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SPORTS: Keramis Looks To Finish Swim Season With A Splash


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By Jessica Cuevas – Staff Reporter

Junior Kevin Keramis has aspired to improve and meet his personal goals during this year’s swim season.

Keramis has been apart of the boy’s swim team since freshman year and swims multiple events such as the 200 meter freestyle and a couple of the relays, but his best event is the 500 meter freestyle with a time of 5:48.

He is determined to break his personal records this year. Although he hasn’t reached his expectations yet, he plans to in the near future.

“Kevin is always enthusiastic about swimming,” senior captain Colby Brennan said. “He gives his all every day, even during the most difficult sets.”

Keramis’ swimming career began when he was six years old.

He discovered he had a natural talent for the sport so he then decided to continue his passions all the way throughout high school.

“Swim has been a part of my life for a long time,” Keramis said. “It’s taught me many valuable lessons about hard work and dedication and where all that can get you.”

Keramis has gradually progressed in his years of swimming and has improved his best times since he began his high school career.

Along with working on his own ambitions, he is always willing to aid his teammates in order to assist them in reaching their own goals.

“Kevin is always helping out the team,” senior captain Ian Hugo said. “Whether he is swimming the 500 or helping people out with their form, he’s always there to lend a hand.”

In addition to being helpful with his teammates, Keramis is also friendly and bonds with them very well.

“Kevin is the most enthusiastic when it comes to speaking to me,” senior Miguel Pinheiro said. “He likes to practice his Spanish, even though I’m Portuguese.”

Seeing as Keramis is not only amicable with the team, but also supportive as well, many believe he would make a great captain for next year’s season.

Even though he is only a junior, his teammates can already recognize leadership traits from him.

“Kevin always leads the lane during warm ups,” senior James Mercaldo said. “He has helped the team tremendously by swimming some of the most difficult events.”

The swim team concludes its season against West Haven on February 23.

SPORTS: Senior Wrestling Captain Ouellette Finishing Up Season Strong

RBW25747By Abe Ocak – Staff Reporter

The Jonathan Law wrestling team is doing very well so far. With a record of 12-10, there’s a possibility the team could win the SCC B division championship.

The team just got away with a huge win against Amity last week where they were down 27-0 and after 132 weight class Law won 8 straight matches to get the W. The final score was 43-30. They just recently beat New Haven to put them to a 12-10 record.

“In the upcoming seasons our team will do very well and in two years [has] a potential to become top ten” Senior Captain, Dan Ouellette said.

Dan Ouellette, with a record of 26 wins and 7 losses, is doing very well. The underclassman think of Ouellette, who has been wrestling for 8 years, as a mentor and a very good captain.

“I think he is a good captain who shows a lot of leadership and he pushes us to do better in practice, meets, and tournaments, and he is a role model for the team” junior Matt Grace said.

Ouellette’s favorite memory is when Law was down by 3 last season to East Haven and he had the last match. If Ouellette won the team won, if he lost the team would lose. In the final period of the match Ouellette pins his opponent to get the win for himself, and more importantly, for the team.

“I enjoyed my experience through my youth and high school career,” Ouellette said. “It can be very tough sometimes but I would do it all over again if I had the chance.”

Ouellette hopes to place top four at the Class M tournament and go to state opens with 30 wins.

“Dan is a great captain and I wrestle with him at practice which makes me better every day,” Sophomore Josh Keller said. “He is a leader to the team and we all look up to him.”

Ouellette, who’s in the 145 weight class, has the potential to go All-State if he wins the Class M tournament in a couple weeks.

“I have known Dan for 2 years and I knew he would be captain last year,” sophomore Ronnie Spangler said. “I wrestle with him at practice and he has made be the better wrestler I am today.”

SPORTS: Laura Dulin Is Shooting For Success Her Senior Year

unnamedBy Kristin Frank – Staff Reporter

Laura Dulin’s senior year on the girl’s basketball team is bringing her success, especially after scoring her 1,000th point in Law’s game against New London.

Dulin has committed herself to girl’s basketball for four years now and is always improving her offensive skills to benefit her team during games.

According to head coach Mr. Young, Dulin is one of the top scorers in the the SCC. She is such a strong offensive player which is why she hit this 1,000th point record.

Laura is the second Dulin to achieve this goal. Casey, her older sister, also reached the 1000 point mark during her junior year in 2009.

“I was very happy and relieved when I scored my 1,000 point,” Dulin said. “Knowing my ball will be next to my sister’s in the trophy case was cool to think about.”

During this tough game against New London, Young was very proud of Dulin.

“This has been the first player that I have coached that was able to reach 1,000 points,” Young said.

The other girls on the team are very happy for their teammate’s accomplishment.

“Laura is always focused during the games and has a winner’s mentality,” junior Cassidy Boath said.

Dulin has also been a captain for two years now and works well with all her fellow teammates.

The captains for this team also include seniors Kailee Frank, Erin Saley, and Jessica Centore.

