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SPORTS: Boys Basketball Team Eyes Return To State Tournament

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By Michael Loschiavo – Staff Reporter

Jonathan Law’s boys basketball team is ready to take the court this season.

Senior Zane Birks believes that the team is prepared to have a great year.

“We are very hyped for the first game and while not underestimating the other team, we expect nothing but a win,” Birks said.

The Lawmen opened their season with a 65-27 win over Whitney Tech on December 13. Senior Tyler McKenna-Hansen led the team with 21 points, including a dunk.

Seniors Will Contaxis and McKenna-Hansen are Law’s two captains.

McKenna-Hansen has played basketball for the past four years at Law and plans to improve for his final year with the team as a player and a leader.

“As a captain, I have to make sure everyone is on task, paying attention, making sure they are giving max effort,” McKenna-Hansen said. “Also. I make sure everyone is on the same page and to be there for anyone when they need it.”

The Lawmen are determined this season and hope to qualify for states and move on to the second round.

Junior Jonathan Vitale set some goals for his team for the beginning of the season.

“As a team we are always looking to accomplish to get better than we were a year before,” Vitale said. “This year especially we have high expectations.”

The team’s record last season was 9-11 which qualified the Lawmen for the SCC and state tournaments.

Senior James Coleman plans to finish off his high school career strong.

“We are going to work twice as hard in practice and work harder than the other teams so we will be quicker on the court while being smart,” Coleman said.

Junior Ru Akhtar believes that he can add to the team’s success this season.

“ We’re really excited and looking forward to our first game and at the same time we are focused on following our game plan and executing it well,” Akhtar said.

Akhtar plans to get time on varsity this season and compete on a higher level.

Assistant coach Mr. McPartland feels like his team is ready to work hard on and off the court.

“Every day is a business day and we understand that in order to be successful we have to push each other to get where we want to be – as they say, iron sharpens iron,” McPartland said. “We’re always looking to get better both individually and as a team everyday, but I’d say one of our main goals this year is to lock up a home playoff game and go from there.”


SPORTS: Boys XC Team Crosses Finish Line, Looks Ahead

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By Justin Judge – Staff Reporter

As Jonathan Law’s fall sports seasons come to an end, some members of the boys cross country team are already getting ready for next season.

The boys cross country is coached by Mr. Phillips.

“Cross country was welcoming, friendly , and the coach is very nice,” sophomore Justin Lazar said.

These athletes run everyday after school to prepare themselves for their race meets.

“We run everyday in practice which gets us in shape for winter sports,” sophomore Ethan Florio said.

Juniors Tyler MaKenna-Hansen and Michael Loschiavo were the two top runners for Law. They had a strong end to their seasons, running personal bests.

Loschiavo and other runners on the team worked hard to sustain a goal for the season  

“At Winding Trails I ran a 16:58 and that was a personal record for me and i was so excited,” said Loschiavo

These times and personal records come from practicing at 100 percent everyday.

“I need to go on runs in the summers to get in shape for the  season,” Florio said. “I will also go to the gym to gain more muscle mass and lose as much body fat as I can.”

The preparation is very important because a student’s most important year is the year that follows when they run cross country.

Lazar has his eyes set on some goals this season that he wants to accomplish for  next season.

“I will practice smarter, lift more, train harder and eat properly to sustain myself for my future seasons at Law,” said Lazar.

On October 19, the team competed at East Shore Park. The top five boys results for Law were Michael Loschiavo-  17:49, Tyler MaKenna Hansen- 18:06, Nick Shugrue-19:36, – Amir Elhelw – 19:49, and Charles Wang at 19:52.

“As the top runner for Law, I feel like the top five runners every practice work harder to try to stay with each other so that in the race we can score well,” said Loschiavo.

As new freshmen come to Law every year, many want to try out for cross country.

“Cross country is a very fun sport and it’s also a great way to spend time with your friends,” said Lazar.  “Any freshmen should not feel nervous running cross country because it just feels like one big family.”

Many runners for the boys cross country team that were not starters didn’t seem to disappoint head Coach Phillips.

“The biggest surprise came when four underclassmen besides Michael Loschiavo became state qualifiers,” Phillips said. “They were junior Nick Shugrue, and sophomores Charles Wang, Amir Elhelw, and Luke Pleimann.”

Many underclassmen stepped up and proved themselves as strong and passionate runners for their states competition.

