said. “Even though we have already went against them twice, they are one of our largest rivals so beating them would be a big win for the team.”

There are 16 runners on the girls cross country team and each of them motivates one another to never give up.

“Cross country is a true definition of a family, we all treat each other like sisters,” Haase said. “We have each other’s backs no matter what.”

They truly encourage everyone to participate in the sport.

“Joining cross country gave me a great opportunity to try something new and make new friends,” Franzman said.

The team’s coach, Mr. Schulte, makes sure the team gets the practice they need no matter what it takes.

The girls cross country team is very hardworking and industrious. They are constantly preparing themselves to kick off this exciting new year.

The captains, Lauren Parades and Amita Sastry, are excited for the season and ready to take on the new year as leaders.

“As a captain I have to try and encourage the girls to work hard and do their best,” said Paredes, a junior. “They have been doing really well this season, our times have been getting better and better.”

Sastry has been a four-year member of the team and is thrilled to now be captain.

Haase suffered an injury prior to cross country season and this is her first season coming back to running full time. She has struggled due to her ACL injury but is working really hard to get back into it.

“Even though I just got cleared to run in meets, my knee has always been in a lot of pain,” Haase said. “But I can’t wait to get back on track.”  

SPORTS: Petrie Looking To Stand Tall As Starting Goalie


(Photo courtesy of Cathy Rice)

By Nick Ferrara – Staff Reporter

Senior goalkeeper Jaret Petrie is looking for a successful season for the Jonathan Law boy’s soccer team.

Petrie has been a member of varsity since freshman year and is expected to start the majority of games this season

“Personally my goals are to remain the starting goalie for the entire season and continue to grow as a player,”  Petrie said. “As a team, our goal is to make the state tournament, and make it out of the first round.”

The Law boys soccer team has a big task in front of them, since before last year, they had not made states for 13 years. Petrie will be one of the keys to the team returning to states.

“Jaret is passionate about soccer and knowing that he is guarding our goal gives us the confidence needed to make plays without hesitation,” senior outside midfielder Colby Brennan said. “He isn’t afraid to challenge for the ball and quickly distribute it, which helps us out tremendously”.  

Preseason training helped Petrie, strengthening and preparing him for the upcoming season. Petrie works on and off the field, in and out of the gym.

“Jaret spent a lot of time in the offseason working out and getting into the best shape of his soccer career at Law,” Law’s head boys soccer coach Mike Gruber said. “Jaret came to our voluntary workout sessions in the offseason where we worked on strength, agility, and speed”.

The team’s toughest competition this year will be Hand and Guilford. The team’s biggest rival this year is Foran.

To prepare for these big games, the guys are training hard and consistently putting in 100% effort into each and every practice.

“I think Jaret will be fairly successful this season,” senior captain James Mercaldo said. “The defense on the team is working together much better this year, so I don’t think there will be too much thrown at him that he can’t stop.”

Among Law’s key players this season are junior midfielder Dennis Sweeney and sophomore forward Kevin Linn.

Linn has an extraordinary work rate and stamina, meaning he will most likely rise up and be one of the main scorers for the team.

Sweeney plays the center of the field very well, often times isolating the opposing team’s best offensive player and starting a counter attack as soon as Law get’s possession.

“As a captain, I hope the team continues to grow stronger and players grow stronger individually and I hope we can continue to work hard this season in hopes of making the state tournament,” senior captain Ian Hugo said.

SPORTS: Hugo Has High Hopes For Law Boys Soccer

(Photo courtesy

(Photo courtesy of Ben Warters)

By Arielle Eighmy – Staff Reporter

Law senior soccer captain Ian Hugo has goals for goals this season.

Hugo has been playing soccer since freshman year and is one of Law’s four captains. Hugo has many goals for this year both for himself and his team.

“I’d like to see us make the state tournament, which I believe is realistic and win at least one game,” Hugo said.

Hugo’s individual goals are to work hard and improve as a player, which he strives to do every time he steps out onto the field.

Last year, Law finished with a record of 6-7-3 and qualified for the state tournament which Hugo is hoping to do again this year.