“We work together by constantly talking on defense and letting each other know where to go and who to guard,” Saley said. “We always pick each other up if one of us messes up on a play or has a bad game.”

In addition to being the successful offensive player she is, there are many reasons why Dulin stands out on the court.

“Laura makes great moves on the court and she shoots three pointers in needed times during our games,” Frank said.

Dulin is characterized to be a great leader on the team. Her teammates are impressed by her leadership skills along with the other captains.

“Laura always thinks of the team first and always supports her teammates,” Boath said. “She picks the players up when they are down during games.”

During basketball, it is always important to play well with your teammates. When trying to win games the players on the court should communicate with one another.

“All of the seniors help during our games,” Dulin said. “We have been playing together for the past four years now and know when to help one another.”

Dulin has won many awards these past four years because of her outstanding performances during her games.

“Laura was nominated for going All SCC,” Young said. “She has been a consistent scorer for all four years and one of the top scorers in the SCC.

Dulin has come so far in basketball and many would love to see her continue with it after her high school career is over.

“It would be really cool to play at the next level but I am not entirely sure what I  want to do just yet,” Dulin said.

The girls basketball team is three quarters of the way through with their season and have been successful so far. Due to the great communication among the players and the leadership they have from the captains the girls have finally made it to states in the game against Cheshire on January 29th.

SPORTS: Captains Lead Boys Basketball Team

(Photo courtesy

(Photo courtesy

By Paige Szygiel – Staff Reporter

The Law boys basketball team returns a veteran team this season, led by senior captains Destin Johnson and Nolan Beardsley.

The Lawmen plan to bring a whole new energy and focus in order to win games and make it to the state tournament.

“Our goal this season is to make the state playoffs,” Johnson said. “If we play solid defense and share the ball on offense we should be able to make it.”

Johnson and Beardsley plan to take their captain roles head on and lead their team to victory.

“In practice we’re focusing more on defense and preventing teams from getting in the paint,” Johnson said. “We’re also working on offensive fundamentals.”

The Lawmen practice seven days a week and work up their skills with every drill they do.

“Practice is where we can make mistakes and improve them,” Beardsley said. “We put 110% into all the drills we do, and that is going to make us successful this year.”

Head coach Mr. Dooley expects a lot from his senior captains.

“(Mr.) Dooley really pushes us in the right direction and wants to see us succeed,” said Beardsley. “He really wants to see us get the results we deserve.”

The team returns many experienced players this season. Seniors Matt Marino, Evan Carollo, and Justin McFadden will work together with the captains to get results.

“Our key players this season are Nolan and Justin,” Johnson said. “They’ll do a majority of the scoring, while myself, Evan, and Matt will anchor our defense.”

With 10 returning seniors, the Lawmen are more confident about their potential.

“The most enjoyable thing is just to play with my friends,” Beardsley said. “All of us have been friends for years and that’s what keeps us so close.”

Last year’s Foran games were tough tests for the Lawmen. The cross-town rivalry goes back and forth every year, and this year Law plans to win both games.

“Our schedule this year isn’t as difficult on paper as previous years but we have no guaranteed wins either,” Johnson said. “Hillhouse and Hand are always tough to play, and the Foran game is the game I’m looking forward to the most.”

SPORTS: Argyros Looking To Lead Indians To States


(Photo courtesy

(Photo courtesy

By Ian Hugo – Sports Editor

Senior hockey captain Brandon Argyros is looking forward to the season ahead and to the challenges it will bring.

Argyros, who has been on varsity since his freshman year, believes that the preparation the team put in during the off season will pay off once their season starts on December 23.

“Yes, I believe we will have a very successful season and make states, due to working hard in practices and playing a painfully tough scrimmage schedule to prepare us for the season,” Argyros said. “Also, we have  talented offense and defense to go with strong work ethic.”

The team worked hard in the offseason to get ready for the season and to make sure they’re prepared for their key matchups against schools such as North Branford, who they play first and who is expected to win the division, North Haven, and West Haven.

“In [the] offseason we worked a lot on conditioning, with running laps before practice and during practice we work on game situations and more conditioning,” Argyros said. “We focus very much on strong defensive play because a good team starts with good defense.”

Argyros and the rest of the squad, comprised of students from Jonathan Law, Joseph A. Foran, and Platt Technical High School, are focused on their goals as a team rather than as individuals.

“As a team our goal is to get eight wins and make states,” Argyros said.

The Indians, who went 10-9-1 in the regular season last year, losing in the first round of states, and who two years ago lost to Amity in the semifinals of the state tournament, are looking to go deep into the tournament this year, according to Argyros.

“We hope to make a deep run into states, based off our sound defense and string offense,” he said.

This hope is looking likely to be fulfilled, with many key players such as Argyros, Tommy Sampson, Jake Comeau, and Nash Ericson from Law, Andrew Gobany from Platt, and Luke Gibbs from Foran.

“They are very talented,” Argyros said. “Gobany is extremely fast, Luke Gibbs is a hard worker, Jake has a hard shot, and Nash holds the blue line down.”