“Another sophomore, James Marino, was our top alternate for states,” said Phillips.

Being a student-athlete requires a student to maintain a 2.0 GPA and have passing grades.

“The majority of our runners are honor students,” Phillips said. “And after finishing my 51st year of coaching at Law it is still thrilling, exciting, and enjoyable to see the progress that has been made by a majority of our runners.”

SPORTS: Unified Sports Team Excited For Action-Packed Winter Season

(Photo courtesy Mrs. Daniels)

By Stephanie Caron – Staff Reporter

Law’s Unified Sports team is heading into an exciting winter season.

Unified Sports is an afternoon program that allows special education students to work with regular education students in a fun and safe environment.

“Unified Sports pairs students with disabilities and students without disabilities on different teams to compete with other teams,” Unified Sports head coach Mrs. Daniels said. “This program provides the students with the opportunities for social interactions, foster friendships, improve self-esteem and positive changes in attitude, behavior and performance.”

The team just finished their soccer season with a Unified dance, and soon will be doing Wiffle ball, basketball, bowling, volleyball, tennis, and track.

I started doing Unified Sports because I thought it would be a good way to interact with and help the special education students,” freshman Makenna Sharpe said. “I already knew some people who were participating and you get volunteer hours for doing something so simple and but fun.”

Many of Law’s students volunteer their time on Mondays and Thursdays to help out with Unified Sports.

Not just do the volunteer students have fun, but the special education kids do as well. They have fun spending time with all of the students and coaches.

“I enjoy Unified Sports because I get to learn more about the special education students at Law,” Senior Mary Sullivan said. “Getting to know each of them is great because they all have unique personalities with different talents.”

Some members of the Law community are interested in participating in Unified Sports even if they aren’t volunteers.

“I would like the start tennis in the spring,” Daniels said. “The girls tennis coach (Mr. Kulenych) has reached out to have the team work with the Unified Sports team during a practice.”

“My goal for the kids is to get them to fully participate,” Sharpe said. “I want going to unified sports to be one of the highlights of their day.”

The athletes aren’t just friends with each other on the court, they are friends outside of this program.

“We stay connected with the athletes by having pizza after tournaments,” Sullivan said. “And just by talking to them when we see each other in the halls.”

All of the team members and coaches are hoping for another successful and fun year with all of the kids participating.

“Unified Sports help to foster an inclusive school community where the values of tolerance, patience and sensitivity are evident,” Daniels said.

SPORTS: Law Powderpuff Team Ready For Annual Showdown With Foran

(Photo courtesy Mike Loschiavo)

By Addison Schwing – Staff Reporter

The Jonathan Law Powderpuff team is preparing for its annual game against Foran High School on Tuesday, November 20.

Powderpuff is an all-female football team that plays once a year during Thanksgiving Week.

Mr. Kulenych, one of the coaches for the team, has coached Powderpuff for 11 years.

“I got involved because I really loved going to the game before I started coaching,” he said. “I saw how fun it was for the girls to play. When the opportunity to coach came up, I took it, and it’s been so much fun ever since.”

Mr. Ruzbarsky, another coach for Powderpuff, has been coaching the team for eight years.

“Mr. Kulenych was the first one to wrap me in,” Ruzbarsky said. “I used to coach football before that, and he was really the one who piqued my interest in that.”

Powderpuff debuted in the 90’s and has been a hit ever since, always occurring right around the Lawmen’s final game on Thanksgiving. The event offers juniors and seniors at Law to learn how to play football, and Kulenych relishes in the experience while maintaining high standards.

“We have pretty high expectations,” he said. “We hold the girls to a high standard, and we want to keep our win streak alive.”

Ruzbarsky also has high expectations for the team.

“Every day [our expectation] is to grow and make sure that we aren’t making the same mistakes as previous days,” he said. “More or less, the expectation is to do our job so that our overall team will win the game.”

Traditionally, teams practice for up to a month to practice for the game, but this year, they only have eight days. The coaches put a lot of effort into preparing the players for the game.

“We teach the girls plays on offense and defense, getting them ready, teaching them the game of football,” Kulenych said. “The girls are athletic and play other sports but don’t play football, so it is just a matter of teaching them the ins and outs of the game, the rules, and everything, and just getting them ready to play.”

With only a few days remaining until the game, the coach and the team are feeling the pressure mounting. Despite all this, senior quarterback Gina Boccamazzo is in high spirits .

