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SPORTS: Law Swimming & Diving Makes Splash In 2016 Season

(Photo courtesy of Maeve Rourke)

(Photo courtesy of Maeve Rourke)

By Kristin Frank – Sports Editor

Jonathan Law’s swimming and diving team stayed optimistic throughout the season and supported each other at every meet.

The swimming and diving team has completed their regular season after their Senior Night meet against Foran High School.

“The energy from our team and the crowd made it feel like we were neck and neck the whole meet,” senior captain Maggie Sullivan said. “It was a great night.”

Sullivan also shared that her favorite meet happened to be the one against Foran. Even though Law did not win, she explained it as a great night and was filled with energy.

The team’s freshmen felt an ample amount of support by the upperclassman by guiding them to success throughout the season.

“My favorite part about the swim team was definitely meeting a bunch of new people and becoming really close with them,” freshman Lily Baldieri said. “Everybody would cheer for one another and we would all congratulate each other.”

Baldieri went on to explain that she had grown to love all of her teammates over the course of the season and she is very excited for next year.

The senior captains of the swimming and diving team were Sullivan, Madison Murphy, and Abby Williamson.

“As captain, I believe I as well as my co-captains and the rest of the seniors were a positive influence on the girl’s,” Sullivan said. “We made sure we all had a great few months together as a team.

Although the girls did not win as many meets as they wished, they practiced to the best of their ability and cheered each other on while competing.

“Our team worked well together this year,” senior Arielle Eighmy said. “ We were constantly cheering each other on even when we would win or lose.”

Many of the underclassmen and juniors set goals to accomplish within next year’s season.

“Some personal goals were to keep up with the really competitive swimmers on my team throughout the year so i could swim some of my best races,” sophomore Bella Caroll said.

Baldieri has already broken many records and school times this season. She does not plan to stop here; she has another list of goals for next year.

“I really want to make it to states again and just improve my times overall,” Baldieri said. “I also really want to beat my time in the 100 freestyle.”

The team had an overall goal to win at least one meet this year. At the end of the season, they had won three meets.

A lot of the underclassmen helped out the team a lot this year as they stepped up to be the key swimmers.

“Our most valuable swimmers are Brooke Nabors, Lilly Baldieri, Tess Rosato, Hannah Savoie, Bella Caroll, Julie Myers,” senior Maeve Rourke said.”

The girls believe they have improved a substantial amount since the beginning of the season.

“Our team improved throughout the season by working hard at practice,” Rourke said. “Everyday we would push ourselves to complete hard sets, practice our dives and do flip turns, and do a lot of sprints.”

The athletes returning for next year’s season are excited to be back together as a team and improve for record from this season.

“I am looking forward to meet all the new swimmers coming in,” Baldieri said. “I am also looking forward to breaking new times and becoming even closer with my teammates.”

SPORTS: Law Powderpuff Team Preps For Foran


Photo courtesy

(Photo courtesy

By Mike Dattilo – Staff Reporter

The Law Powderpuff team has kicked off its 2016 season with expectations of beating Foran the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.

After defeating Foran the previous two years, the team has been training hard to accomplish the three-peat, something that has not been done since 2010.

“There’s definitely added pressure this year only because we really want to push ourselves to have a three-peat and beat Foran,” senior Keala Hoff said.

Since last season, the Lawmen have made key additions to both their coaching staff and player roster.

“Standouts should be Arielle Eighmy at (defensive end), and the defensive line should be dominated by Keala Hoff and Madison Murphy,” assistant defensive coach Mr. Nigretti said.

The team is very excited to face Foran on Tuesday, November 22.

“The large attendance really gets me hyped up for the game, playing in front of that many people gives an adrenaline rush that not many other sports do,” Murphy said.

Senior quarterback and running back Anna Lynch agreed.

“This game is a one shot deal at year long glory,” Lynch said. “There’s definitely a lot of hype and pressure.”

Both Mr. Dietch and Mr. Beler have joined the coaching staff this year. Between Beler and head coach Mr. Robinson, the coaching staff has 20 years of experience.