Argyros, the lone captain, is supported by his four assistant captains Gobany, Ericson, Gibbs, and Doug McLenithan (Foran). According to Argyros, head coach Mr. Follo wanted representation from all schools on the team.

“It was fairly easy [in preseason being the only captain] because everyone on the team gives 100% and leaves nothing behind,” Argyros said. “Everyone is there for each other and supporting others to do their best.”

Although Argyros dealt with the responsibilities of the captaincy quite well before his assistants were picked, he says he is glad that he has them by his side.

“I am happy to have assistant captains [because] they all work hard and it’s well deserved,” Argyros said. “Together we create a strong nucleus to set the tone for games.”

The Indians get their season underway December 23 at North Branford at 3:45.

“The boys and I are vibing,” said Argyros. “We’re all really ecstatic”

SPORTS: Indoor Track Teams Set High Expectations For Upcoming Season


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By Nia Cordero – Staff Reporter

Law’s indoor track teams are off to a great start this year according to head coach Mr. Beler and captains Olivia Steiner and Joe Mugford.

Although there are separate captains for boys and girls indoor track, Beler explains that the team is still one.

“We’re co-ed , we’re one team,” said Beler. “The motto of the team is ‘one team, one family.’”

The team is expanding this year and is welcoming many newcomers.

“We have a large number of new kids coming out,” Beler said. “We have 38 freshmen that came out this year and we have a lot of balance between the teams.”

Having so many student athletes on the team this year requires more help and support.

“The coaches are myself and Rhode, we also have Coach Martinich joining us this year,” Beler said.

With so many new members, the team really relies on the guidance of their captains and the coaches.

“The team could not work without strong captain leadership, since there are only three of us coaching the entire team,” Beler said. “Our captains are Joe Mugford, Gabe Haynes, Nicky Ferrara, Charlie Fonck and for the girls it’s Olivia Steiner, Kiki Smith, Colleen Rice, and Kayla Corollo.”

Mugford is excited for the upcoming year and for the depth that both the boys and girls teams possess.

“Some key members are Gabe [Haynes], Olivia [Steiner], she long jumps and is really good, Jason Baker, and Charlie [Fonck],” Mugford said.

Mugford has a list of personal and team goals for the season.

“I’m  trying to get better and faster, trying to get a banner, (trying to) go All-State indoor and outdoor season,” Mugford said.

Indoor track is a team sport, but for the team to improve, each individual has to better themselves.

“We work together and don’t at the same time, track is considered an individual sport but it’s good to have your teammates there supporting you to get better and to push each other,” Mugford said.

In addition to having more team members, there are also other changes happening around the teams this year.

“We’ve added a few more meets,” Beler said. “We’re starting this weekend with the Hillhouse Invitational.”

Beler has high hopes for the girls and boys teams this year.

“We could go as far as New Englands and Nationals this year,” Beler said. “We have a large number of talented kids.”

SPORTS: Ferrara Looks To Race Into Great Last Season

(Photo courtesy

(Photo courtesy

By Jessica Cuevas – Staff Reporter

Senior indoor track captain Nick Ferrara is working towards becoming an exceptional athlete while motivating his team to do the same.

Ferrara competes in the 55m dash, the 4x200m relay, and the sprint medley relay. He has been a member of the indoor track team since his freshman year.

“I have made many improvements from freshman year to now,” Ferrara said. “I have significantly gotten faster and stronger.”

On top of the regularly scheduled indoor track practices, Ferrara does high-intensity workouts in the preseason and during the season. He hopes to reach personal bests in all his events this season and hopes to go All-State with his 4x200m team.

Ferrara has many team goals for this season as well. He wants to see his teammates working hard day in and day out.

“As a team, we will succeed in competing our best and getting better each meet,” Ferrara said.

Ferrara’s teammates said that his determination and optimism make him a great leader and captain. He has a very positive influence on the team and likes to bring new ideas to the table when it comes to track.

“He’s a hard worker and dedicated,” junior captain Joe Mugford said. “He’s pretty helpful and a great leader.”

Ferrara is especially supportive to the team’s younger members. He tries his best to instruct them, fix their form, and motivate them to raise their confidence levels.

He does this in hopes to get some of the underclassman to qualify for the bigger away meets.

“Nick as a captain makes sure everyone does what they have to and if they need help he helps them,” junior Charlie Fonck said.

Since the indoor track team has over 100 members, the coaches rely heavily on their captains to help out with the plethora of athletes. The coaches benefit from all the extra help they get from their captains.

“Nicky is doing a fantastic job,” head coach Mr. Beler said. “We have high expectations for him and many of our athletes.”

The team is excited for all of their meets this season, especially their first few qualifying meets, for New Englands, and hopefully, for Nationals.

The team is also looking forward to the Yale invitational that takes place in January. This meet is special because schools from all over the East Coast come to New Haven to compete.

By the end of the season, Ferrara hopes to become a better athlete and lead his team to success.                                                                                  

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