“I’m really excited for this upcoming game,” she said. “Last year, we kinda scraped Foran, and it’s always fun, beating Foran. We’re really ready, honestly. We’ve been practicing for a few days, and we already have all of our plays. We scrimmaged against our defense and did really well. We’re all evenly matched.”

Senior running back Jocelyn Wirthis also in high spirits.

“I’m really really excited to play Foran and tear them apart again, and keep the trophy here,” Wirth said. “Mr. K. said that we already seem super-prepared, even though we have a few things to fix. I know that the offense learned every single play. I think that we’re going to do really well.”

Senior Mary Lonergan is also excited to play next week.

“I’m really excited to play against Foran and keep the trophy at home again,” Lonergan said. “I know that for defense, I’m extremely confident to play the defensive line. We’re extremely strong and very fast, and we know all of the defensive set-ups. I’m really excited to take Foran’s flags off.”

Ruzbarsky said his most significant challenges with coaching is all of the new players.  

“This year, our defense is pretty much brand new,” he said. “There are challenges every day, with teaching them exactly what they should be doing in every possible position. We have two returning kids on defense, and everyone else is brand new, and they no nothing about it, so I have to teach them about football, I have to teach them general turns, I have to teach them exactly what to do. It’s a battle every day.”

Kulenych also expressed his challenges with coaching.

“I think the biggest challenge is trying to cram a lot of information in a small amount of time,” he said. I think it’s hard to teach kids an entire sport within eight days, but I think that we do a good job of giving it to them in doses and small pieces here and there so that they can absorb it easier. At the end of the day, it works out pretty well.”

Junior Michaela Mai, who is playing on the Powderpuff team for the first time, is feeling ready and excited about the game.

“I’m super excited for the upcoming Powderpuff game,” Mai said. “I think it’s going to be a good match. I think that we have a lot of preparing to do, but I really think that we can get there, and we’re going to do great and hopefully get the win.”

SPORTS: Boys Soccer Makes Return Trip To State Tournament

By Ethan Harrigan – Staff Reporter

The Jonathan Law boys soccer team ended its season with a record of 6-8-2.

The team was led through the season by head coach Mr. Gruber, assistant coach Mr. Oliveira and four captains: seniors Will Contaxis, Troy Anderson, Kyle Goglia, and junior Jon Vitale.  

This year, the team made it to the first round of the states, finally ending the season in a loss against Joel Barlow High School.

“I thought the team fought hard in nearly every game,” Gruber said. “We had some really good results and got into states which the team was very happy about.”

However, the coaches and many players felt the team could have gone further.

“It’s always a goal to make states, so we accomplished that but our main goal was to progress in the tournament and win at least one game in states which we did not accomplish,” Anderson said.

There were a number of juniors this year who transitioned over to Law from other schools including Cole Zamora, formerly a student at Foran High School.

“ I felt like I was a part of the team right away,” Zamora said. “Also the coaches gave me a lot more advice and confidence in terms of my play rather than at Foran.”

A large number of freshman made the team this season and a many of them saw varsity playing time.

“I believe going forward we are going to have a very athletic team with the skill exponentially increasing with the new class coming in and our training,” sophomore Jonathan Contaxis said.

Freshman Jackson Warters talked about being a member of Law’s varsity roster.

“It was amazing to be a part of the team this season,” Warters said. “I am proud and excited to say that I made the team as a freshman.”

The team dealt with a number of injuries this year and lost senior players from last year like striker Kevin Lin and goalkeeper Jack Pincus-Coyle.

“We tried to address to the whole team that we needed to stick together as one in order to make states and other goals,” Anderson said.

Former Notre Dame student junior Connor DiMuro is already looking forward to the future of the team.

“We lost a lot of good seniors from this year, but I know that we will make it to states and be a solid team next year if we listen to our coaches and bring the same intensity and heart we did this year,” DiMuro said.

SPORTS: Girls Soccer Team Qualifies For States Again

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By Thea Ryan – Staff Reporter

Jonathan Law’s girls soccer team has recently finished another successful fall season which ended in a trip to states.

The team’s regular season record was 6-5-5. The team made it to the first round of the state tournament and lost to North Branford.

“Our greatest accomplishment this season was ending the regular season with a winning record,” head coach Mr. Rhode said. “Our schedule was about ten times more difficult than last season. Adding in the amount of injuries we had throughout this season, we had some great results and battled to a winning record.”