“It goes without question that coaching defense under Mr. Beler was the best experiences I could have ever had when it comes to coaching defense,” Nigretti said.

Before becoming a head coach for Powderpuff and football, Robinson was an offensive lineman in high school and college.

“I think being an offensive lineman helped me develop a complete understanding of offensive philosophy and learning what works when,” Robinson said.  “Receivers and running backs rotate when on offense and they specialize in one aspect of the offense. Offensive linemen are like quarterbacks are on the field all the time.”

Robinson and offensive coordinators Mr. Kulenych and Mr. Dietch will call the offensive plays, and Nigretti will call the defensive plays.

Mr. Ruzbarsky, Mr. Barcello, Mr. Rhode, and Jonathan Law graduate Jimmy Davenport are also coaching Powderpuff.

Kulenych said that the offense will try to capitalize the team’s speed and will be led by seniors Melanie Coleman, Kiki Smith, Olivia Steiner, Lauren Paredes, and Angela Sciuto.

“We have a lot of playmakers on offense,” Kulenych said. “We need to use our speed to our advantage. If we can do that, I like our chances.”

The players recommend that all female students join Powderpuff when they become juniors and seniors.

“Powderpuff teaches you so much and creates memories you’ll take with you forever,” Murphy said.   

Lynch agreed.

“Everyone should join,” Lynch said. “It’s a lot of fun. We feel like we’re preparing for the Super Bowl.”

The game will be played at Jonathan Law this year.

“Everyone needs to come out and support,” Murphy said. “The game is at home so we need the student section to be huge.”

Hoff said, “The student section affects us in a very big way because we love the Jonathan Law community so much, and it means a lot for all of us to have the support behind us.”

SPORTS: Law Girls Soccer Team Posts Second-Best Record Ever

(Photo courtesy Cathy Rice)

(Photo courtesy Cathy Rice)

By Cassandra Soda – Staff Reporter

The Jonathan Law girls soccer team recently finished one of its most successful seasons ever.

The team had a historic season with a record of 8-6-2, which was Law’s first winning record since 1991 and its second-best record ever.

The team also made states this season for the first time in years. Law played Bunnell High School in the first round of the Class L state tournament, losing 2-1 in penalty kicks.

“We started summer conditioning in the beginning of July,” senior captain Bethany Edwards said. “We knew that we wanted to make it to states this year so we knew we had to practice really hard.”

The team has a strong connection on the field which helped to improve their record and win games.

“We have a lot of communication on the field,” senior Gina Difederico said. “After four years of playing together a lot of the seniors are comfortable playing together and know how we all play.”

Communication on the field was a key part of the game.

“One of the main reasons we had the success we had is due to the fact that our girls are playing like a team on the field,” head coach Mr. Rhode said. “We have many strong players, but every single person knows how to work together on the field and make a difference.”

The girls have strong relationships where they help each other get better as a player.

“We effectively tell each other how we can fix our mistakes but also praise each other for the good things we have done,” junior Morgan Macey said.

Not only do the Lawmen get along on the field, but off the field as well. The team has pasta parties before games and they do a lot of fundraising as a group.

“We are all very close and have made relationships that will last forever off the field,” Macey said.

The team has made a lot of improvements not only throughout the years but just this season.

“The team has improved dramatically since the beginning of the year,” Rhode said. “Once we settled into our system and consistently played it, our team started to master both the defensive and offensive part of the game.”

The girls changed their formation this year to one that would highlight their strengths as a whole.

“What helped us make states was working together as a team and being positive, lifting each other up,” junior Rhea Grant said.

SPORTS: Senior Passaro Shines On Soccer Field

(Photo courtesy Cathy Rice)

By Kiana Walker – Staff Reporter

Jonathan Law girls soccer senior captain Kristen Passaro capped a stellar final season by making the All-SCC Housatonic team for the first time.

Passaro is a four-year varsity starter for the Lawmen. She is a key player on the team’s defense and plays for the majority of the game.

“Anytime the ball goes back there I’m always confident in Kristen to get it out,” senior captain Bethany Edwards said.

