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SPORTS: Girls Tennis Makes States, Boys Tennis Improves

(Photo courtesy Mr. Senthilnathan)

By Cassandra Soda – Staff Reporter

The Jonathan Law boys and girls tennis teams just finished their spring seasons.

For the girls, it was a historic year. The team finished the regular season with a record of 12-8, which tied the school record for wins. They also qualified for the SCC Tournament and the Class M State Tournament. 

“It’s been an unforgettable year,” head coach Mr. Kulenych said. “We came into the season wanting to make this a perfect send-off for our seniors who have worked so hard for four years and, in that end, thanks to the girls’ drive and determination, that’s exactly what happened. It was a total team effort.”

Law won seven straight matches to end the season and qualify for SCCs and states, beating rivals Foran and Shelton in close matches along the way.

“Especially because we played a few teams more than once, we made sure to practice things that would help us play better against them the second time around and that’s exactly what we did against teams like Shelton and Foran,” senior captain Victoria Contaxis said.

Individually, Contaxis and the #1 doubles team of Trisha Brady and Brianna Arnold were named to the All-SCC team. Contaxis finished with 11 wins at #1 singles and Brady and Arnold finished 13-0 at #1 doubles. Contaxis also tied the school record with 49 career wins.

Senior Maeve Rourke and freshman Clarissa Sawatzky won more than half their singles matches and the trio of sophomore Bridget Sanchez, senior Daniella Berg, and freshman Amelia Mower won 10 matches from the #3 doubles spot

“Some teams rely on a couple of kids to carry them, but what was special about our team this year was that everyone contributed,” Kulenych said. “There was a different hero every match for us and it made everything that much more exciting.”

At the send of the season, Law sent six players to the State Open Individual Tournament. Contaxis qualified at #1 singles and sophomore Monica Pydipati qualified at #2 singles, while Brady and Arnold qualified at #1 doubles and Deepika Senthilnathan and Meghana Jaladanki qualified at #2 doubles.

“It was an amazing season for me,” Arnold said. ” I couldn’t have asked for anything more.”

The team’s doubles partners have to know each other very well in order to try and win their matches. That teamwork was evident this season.

“We also know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, which is essential for us to know if we want to win,” Jaladanki said. “I take the shots that are tough for her, and she does the same for me every match.”

The team has high hopes for next year even with all of the departing seniors.

“The kids who come back are going to work hard in the offseason and if they do that I think we have a shot at having another really good season,” Kulenych said.

Boys tennis, meanwhile, finished off the season with a 4-16 record and has high hopes of improving next year.

The boys put much of their time and energy into working to improve in their weak areas so they could win their individual matches and help the team.

“I worked really hard through the season and played in my free time to try and get better,” junior Ronald Spangler said.

The members of the team know that even if their losing in a match they should never give up.

“What I learned this season is to not give up when losing early into a match,” senior Donovan Johnson said.

The boys are losing some valuable seniors, but they hope to add some freshman next season. The team plans on working extremely hard in the offseason to prepare for next year.

SPORTS: Girls Lacrosse Returns To State Tournament

(Photo courtesy

By Kiana Walker – Staff Reporter

Jonathan Laws girls lacrosse team recently completed the best season in program history.

The Lady Lawmen finished the regular season with a record of 12-4 and advanced to the quarterfinals of the Class M State Tournament. They defeated Sheehan 16-7 in the first round before losing to Pomperaug 18-5 in the quarters.

The team also qualified for the SCC Tournament for the first time in program history. 

“It’s been great to see all of their hard work pay off,” head coach Lynette Martinez said.  

Senior captain Stella Patrick believed this season could be a special one from the start.

“I’ve noticed a drive in my team ever since our first win which excites me,” Patrick said.

Members of the team said that they owe most of their success to their coach.

“Coach Lynette’s style of coaching pushes us in practice, which is channeled to our game performance,” said junior Olivia Keator, who was named to the All-SCC team.

Another possible contributor to the team’s success may be their camaraderie off the field.

“The atmosphere on our team is very fun and welcoming,” senior captain Angela Scuito said.

With the season now over, the team’s seniors are looking back fondly at their experience.

“Playing lacrosse opened me up to something different considering I’ve only played soccer ever,” senior captain Bethany Edwards said.

Despite the fact that the Lady Lawmen are losing many seniors, the team is still optimistic going forward.

“We will look to make the conference tournament again and to advance further than this year,” Martinez said.