During their game against Amity, they were down 3-1 with about 12 minutes left in the game they were able to tie up the game with 5 minutes remaining.

“Amazing comeback,” Rhode said.

Junior Skylar Sosa agreed with Rhode.

“I believe a highlight from this season was when we tied against Amity, showing how as a team we never gave up,” Sosa said. “As a team we worked very hard and fought till the last second of each game this season.”

Senior Captain Samara Thacker guided her team to a successful season and accomplished her personal goals on the team.

“Personally, my greatest accomplishment was being a good captain and leader on the field and working to get everyone involved and being really vocal,” Thacker said.

The team finished this season with a winning record through hard work and dedication.

“We prepared for this season by doing a lot of summer and preseason training, especially with the guys soccer coach,” Thacker said.

The team had two victories against Foran this season.

“My favorite memory from this season was winning both games against Foran,” Sosa said. “This was my favorite memory from this season because Foran is our rival school and it is a huge accomplishment to get winning results both times we played them.”

Sophomore Ashley Shaw’s goal is to perfect the formation on the field with positive communication for next season.

“My goal for next season is to make the second round of states and get into SCC’s,” junior Jamie Jaser said.

The team plans to continue having a winning record next season and to make it to the second round of states.

“This is something that has never been achieved by the girls soccer team here at Law and it would be truly amazing if we were able to make history during my last season of playing soccer,” Sosa said.

SPORTS: Girls Swim Team Wraps Up Best Season In School History

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By Alexis Broderick – Staff Reporter

The girls swim team at Jonathan Law recently ended an incredible season.  

The team finished with a meet record of 11-2 – and they’re expecting an even better season next year.

As this is the end of the season for the entire team, this is the end of a high school career for six girls: Julie Myers, Cali Jolley, Mary Lonergan, Bella Carroll, Christina Gleason, and Molly Sullivan.

“I am extremely sad that the season is over,” Jolley said. “This team has become a family,  we have so many memories together, grew as swimmers , and we all became more successful together.”

Junior Brooke Nabors qualified for states in the 100 fly and in the 200.

“I felt very accomplished making it to states since its an important goal I set for myself,” Nabors said.

Sophomore Hannah Rascoll qualified for states in the 200 and 500 freestyle. Rascoll placed 23rd in the 500 and 25th in the 200.

“Making states was exciting but I was a little nervous,” Rascoll said.

New personal records and better times were set by majority of the team.

At states, Athena Homorodean posted 200 freestyle time of 2:02.88, Brooke Nabors a 200 IM time of 2:22.94, and the 200 Medley Relay of Brooke Nabors, Hennessey Shane, Alexa Darak, Hannah Rascoll posted a time of 2:02.26.

Emma Savoie was 4th in the 50 freestyle with a time of 25.01, which was a new school record. Lily Baldieri had a 50 freestyle time of 25.31, Athena Homorodean a 50 freestyle time of 25.92, Hennessey Shane a 50 free time of 27.11, Brooke Nabors a 100 fly time of 1:03.68, and Alexa Darak a 100 fly time of 1:07.20.

Emma Savoie posted a 500 free a time of 5:38.45, Hannah Rascoll a 500 freestyle time of 5:52.58, and Hennessey Shane a 100 breaststroke time of 1:14.45.

Lily Baldieri, Hennessey Shane, Athena Homorodean, and Emma Savoie finished 5th in the 200 free relay with a new school record of 1:43.82. Tess Rosato had a 100 breaststroke time of 1:17.63 and Lily Baldieri, Brooke Nabors, Athena Homorodean and Emma Savoie finished 3rd in the 400 freestyle relay with a new school record of 3:46.51.

Christina Gleason finished fourth in the diving competition.

Carroll, Lonergan, Myers, and Jolley put on great events during the season and lead the team to an amazing finish.

“One thing I’ll miss from all the seniors is how nice, fun, motivating, and welcoming everyone is,” sophomore Stefanie Feher said.

The girls swim team Senior Night was on October 22 at the Foran Pool. On this night, the girls defeated Foran for the first time in years.

“My senior night went extremely well,” Carroll said.” It felt amazing defeating Foran for my first time.”

Swim brought laughter and fun times for all the girls.

”Knowing that next fall I won’t be swimming for Law anymore makes me really upset,” Lonergan said. “I feel like i’m leaving my family behind.”

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