The team prepared for this season by working out and staying fit; they had captains practices, conditioning, and weight room.

“Towards the end of the summer we worked a lot more on our conditioning to get prepared for the upcoming season,” said Hugo. “I think it’s shown that we are one of the most fit teams out of everyone we’ve played so far.”

The team is adjusting very well to the new coach Mike Gruber. Gruber coached Law’s JV team last year and is now the head coach for varsity.

“He’s a good coach, he knows what he is doing,” said Hugo. “When he gets the best out of us we are able to work hard and get the results that we want.”

The team played Foran on September 21 and came away with a 1-0 victory, thanks to a goal from Hugo towards the end of the first half.

“Once I saw Taylan lining up to take the free kick, I knew it was going to be a good chance for us to score,” said Hugo. “It was just a tap in, but it was amazing to score against Foran, at Foran, and help lead my team to victory.”

According to Hugo, Law’s new style of play is helping the team stay in and compete in games in which they previously struggled.

“We’ve adapted our style of play by making our team more defensive minded by putting five defenders at the back and two central defensive midfielders in front of them,” Hugo said. “This has helped us compete with tougher teams such as Hand and Guilford in which we limited their attacking and held them to 2-0 and 2-1 games, both of which we unfortunately lost.”

Hugo’s teammates think very highly of him and that he leads the team well as being a new captain.

“He’s making the team better with his leadership,” junior Dennis Sweeney said. “ He leads by example, he would only ask us to do stuff that he would also do himself.”

The team thinks Hugo is a very serious captain and takes soccer into consideration every time he steps out on the field.

“He is giving it all he’s got because it’s his last year and tries very hard,” sophomore Santiago Palacio said.

With Hugo’s high hopes for the season and the performances he and his teammates are putting into every practice and game, Hugo is confident that the Lawmen will be successful throughout the rest of the regular season and make the state tournament.

SPORTS: Jonathan Law Cheerleading Aims For High-Flying Season

(Photo courtesy

(Photo courtesy Ed Drew)

By Larissa Santos – Staff Reporter

Jonathan Law’s cheerleading team is back for another season.

Th team is ready to get back in motion by catching the freshmen up to speed. In practices, they have been trying new and different things to get their team ready for competition.

“We have been doing a lot of side cheers and practicing hard to improve our skills,” junior Megan Mower said.

Since they have a young team, they have been trying to improve themselves.  Members went to a camp at Western Connecticut State University over the summer to help the team bond and to try new and different things.

“My plans this year are to take more tumbling classes to get better,” sophomore Marina Callahan said.

There are only 13 girls on the team this year, which is down from last year.

“We still want more people to join and welcome everyone,” Mower said.

Every girl on the team has joined for different reasons. Some wanted to make new friends while others wanted to join their old ones.

“I had joined because my friends wanted me to and told me it would be fun,” sophomore Ashlee Chiaraluce said.

The freshmen seem to fit in well and are catching up to the speed with the older girls. The team is really close this year.

“I feel like fitting in was easy and the older girls are really nice to us,” freshman Kaitlyn Griffin said.

Because they are such a small team, they don’t have to fund raise as much as they usually do. They fund raise at the Bridgeport Flyer, sponsor T-shirts at football games, and continue to do their pizza prize fundraiser.

Later in the year, the team will go to the Top Gun competition. Three girls from Law went All-State as a result of this competition last year.

“This year, we are trying to get four girls to go to All-State,” head coach Bonnie Etense said.

Etense had been a cheerleading coach for eight years. She has coached college and high school teams, but she said Law is her favorite because she loves the team’s spirit.

“I wanted to be a coach because I love building relationships with the girls,” Etense said. “I am glad I became a coach since I have learned so many lessons being a coach and taught these girls [lessons] as well.”

SPORTS: Caldwell Looking To Lead Law By Example This Season

(Photo courtesy

(Photo courtesy Ed Drew)

By Nia Cordero – Staff Reporter

Senior football captain Tim Caldwell is excited for the upcoming year.