As the team’s successful season reaches it end, there is no doubt in players’ minds that next year will be successful

“I know that next year my team will do great, and do better than this year,” Edwards said.

SPORTS: Boys Track Crosses Finish Line On Successful Spring Season

(Photo courtesy

By Chloe McCullough – Staff Reporter

From SCCs to states to nationals, the Law boys track team had a remarkable season this spring.

The Lawmen lost only one meet during the regular season and posted victories over teams such as Hillhouse, Guilford, and Hamden.

Junior Alex Pratcher went All-State in the 200m and the 800m medley relay team of Mike Plaskon, Charlie Fonck, Pratcher, and Joe Mugford qualified for nationals.

Freshman also Mike Loschiavo had an outstanding season. He improved his personal best in the mile from a 5:15 minute to a 5:07 minute mile by the end of the season.

“I think my first year on the team was an awakening, because the season started off fast so I struggled a bit to succeed,” Loschiavo said. “However, my first year was great and I set personal goals for this season that I achieved, therefore there is a lot of room for improvement.”

Loschiavo had a great first year on the team and is excited to participate for years to come.

Senior captain Ryan Wasserman had a great season as well. He achieved two personal bests in his event, the mile. He had some words of advice for those returning next season.

“Keep working hard and give it your all at every practice and every meet,” Wasserman said. “You can always push yourself more than you feel you can.”

Junior Matt Marino set some goals for himself in the beginning of the season. Throughout the season, he worked hard to achieve them.

Marino’s beat his personal best time in the 800m with a time of 2:04.80. 

“My goal at the start of the season was to be the first to make states since Jeremy Doucette did my freshman year,” Marino said. “The qualifying time is 2:06.9 to do so. Therefore, I have done more than achieved my goal with my personal best this season as a 2:04.80.”

Marino also mentioned the achievements of Mike DiBlase, a standout freshman this season. He ran a 2:09 800m, which compares to Marino’s best time as a freshman, which was a 2:15.

“My first year on the track team was honestly one of the best experiences I’ve ever had,” DiBlase said. “I get amazing amounts of support from my coaches and teammates and I definitely plan on participating not only next year, but until I graduate.”

Junior Matt Tournas was also a key player on the team, running the distance events. 

“I had a great first year on the team,” Tournas said. “It felt like one big family and I had a great time. I’m excited to continue on the team next year.”

SPORTS: Paredes Completes Final Lap Of Her Track Career

(Photo courtesy

By Irmina Chrzastek – Staff Reporter

Jonathan Law senior Lauren Paredes recently completed a very successful outdoor track season.

Paredes has been doing outdoor track since her freshman year and was a captain her senior year. She is also a cross country and indoor track captain.

“My goals for the season were to PR in the 1600m and to qualify for states in the 4x800m,” Paredes said. “I achieved both of them.”

Track coach Mr. Rhode set goals for Paredes this season.

“The main goal for Lauren this year was getting her mile time under six minutes,”  Rhode said. “Although she didn’t achieve that, she still ran a PR this year in the mile.”

Paredes’ best events are the 4x800m and the mile.

“She’s a good addition to the team because she scores many points since she is the top distance runner,” junior teammate Cassandra Soda said. “She helps everyone  improve by encouraging them and giving advice.”

Other runners look up to Paredes and she pushes them to get better.

“She is a good addition to the team because she works her hardest to improve her times and always gives it to her all when competing no matter how tired she is,” junior Salma Samih said.

Paredes has also had countless improvements since freshman year and got better and better every year.

“Freshman year I didn’t qualify for states of SCCs and I was running almost a seven minute mile,” Paredes said. “Sophomore, junior, and senior year I went to states and SCCs and dropped a minute in my mile time.”

Paredes’ teammates are proud to have her as a captain and see her as a great leader.

“Lauren is a good leader because she always encourages everyone to do their best and pushes people to try harder,” Soda said. “Seeing her work hard encourages everyone else to work as hard as she does to improve.”

Paredes is also a very well-rounded student seeing as she is fourth in her class. She will attend Boston College in the fall.

“Lauren is the epitome of ‘lead by example,’” Rhode said. “Every girl on the team respects her work ethic and determination at both practices (definitely during ‘Rhode World’ workouts) and during meets.”

Paredes uses running as a stress reliever for her busy schedule as well.

“No matter what’s going on with school and work I know that running will get my mind off of everything,” Paredes said.