Passaro’s coach and teammates said that she was a major contributor to the Law girls soccer team’s success this year in making the state tournament.

“When Kristen is at her best, very few teams scored on us this year,” head coach Mr. Rhode said.

Passaro faced major hardships in the middle of her career when she tore her ACL, but she battled back and tried to be there as much as she could to support her team.

“When I was injured I still came to every game and practices that I could to support my teammates even though I couldn’t play,” Passaro said.

Passaro has made an impact on Law’s younger players.

“Kristen taught me how to be more confident, and to brush off your mistakes and come back ten times harder the next time,” freshman Ciana Lopes said.

Passaro learned from her teammates as well.

“The past four years taught me to always work hard as a team player because in the end it’s a team effort,” Passaro said.

The many life-long friends that Passaro has made during her career believe that she is one of the major reasons for the team’s success.

“Kristen has been a leader all four years because of her dedication,” senior Cassidy White said. “She has never given up and also has given it her all in every practice and game.”

Passaro’s teammates weren’t surprised by her achievements.

“She deserved this award more than anyone and I’m honored to have been co-captain with her,” said senior co-captain Colleen Rice.

Passaro has been co-captain for the past two soccer seasons.

“This year, her leadership has been crucial for our team’s success,” Rhode said.

Passaro believes that the Lawmen will thrive in years to come and looks forward to hearing about their success.

“I’m really going to miss my team, but I know they will go on to do great things,” Passaro said.

As the season comes to a close, Passaro leaves behind a legacy that will influence younger players to work just as hard as she has.

SPORTS: Back From Injury, Rice Twins Complete Final Soccer Season Together

Photo courtesy Colleen Rice)

(Photo courtesy Colleen Rice)

By Arianna Goenaga – Staff Reporter

Colleen and Catie Rice have been playing soccer together for 10 years.

The sisters have participated in every youth and high school season together, except for when they could not play after tearing their ACLs.

During her sophomore year, Catie Rice tore her ACL in a scrimmage against West Haven. She missed the rest of the soccer season and lacrosse season that year.

She still attended as many practices as she could after her surgery.

“I learned that you have to work for what you get and to not take anything for granted,” Catie Rice said.

She had to go to physical therapy every day for 6-8 months in order to recover. After physical therapy, once Catie was cleared to play again, she was required to wear a brace for the soccer season of her junior year.

Colleen Rice tore her ACL at the beginning of her junior year in her last summer league game against Lyman Hall.

“My previous season, sophomore year, I got MVP,” Colleen Rice said. “I was really determined to make a difference junior year so I was so crushed to have torn my ACL.”

Similar to her sister, Colleen Rice attended all of the practices and games that she could when she did not have physical therapy.

“She continued to show her love for the team by showing up and showed dedication to later get captain for her senior year,” senior fellow captain and teammate Kristen Passaro said.

Both Rice twins agree that the physical pain was a lot to handle. As for the mentality, it was also difficult to be set that far back and miss out on a season of their high school career.

“One of the hardest parts was watching my team and knowing I could not be out there with them for nine or more months,” Colleen Rice said. “But I put that pain towards recovering and regaining my muscle.”

Colleen Rice was on crutches for three months and finally got cleared to play soccer after nine months, returning to play on the team again this year.

“It was great to finally have Catie and Colleen together and back on the team for the first time since our freshman year,” said senior teammate Cassidy White. “They both seemed very determined to play to the best of their ability this year.”  

This was the Rice girls’ final year of soccer. Fully recovered from their ACL injuries, they had a successful season, even helping the team make it to the state tournament and receive a winning record. This was the second-best record for the girls soccer team since 1990.

Colleen Rice, who was originally a midfielder, adjusted to play defense when one of her teammates was injured this year. Catie Rice even scored the winning goal for the team this season in their win against Foran.

“Catie deserved to make that goal,” said teammate Kayla Baker. “And without it we would not have won against Foran.”

The Rice girls pushed through the pain and worked hard to make full comebacks and keep their head in the game. After both dealing with ACL injuries, they were able to have a successful last soccer season of their high school career.