Caldwell is a running back and one of six captains on the team. As an individual, he is determined to improve and reach his goals.

“To improve I am studying a lot more film this year than I did last year and getting my eight hours of sleep,” Caldwell said.

Caldwell is a three-year starter and is optimistic about his team putting more points on the board this upcoming season.

“I think we’ll do pretty well, a little better than last year,” Caldwell said.

With his hopes high, Caldwell knows what the team needs to improve on in order to make this season successful.

“The team needs to improve by being ready from the jump because we usually start out slow and we need to start out fast,” Caldwell said.

For Caldwell, motivation has a lot to do with how sports teams perform.

“We’re working on firing up the team for this upcoming week,” Caldwell said. “It’s my job as one of the captains to lead the team during adversity.”

Along with motivation, attitude also has a big impact on the team. After a loss the team usually goes to the weight room to talk about it with the coaches .

“We stay positive by taking it one day at a time,” Caldwell said.

Mentality is also an issue that teams can struggle with, especially staying positive after a loss.

“This upcoming game (against Fairfield Prep) is going to be more mental, our biggest problem is our mentality going into the games,” Caldwell said.

Caldwell’s teammates said they fed off his leadership.

“Tim isn’t much of a talker, he’s stronger on the field,” fellow senior captain Logan Danville said.

Caldwell is a player who proves himself out on the field rather than in the locker room. His teammates look at him as a strong leader.

“Tim isn’t as loud as the other captains, but he leads by example and his silence is still heard,” teammate Joe Mugford said.

Caldwell also looks forward to college and furthering his football experiences.

“Of course I want to play football in college,” Caldwell said. “I want to go to Holy Cross.”

Caldwell has goals on the football field as well as off.

“I want to go to college to be a physical therapist because I like helping people getting back to full strength, especially if they’re athletes,” Caldwell said.

Caldwell and the rest of the team are determined to make this season count and lead the Lawmen to victory.

SPORTS: Law Volleyball Sets Up For A Great Season

(Photo courtesy

(Photo courtesy Ed Drew)

By Megan Grabowski – Staff Reporter

The Lady Lawmen are “setting” up for a big season.

With a 3-17 record to end the season last year, the Jonathan Law volleyball team is ready to make improvements to ensure a comeback. Currently, they have a 4-6 record, with wins against West Haven, North Haven, Shelton, and Hillhouse.

Head coach Ms. Loch is ready to do whatever it takes to ensure a successful season ahead.

“In order to improve we need to work on our weaknesses game to game,” Loch said. “We need to strategize and set up our rotations the best we can to enforce our strengths when we play teams the second time around.”

The team’s seniors are looking to bond as a team to end their careers on a high note.

“We have a great group of girls this year,” senior Tori Nabors said. “Communication and teamwork is key for success.”

Despite the rough season last year, the team still has high hopes for the new year.

“We only lost one of our starters last year,” senior Renee Lynch said. “Our team is still strong and we have a lot of chemistry.”

Senior captain Kailee Frank plans to lead the team to victory.

“I’m excited about my senior year and to play with my team one last time,” Frank said. “I try to be loud, uplifting, and high spirited to lead the team.”

Key players this year include seniors Molly Vargo, Frank, and Renee Lynch, as well as juniors Cassidy Boath and Kristin Frank.

Many juniors are looking forward to helping the team out this year, as well as helping to lead the team next year.

“Since a lot of our key players are graduating this year, it is important for us to practice in the off season and work on our defense for next year,” Kristin Frank said.

In order to qualify for states, the girls need to win at least eight games. They believe if they practice hard and work together as a team, it will be possible.

“I think we can work hard enough to make it to states this year,” Kailee Frank said.

The underclassmen are also rooting for the varsity team to do well.

“I’m looking forward to seeing varsity hopefully make it to states and have a lot of wins,” freshman Ally Stein said.

Some of the most challenging teams Law will face include cross-town rival Foran, but the girls know if they work together, they can win.

The team’s next game is against Sacred Heart on Monday.

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