Paredes set an example as a runner, captain, and student throughout her four years at Law.

SPORTS: Law Softball Team Qualifies For States

(Photo courtesy

By Nick Owens – Staff Reporter

The Law softball team had the bats swinging in full force this season.

The Lady Lawmen finished with a record of 9-11, which qualified them for states. They lost to Berlin in the first round 11-1.

“This year, I think our team chemistry was amazing,” senior captain Cassidy Boath said. “I’m just glad I was able to go out there and do my best to be the best captain and player I could be this season.”

The team had many memorable wins this season, including victories over Sacred Heart Academy, Lyman Hall, and Hale Ray.

Senior Maddie Murphy led the team with a .545 batting average, collecting 36 hits in 66 at-bats. Boath batted .427 with 11 RBI. 

On the mound, junior Erin Harrigan  had 61 strikeouts and a 4.08 ERA.

“I think we did a good job this season of showing everybody who we can be,” Harrigan said. “We had a good defense this year to back me up.”

The Lady Lawmen defense was impressive this year. Junior Skylar Bender had 49 putouts to lead the team.

“We worked really well as a team this year,” Bender said. “We worked on our game offensively and defensively and I think it paid off well this season.”

Head coach Mrs. Blude was determined to help this team succeed this season. 

“The goal at the start of the year was to make states and we did that,” Blude said.

SPORTS: Baseball Finishes Spring Season On High Note

(Photo courtesy

By Molly Mercaldo – Staff Reporter

The Jonathan Law baseball team, coached by Greg Simler, recently wrapped up its spring season.

Although the team struggled to win games in the beginning of the season, they improved as the year went on.

“We came together as a team to finish strong,” junior infielder David Flynn said.

The team finished the regular season with a record of 3-17.

“We spent this season getting better at playing together and next year, hopefully, we’ll make a run at states,” sophomore Bryan Reed said.

Law’s three wins came against Platt Tech, Valley Regional, and Career, which came on Senior Night. 

“We finished off the year strong and we’re going to carry it over to next year and have a successful year,” junior pitcher Nate Merchant said.

This year, three seniors – Jeremiah Bravo, Mitchell Smith, and Ethan Ferguson – will be graduating.

Bravo was a standout pitcher for the Lawmen and hit the most home runs on the team with three. He was named All-SCC at the end of the season.

There were many assistant coaches that helped the team improve as well, including Justin Thomas, Zach Thomas, and Edward Shea.

Justin Thomas hopes that “the experience helps the juniors and sophomores from this year” so that the team will be able to improve for next season.

Thomas said that the team’s best game was against Amity despite a losing by score of 15-10.

“We had a close game with many chances, but were unable to hit with runners in a scoring position which lost is the game,” junior outfielder Dillon LaRoche said.

Next season, Law hopes to make it back to the SCC and state tournaments.

“Our team chemistry is strong right now and we’ve been playing together for a long time,” LaRoche said.

SPORTS: Young Boys Tennis Team Looks To Improve

(Photo courtesy

By Emma Caserta – Staff Reporter

The Jonathan Law boys tennis team has hit the courts.

The team currently has an 0-5 record, but is hoping to turn things around for the better by the end of the season.

There are many new players this season who joined the team in hopes of finding a new sport to love and meet new friends.

Junior Ronnie Spangle has recently joined the tennis team.

“We all work together really well as a team,” Spangler said. “We always find time to be together even outside of matches.”


The team has set many goals for the upcoming season.

“Our team is in good shape to make SCCs for the second year in a row,” junior captain Nick Dostal said. “It is looking to be very achievable.”

The team is looking forward to upcoming matches against West Haven and Shelton.

Each player on the team not only has hopes for the entire team, but also holds their own personal goals as well.

“My personal goal is to make state tournament as a doubles team with Fassih Sherazi and help our team make it to SCCs,” Dostal said.

Their personal goals allow them to have something to work towards and make the team more successful.

Junior Jack Pincus-Coyle has similar goals to his teammates.

“What I hope for this upcoming season is to become close to the team, develop new friendships and win as many matches as possible,” Pincus-Coyle said.

All players on the team are working their hardest to achieve goals and they all deserve recognition for their commitment.

Their dedication allows them to further themselves and become a united team.

“I hope we make states again,” senior captain Sean Ancheta said. “I am seeing my teammates improve everyday, so hopefully we can make it happen.”

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