SPORTS: Loch Coaches Law Back To Volleyball Playoffs

(Photo courtesy

(Photo courtesy

By Nick Owens – Staff Reporter

Head coach Ms. Loch led the volleyball team to its most successful season in years.

Loch coached the team to a 18-8 season and led them to a victory in the Class L state tournament.

Her players said that Loch has helped team chemistry and that she is one of the biggest factors as to why this year’s team accomplished so many of its goals.

“She always pushed us no matter what and she was never afraid to just speak the truth and just get things done,” senior captain Victoria Contaxis said. “She always pushed us to our full potential.”

Loch said that the team’s chemistry off the court helped them on the court.

“I think that me and the girls this year have a very good relationship,” Loch said. “Hopefully my energy on the court translates to their energy on the court. It lets them know that I have their back whether we’re up or whether we’re down.”

Loch believes a positive mindset had a lot to do with the team’s success.

“I think it’s important for us to stay confident,” Loch said. “We need to be energetic on the court and celebrate our wins.”

Senior captain Angela Sciuto also believes that chemistry was a huge factor this season.

“Over the past couple of years, our team hasn’t been as close (as this year’s team),” Sciuto said. “We have multiple parties and team sleepovers and it helps us get to know each other more and more on and off the court.”

Loch said that she hopes she made an impact on her players. She tries to make time for her players off the court and keeps an emotional connection with each one of them.

“Ms. Loch was so kind to me during my injury, she was so supportive.” senior captain Cassidy Boath said. “She came to visit me in the hospital and I will never forget that.”

Law athletic director Mr. Sarullo praised the work that Loch did with this year’s team.

“It takes a special person to be a teacher and it takes a special person to be a coach,” Sarullo said. “She’s got the qualities to do both successfully.”

SPORTS: Law Volleyball Concludes Thrilling 2016 Season

Photo by Rebecca Chesson

(Photo by Rebecca Chesson)

By Marissa Pollack – Staff Reporter

The Jonathan Law volleyball team is back on the map.

The team finished recently finished its fall season with a final record of 18-8. The team had not qualified for states since 2013, but that streak ended this year as the team returned to the Class L state tournament.

Their trip to states culminated a memorable season for the team and its seniors in particular.

“Our record my sophomore year was 3-17, junior year 6-14, and my senior year 16-7, so we have improved throughout the years,” senior captain Angela Sciuto said.

Prior to states, Law played in the SCC Tournament. After a thrilling win over East Haven in the first round, Law faced Shelton in the quarterfinals. It was a tough game, but Law came up short by a final score of 3-1.

In the first round of states, Law earned a victory over Masuk 3-1. Their season came to an end in the second round after a 3-0 loss to Avon.

“I was really excited to begin this season and had a feeling we would be successful,” head coach Ms. Loch said. “As soon as we began, it all came together and it just solidified my feelings. “

Captains Victoria Contaxis, Sciuto, Kristin Frank, and Cassidy Boath played a big role in the team’s success.

“As a captain my job is to help get the team pumped up, but also stay focused and calm because states is a different tournament,” Contaxis said.

Loch was extremely confident in the girls throughout the season. Pressure was not an issue when qualifying for states and progressing throughout the tournament.

“There was no added pressure at all,” Loch said. “The hard work, dedication, and cohesiveness the girls brought to practice and games daily is what brought them such success and to states.”

This was volleyball’s best year in over four years. Each game, the team went out motivated and focused knowing exactly what they had to do in order to improve.

“Making the tournament was my motivation to work hard to contribute to our team’s success,” junior Colleen Goodwin said. “I think it’s important that we stay supportive of each other during games and push each other in practice to improve our skills.”

Before the season even began players saw a bright future for the team.

“My mindset was that after our preseason work together I knew that this would be the year we would make it to states,” junior Stephanie Felag said.

Law has worked extremely hard in order to accomplish their successful season.

“This year our team worked hard every single day during practice and games and we never gave up,” Sciuto said.

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